How to Change from MPH to KMH on Snapchat Speed Filter

Although the Snapchat speed filter is not the most used filter, it is still one in which millions of private and public Snaps have incorporated. You have likely seen some Snapchatters use the mph filter while others use the KMH filter. For new users this can be very confusing as they do not know the nuances of Snapchat.

If you ever want to do something different with a filter always tap on it or put your finger and hold it down to see what happens. To convert your speed from MPH to KMH all you have to do is swipe over to the speed filter and tap on the number. When you tap on the number it will go from MPH to KMH. It really is that easy.

Any time there is a new Snapchat filter released always tap on it or hold your finger down on the screen and you will likely find some of the tricks that are available. Have you noticed any other tricks or tips that have to do with Snapchat filters? Also, please comment below if you have any questions related to Snapchat.

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