New Construction and Home Builder SEO and Copywriting Services

If you are a homebuilder or in the new construction industry and would like to generate leads through Google search contact me at I have monthly packages that can help you rank on the front page.

When someone starts the research process for building a home or any type of new construction the first thing they do is go online and search Google for information. If your business is at the top of the Google search you will gain immediate exposure that your competitors will not. It is important to understand that ranking at the top of Google search is not as easy as having a simply website. Having a website is just the start when it comes to getting search visitors.

With proper SEO, or search engine optimization, a homebuilder or new construction website will rank for hundreds and possibly even thousands of keywords that are typed into Google search. Rather than just focusing on Raleigh, NC homebuilder it is wise to hit on a wide variety of topics that a homebuyer would search. There are many how to guides and useful resources that could help your business get more search traffic.

It is also a wise decision to hit on many local areas. Instead of going after a major city or region it would be a good idea to focus on smaller developments and communities. This takes an individual or team of copywriters that can create amazing content for your website. If you are not publishing consistent content to your business website it will be difficult to increase in the search rankings. Content will always be king in the eyes of the Google algorithm so get started publishing it today.

Coming up with creative content on a consistent basis can be very difficult for some. For that reason, it is best to hire an individual or team that has had success creating original content for several years. Since 2008 I have published over 25,000 articles online. These articles range from mortgage rates to local neighborhoods and have accumulated well over five million searches.

If you are interested in ranking at the top of page 1 for your “money” keywords contact me today at We can create a strategy that will help you get new real estate business through your Internet presence and website. There are many avenues and I can assist you in deciding what will get you the most leads for your money.

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