Do I Need My NMLS License Number on My Mortgage Website?

When a search visitor enters any website they are looking for specific facts and information. If they have search for a mortgage broker they are looking for a professional photo, the financial information they are looking for and a certified and licensed mortgage broker. If you neglect to put your NMLS license number a website visitor may be hesitant to give you a call because they are not certain you are a “legit” mortgage broker that can help them find a lower home loan payment.

There are a number of ways you can display your NMLS license number on your website. We also suggest putting it in the header or somewhere visible right next to your phone number. Any website design company should be able to do this very easily. You may also want to consider putting it on a sidebar or within your contact information. By having it available on your “Contact” page you will confirm that you are the person the website visitor wants to call.

Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of scammers on the Internet. It does not matter what industry you are in. The financial industry is especially bad as it is quite easy to act as if you are a mortgage broker or a loan officer. One easy way to prove you are a mortgage broker is to display your NMLS license number prominently on your website.

Your website is no different than your physical office. If you have a degree or license on the wall at your office why wouldn’t you want to put it on your website? Any trust logos or licenses that you have acquired over the years should be displayed for visitors to see as soon as they arrive on any page of your website. If you need help with this do not hesitate to reach out to us at We can make certain your website is properly optimized so you do not miss out on any traffic or potential leads that come from the Internet.

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