What is Necessary for a Google+ Hangout on Air?

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Time and again I get asked the question, “what do I need to do a Google+ hangout on air YouTube video?” Well, in all reality, not that much. That said, you will need to make certain everything is good to go before starting the hangout or getting an invite to go live. This resource is not going to contain all the ins and outs of hangouts. If you want that information feel free to reach out to Ronnie Bincer or Nikol Murphy. This resource is going to simply provide you with the necessary items to run a Hangout on Air that is streamed live through a YouTube Channel. Here is what I would suggest when doing any Hangout on Air:

  • A strong Internet connection that is plugged in directly through an ethernet cable – preferably 50 mpbs download and 5 mpbs upload
  • A computer with a camera
  • A headset or earbuds – if possible a microphone, I love the Yeti
  • Proper seating and lighting
  • Close all tabs and extra programs before starting the Hangout on Air
  • If possible, restart the computer before the Hangout on Air


If you can meet these six requirements you will be well ahead of the game when it comes to a successful Google+ Hangout on Air. Unfortunately, most people do not prepare before their event. I would take a few test runs to make sure the lighting and the audio are as close to perfect as possible. Try not to have a background that is too loud or noisy. Also think about sounds that might happen during the hangout. If you have a loud dog you might want to put him in the front yard during the hangout.

There are many questions that will come up in preparation for a Google+ Hangout on Air. Get the logistical matters out of the way so you can tighten up the content. This will allow you to successfully run a Hangout on Air with ease. Once you have completed a few Hangouts on Air you will better understand how to prepare. Also recognize that participants may not show up on time. Start the Hangout on Air up to 30 minutes before the broadcast time. If a participate has not accepted an invitation within three minutes to the broadcast time it is best to carry on without them.


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Nicholas Z. Cardot

I’ve been thinking about doing some hangout where I can teach web design like HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and mySQL. I was thinking of starting with some certain areas that I would like to cover each week during the lesson and then allow folks to ask questions and things like that. Do you think that hangouts would be a good format for something like that? Also, do these hangouts get recorded? Or is there an option to record them?


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