New Snapchat Trophies in October or November 2015?

Now that we have had the Snapchat trophies for a month there are many Snapchat users that are anxiously waiting the next update with a brand new trophy list. Snapchat is smart enough to recognize that users are willing to do almost anything to obtain all the trophies so why not create a few more? In October or November 2015 expect new trophies to be released with a Snapchat update. Do not necessarily expect a major announcement as this is not the way Snapchat does it.

Even when Snapchat releases new friend emojis such as the yellow star there were no announcements. I look for the same with the new Snapchat trophies that will come out in the near future. As soon as they are released I will update this resource so you know what the new trophies are and how you can get them. There are hundreds of emojis that can be used for the updated Snapchat trophy case.

What do you think the new trophies should require? A certain number of views? A certain number of followers? There are a handful of uses of Snapchat that the trophy case does not include. I think the next update to the Snapchat trophy case will have something to do with stories and views.

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