Motor Race in Monaco Snapchat Story on May 24th, 2015

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On a weekend that featured the Indy 500, the NBA conference finals and the NHL conference finals Snapchat introduced its users to a different sporting event – the Monaco Grand Prix. If you have watched James Bond or Archer you know all about the Monaco Grand Prix. If you have not, I would strongly suggest watching both. In the Snapchat Story we got to see the excitement and unique perspective of many people that were at this event. Here are some of the screenshots I took:

monaco-snapchat-story monaco-grand-prix-snapchat car-race-monaco-snapchat-story snapchat-story-motor-race-monaco motor-race-in-monaco-snapchat grand-prix-monaco-snapchat-story

As a little kid I can remember playing Grand Prix of Monaco video games on Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Playstation. I am certain there are plenty of racing games out there today that have much better graphics and are even more enjoyable to play. If you have been to the Grand Prix of Monaco do you feel as if the Snapchat Story did it justice? Did you enjoy your experience?

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