Netflix Pushing Spanish and German “Subtitled” Shows

Over the last several months, some of the more popular Netflix shows are TV shows from Spain and Germany that are now hitting United States viewers. La Casa de Papel, Dark, Babylon Berlin and Cable Girls have all become major hits in the United States. It is interesting to see the latest push by social media, Reddit and other websites with TV fans devouring these foreign shows and promoting them.

If you are like me, you enjoy quality television. It is safe to say that United States cable and network TV has seen a huge decline in terms of quality. In fact, I cannot name a single show that is on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. Netflix is now the network of choice for myself and most other millennials.

It will be very interesting to see just how many foreign TV shows gain in popularity on Netflix in the next several months. It makes sense for Netflix to see what is working in countries such as India, Australia, Japan and Sweden and bring them to the United States. Speaking of which, another great show you may want to check out is Occupied.

Are there any other great foreign shows on Netflix that you have recently found? Have you and your friends noticed an uptick in the number of non English speaking shows that are popping up on your Netflix home screen?

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