Can You See Mutual Friends of Snapchat Quick Add?

In the last six months, we have received a number of questions related to the Snapchat Quick Add feature. Recently, a number of these inquires are related to see who the mutual friends are of the Quick Add Snapchat account. Is there any way to see which one of your friends are mutual friends with the person that shows up in Quick Add?

The answer is no. At this point, you can only ask your friends if they know that person. From our understanding, you need two or more friends to be a friend of that person on Snapchat for them to show up on your Quick Add. Unfortunately, you will not know which of your friends that person knows.

Have you seen random people on your Snapchat Quick Add? How did you find out which of your friends knows them?

8 thoughts on “Can You See Mutual Friends of Snapchat Quick Add?

  1. A

    To have someone as a friend on snapchat would we both need to add one another. For example if I was to add Joe without Joe adding me back would ‘lee’, a friend of mine who i added and who has added me, be able to see Joe as a mutual friends assuming other criteria areally filled (at least 2 mutual friends) or does Joe have to add me back before he can appear as a mutual friend on lee’s quick add list.

  2. Allie

    Please can this feature be added. I would like to know what/who is on my quick add and who is their friend so I know whether to add them or not. Reply with me if you agree THIS SHOULD BE IN THE NEW UPDATE PLEASE! It would be a great extra feature to Snapchat that not only me but my friends-who have wanted it for ages- would also enjoy! Thanks,



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