“Nice Blog, Have a Look At Mine” Blog Spam Comments Swirling

Having a very popular WordPress website that receives a large percentage of its traffic from Google search likely means dealing with quite a bit of blog spam. For some reason, spammers still feel as if they can get links pointing back to their website through blog spam comments. One that has been swirling lately is “nice blog! have a look at mine.” I have seen this blog spam comment over 20 times in the last several days.

Many wonder why website owners will take the time to spam with blog comments. Well, in reality, if the comment is verified and published on a website it is a link pointing back to their domain. While this is a nofollow link it could still provide some traffic and a little bit of SEO value if it is verified on a highly trafficked website.

One particular website that I read gets several thousand search visitors a day and the owner of the website does not monitor comments. This means that any comment that is submitted instantly shows up on the bottom of the blog post. This is horrible for user experience and overall SEO. No one wants to read about the newest Nike Air Max shoes at the bottom of a blog post related to getting more search visitors with proper metatags.

If you have a WordPress blog I would strongly suggest installing a plugin that makes certain blog spam comments do not show up. If you have a WordPress website that gets a lot of search traffic you are going to have to deal with lots of blog spam; it is the nature of the beast. In my eyes, blog comments are worth it because it makes the user experience better and ultimately helps with SEO.

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