The New Emojis for Snapchat Best Friends with April 6th, 2015 Update

If you are looking to find friends on Snapchat go here and post your username.

Well, now we have a different type of best friends! I am not sure what all of this means yet but I will try to figure it out quickly. Basically, you can see different emojis or icons beside the names of the people you “follow” or are friends with. Here is what I know so far:







Can it get any more confusing? I guess we will have plenty of boyfriends and girlfriends trying to quickly figure out what all of these different faces or emojis mean. Interestingly, Snapchat didn’t even mention this in a blog post or in the information about the April 6th, 2015 update. I didn’t even realize it until I used Snapchat a few different times this morning. What do you think about the new Snapchat update? Do you know what your Snapchat Score is?

If you want to add me on Snapchat the username is jessewojdylo and here is the QR Code:


Here is what the update on April 6th, 2015 stated in the iTunes App Store:


I have also noticed that it is taking much longer for the Snapchat score to load for some of my friends. I would imagine this will clean itself up as the day wears on. I know many people are searching for information for this Snapchat Update so I will try to find out what I can and pass it along.

185 thoughts on “The New Emojis for Snapchat Best Friends with April 6th, 2015 Update

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    1. YouAreCrazy

      Nope! We Don’t!
      Get rid of all this kind of stuff and let us snap who we want without knowing this destructive crap!

  10. Eleanna

    The numbers don’t mean how many days, mine increases in the same day.
    What the frig does it mean 🙁
    Snapchat needs to send a video snap like asap

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  12. Logan

    Tbh instead of using really confuseing best friend emojis just use best friend it makes a lot more sense

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  14. Delisha

    I cannot stand the new update. Every time I want to know what an emoji or symbol means, I have to google it. Who has time for that? Just let us enjoy our social media. By far the worst update yet! Also, They keep coming out with new updates but yet they still have failed to correct the issue with the volume popping up when you open up snapchat.

  15. Delisha

    Worst update ever! Every time I want to know what an Emoji or a symbol means I have to Google it! Who has time for that? Just let us enjoy our social media! Oh and they keep coming out with these new updates but yet they’ve have still failed to correct the issue on the volume popping up on the screen every time you open up the Snapchat app!

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  17. Maria

    I changed my number of best friends on a previous update so I have 7 best friends but now I want to change it back to 3 with this update how do I do that???

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  19. Kendall Khaos

    Thanks!~ this helped a lot. I’ve been out of the social media loop for a while and have a new iPhone 6 now. On to new adventures and learning how to use great apps!

  20. Courtney

    My boyfriend and I have noticed that our heart emoji changes from red to yellow. What does that mean? It does it all the time.

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  22. Clevelandgirl

    All this stuff does is stress us out. NO need for this crap. Plus, the above list is WRONG. A grimace face means YOU send a bunch of snaps to a person, but they don’t respond to you as often.

  23. SergioA

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  24. Chicken_me_nuggets

    GUYS, stop saying ‘BRING BAD TOP 3 FRIENDS!!!’ No body cares if u want it back, and if you really do, you’d say something to snapchat on the Apple Store or some crap, not to this poor person who’s just blogging trying to help your dumbasses out. Okay.? So stfu, and stop.

  25. dDawg

    What do the numbers beside my friends account mean? Some of my friends say 45,756 when we havent sent that many! And my friend just got it and their number is 25… we have not snap chatted 25 times in a row. Help. Im very confused why it says 25 when they just got it or why some number are in the thousands.

  26. Joselina

    How often do they change the emojis on people because I haven’t snapchatted someone for a full week and they are still my number 1

  27. Emily

    What if you have the flame emoji and the consecutive days you have talked to eachother but only have a red heart? are you still each others best friends?

  28. Chasity

    Does anyone happen to know the difference between the yellow heart vs. the red one? I’ve seen the yellow one every day, but today is the first time I’ve ever seen the red one…

  29. Elizabeth

    The gold heart that indicates that I am someone’s #1 best friend and they’re my #1 best friend is now red. Why?

  30. Ellie may

    Red heart ❤means you’ve snapped back andnforth with them for 2 weeks straight and the pink heart? means you’ve snapchatted with them for 2 months straight

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  33. Phelipe

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    There follows in snapchat Jig promise to follow everyone back . ph.rangelrj

  34. marleeminecraft

    Add me @marleeminecraft
    I add back everyone, view my story and I’ll view yours!<3
    Photography // nature // cats // sometimes selfies

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  37. David Adewale

    I actually need that snapchat ‘fame’ lel! [add me, if you want (my stories are pretty funny) – @davidadewale]


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