Should NC Realtors Rank in Google Search?

There are a number of industries in which ranking in Google Search is simply not feasible. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on SEO, content, link building and other optimization tactics, it is much more wise for the trucking company to advertise on the radio or TV. The lawn care company may get some business from ranking in search but likely not enough to pay for monthly SEO. So, should North Carolina realtors and real estate agents invest time, money and effort into getting to the front page of Google search?

The answer is a resounding YES! Realtors can make thousands of dollars off a transaction meaning they only need a handful of visitors to their website to pay for the money spent on SEO and optimization. Unlike a local retailer selling UNC T-shits, realtors can pay their bills with just a few transactions. A few transactions for $20 t-shirts won’t even pay the electric bill for the week.

With this in mind, a Morehead City, NC real estate agent would be wise to work on ranking their website or individual realtor page at the top of Google search. This is a search query in which those searching deem the top search result to be the “expert”.

Google is the trust network that users rely on to provide them with the best experience. If your real estate or homes for sale website is #1 for Atlantic Beach, NC homes, you are going to find that you get multiple leads per week. If you are on page 3 or 4, you are likely getting zero leads from your Internet marketing efforts.

It is also important to consider how your potential buyers find you. In today’s day and age, there are many that use Facebook and Instagram to find local information but it can be quite difficult to search through all the accounts and posts. With Google, the first few search results give users everything they want. With that in mind, we would strongly suggest working to get your real estate website to the top of Google search in an efficient manner.

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