Noah “N.D.” Brown of Alaskan Bush People

UPDATE: The brand new season of Alaskan Bush People kicks off in November 2015. As the season progresses I will try to document some of the shows. If you would like to document each episode email me at and I will allow you to do so through blog posts or articles.

If you want to talk about a group of people that is as far removed from the Internet and social media as possible the Alaskan Bush People have to be close to the top of the list. I watched this show for the first time in early 2015 and was shocked at how far removed the Browns were from society. If you haven’t watched the show, check it out on the Discovery Channel. It is truly interesting to see how this family reacts to a completely different lifestyle. It reminds me a bit of the life of Jim Tom Hedrick in Robbinsville, NC.

One of the most popular family members is Noah “N.D.” Brown. He is the youngest of five boys and is quite smart when it comes to building things. In fact, he reminds me a lot of my own brother that is really good with electronics but has no desire to actually read up on how things are configured. In the show I watched, Noah “N.D.” Brown create an arm radio that allowed him to listen to the radio from his arm. In modern society we call this an iPhone or a smartphone but he has yet to see something like that.


Does Noah Brown Have Access to a Computer?

It is interesting that many of the children of the Alaskan Bush People Brown family have uploaded videos to YouTube. In April of 2008, Noah uploaded a YouTube video discussing the autobiography his father published. Here is the video:

Throughout the show we hear Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Snowbird and Rain discuss how they would rather be out in the wilderness than in the big city. Remember, a big city to them is any place with a couple hundred people. There are a few other YouTube videos that were uploaded around 2008, well before the Alaskan Bush People show was filmed and aired on the Discovery Channel.

Interestingly, at the end of every YouTube video completed by the children they promote the book “One Wave at a Time” by Billy Bryan Brown, the father of the family. They also discuss the fact that you can buy the book at and Barnes and Noble. Does anyone else find it unusual that these children are aware of a Barnes and Noble and yet they do not know what a microwave is? Obviously, they are reading from a script but how can you promote a book on the Internet when you have supposedly never been on a computer?

I do not think Noah or any of the children have the desire to access the Internet or social media on a daily basis. That said, Noah obviously has many interests when it comes to engineering so how could he not want to see what modern technology has to offer? We won’t see Noah on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook anytime soon but it will be interesting to see if any of the future shows show him on a computer, laptop or smartphone computer. He is a very smart kid when it comes to electronics so we will likely see him working on old flip phones or other pieces of modern technology.

Alaskan Bush People Teeth

One of the first thing almost everyone notices when they tune into an episode of Alaskan Bush People is the teeth of the children. Both Rain and Snowbird, the girls, have teeth that could use braces or some type of care. The parents of the family do not seem all that concerned when it comes to the teeth of the children.

Noah’s teeth are not the worst of the children but they are not what I would call straight. Over the last few decades we have learned that lack of care for teeth can cause major health concerns as human beings age. In fact, some have died from complications caused by cavities and other types of gum disease in the mouth. Hopefully, the Browns realize the importance of dental care and do something about the teeth of the children.

With a show on the Discovery Channel one would think they could afford some type of dental care. Now that Obamacare offers dental care for almost everyone at an affordable price doesn’t it stand to reason that Billy Bryan Brown would use some of the money made from his book to take his children to a dentist? Maybe I am crazy.

Noah’s Letter to Christy

At the beginning of the Noah dating Christy episode there was a focus on Noah writing a letter. His penmanship wasn’t the best but I would imagine some of his brothers cannot write at all. Noah thinks Christy might be the one for him. It will be interesting to see how this second date plays out. He thinks a girl is for him after one date. Obviously Noah has not dated all that much.

“I’ve never met an intellect to match my own.” Well, Noah is a little bit cocky, isn’t he? Noah is considering going from dating to “courting” with courting meaning marriage.

Noah Dates Christy

On the next episode of Alaskan Bush People in mid July 2015, after Shark Week, we get to see Noah try to go on a second date with Christy. Her name might be spelled Kristi or Kristy but I guess we will find that out the next time the Alaskan Bush People are on TV. I am certain this will be an interesting “date” for this young woman.

We learn that Christy decided to head off to Anchorage and go to college. Noah thought “it was her” but obviously that was not the case. He does seem a little upset. He teared up a little bit.

Noah Brown and the Bicycle Generator for TV

Ok, I have some questions here. How did they get a welder? Also, how did they get a bicycle? If this is truly a “bush” experience should they have tools like this? A welder? In the episode on July 3rd, 2015 Noah works on a bicycle generator that is going to create electricity for the Brown family. This was the same episode Billy Brown went to get the new boat – The Integrity. Billy Brown plans to use this big boat for his hauling business. For some reason I don’t think this is going to make them any money.

The Brown kids have to ride the bicycle for around an hour for them to be able to generate enough electricity to watch TV. This was one of the first episodes I saw in which the Browns are watching TV. It is not a flat screen, LCD TV like most of us are used to. It was a box TV from the 1980’s from what I can tell.

So, the Brown’s have taken on huge amounts of debt to buy a boat for a hauling business in which they have zero experience. Also, they don’t even have a bank account, do that? Does anyone else see the issue with this?

Ami Brown and Alaska State Troopers

There have been a number of people asking questions related to Ami Brown and the Alaska State Troopers (AST). In the last week alone tens of thousands of searches have come to this resource looking for information related to court cases and why Ami Brown might be going to jail. In the comments, you will read plenty about different court cases involving both Billy Bryan Brown and his wife Ami. With a little bit of research you will likely find what happens in the upcoming Alaskan Bush People shows.

For some reason people are looking for Amora and Abby Brown as it relates to the Alaska State Troopers. I assume this is just a misspelling or misunderstanding of the mother’s name on Alaskan Bush People. I would imagine many will be searching for Amy as well. From what I understand, she goes by Ami.

We learn that Ami’s mother is sick and that is why the Alaska State Troopers came to find her.

Bear Gets a Date with Sara

Bear is trying to fall in love with Sara in the latest season of Alaskan Bush People. He has only talked on the phone a handful of times but talks her into a date. She works at an embroidery shop and he asks her if she has embroidered a tree. She obviously says no. He also asks her if she climbs trees and she actually says yes. In the episode that Sara and Bear going on a date they go sledding and Bear thinks he is in love. Billy and Ami are excited about the potential for grandchildren.

Bear wants to wear his camo but his little sister Rain gives him some fashion advice. Bear decides to wash his black tshirt in the frozen lake and then he uses the dryer made by Gabe. Bear is nervous and doesn’t know what to get her for the first date. He wants to give her shells or a knife. That is romantic! Bear ends up spending some money and buys her a chocolate heart.

He meets Sara at the Misty Bay Lodge. Sara has short brown hair that is highlighted with longer blonde hair; it is basically a bob cut. Here is what she looks like:


What is interesting is the fact that Sara is actually taller than Bear. He tries to “tone” down a little bit so he doesn’t scare her. Bear is super awkward during the first date as he is “not much of a talker”. Well, Sara has teeth that will match the teeth of the Brown Family so that will work out.

Sara declines Bear’s invitation to climb a tree, but that doesn’t stop him. He decides to climb it anyway. Bear feels as if he should go on some more first dates as Bear isn’t all that interested in Sara.

Catching Chickens and Cleaning Up Shit

So we have all used the phrase chicken shit in our lives but we got to see true chicken shit in an episode of Alaskan Bush People. Gabe, Bird and Bear have to go get some chickens as a source of food. They are going to eat the eggs as protein. They have to barter for the chickens so the other family asks them to clean out an old chicken coop. The chicken coop was a vehicle that is completely full of chicken shit. After they clean that up they have to chase chickens around the yard until they get a few of them. Snowbird ends up having to catch one that almost gets away.

Father Billy Brown Gets Sick

During the February 13th, 2015 show the main plot line was the dad of the Brown Family, Billy Brown, getting sick. His wife Ami was worried because Billy had been in a coma not that long ago and the doctors never figured out why. Before taking Billy to the town to get medical treatment the family decided they needed to create a bear’s crow nest for the food in case bears came into the camp.

Noah and Snowbird were asked to create a pulley system that would allow the family to put their food in a place in which the bears could not get to it. While they were doing this the other four boys were building a raft. The raft scene was quite chaotic as Bam started to argue with Matt who was in charge. Matt ended up getting sick but the raft was finally made. Another interesting scene was when Rain was making spam at the camp fire. I cannot imagine the diet of these children is very good.

Something interesting I noticed was the weight lifting gloves Noah wears and the cross necklace around his neck. He seems to be one of the more civilized of the family but still has his quirks.

2015 Season Finale

During the 2015 season finale we get to see the Alaskan Bush Family try to live out the dream of building their own house. It looks as if winter and snow sets in a little early causing problems. Some of the boys are trying to use a chainsaw to make the house and it may cause injuries. We will have to wait until next week to see what ends up happening with the Alaskan Bush People house.

During the February 2015 Season Finale the Brown’s built a 24 x 28 home that Billy Bryan Brown promised his wife Ami over 20 years ago. It was accepted that the mom, dad, Snowbird and Rain would be the ones to live in the house while the boys would continue to find somewhere else to live.

Noah Builds Smoker for Meat

A very interesting segment of the show was when Noah was asked to build a smoker for the family. This would allow them to keep the meat safe for a longer period of time. A classic line he used was “I am the Da Vinci of our time”. I thought this was a little much but I think I will start referring to him as Da Vinci from now on.

While Noah is building the smoker Gabe goes with the father, Billy Bryan Brown, to kill a deer. I am not very intelligent when it comes to deer hunting but Gabe rips something out of the deers stomach after he kills it. I know it isn’t the liver because he picks that up and brings it back with them. Does anyone know what this was? Was it the stomach or intestines of the deer? It almost looking lick a bubble of sorts.

After killing the deer we learn that Noach has finished the smoker and he has tagged it with a cross as he tags everything he does with a cross. He mentions his strong religious beliefs but I am not certain exactly what type of religion the Alaskan Bush People are.

Matt Breaks Hand and Creates Splint

Another interesting part of the February 2015 Season Finale was when Matt broke his hand with the family trying to build the roof of the house. It is obvious his fingers are quite messed up but he builds a “Life Made Bush Splint” to help him continue to assist the family while they build the house before the snow hits. I cannot even begin to imagine how much pain he must be in with not even setting his fingers. I guess that is what it takes to be a true “bush person”.

During this particular show we continue to see the fights between Matt and Bam. I think this is something that could play out when the season picks back up in the spring of 2015. We will just have to wait and see.

The Alaskan Bush People House

Well, they built this up quite a bit during this season of Alaskan Bush People. Here it is:



One question I do have is how the heck did they get windows and how did they install windows? I am certain glass doesn’t come naturally in nature; maybe I am wrong.

Alaskan Bush People TV Ratings

So, exactly how many people watch this show on a Friday night? One would think the viewership on a Friday night would not be that high but this happens to be one of the most watched TV shows on Discovery Channel. Here are the stats:

February 13th, 2015 – 3,806,000 viewers

February 6th, 2015 – 3,885,000 viewers

January 30th, 2015 – 3,822,000 viewers

January 23rd, 2015 – 3,734,000 viewers

January 16th, 2015 – 3,155,000 viewers

January 9th, 2015 – 3,017,000 viewers

January 2nd, 2015 – 3,130,000 viewers

Matt Brown Home in a Tree

At the end of the Alaskan Bush People TV Show on Sunday, February 15th, 2015 there was a quick “Off the Grid” bit that showed Matt in his “tree house”. Unlike most tree houses, this particular tree house this house was under the tree in the roots. He explained how he heats it and sleeps in this particular establishment. It is truly amazing to see how these people live. There is no way I could live in the roots of a tree.

Alaskan Bush Boys Look for a Girlfriend and Love

At the end of the February 15th episode three girls came to see the boys. There was a blonde and two brunettes. I didn’t catch their names but the boys seemed to be very interested in these girls. Bear, Matt, Noah, Gabe and Bam put them through an obstacle course and a few of the boys explained that these particular girls were not extreme enough.

If anyone caught the name of the girls please feel free to comment below. I am not certain if these three girls have been on the show before or not. What a plot it would be if one of the boys fell in love and had to deal with the struggles of dating a woman without having a cell phone, a computer or any type of Internet connection. How great would it be to see Noah using Snapchat on a brand new iPhone? That would be glorious.

Alaskan Bush People Message Boards and Discussion

After reading the comments below, I wanted to do more research on Billy Bryan Brown and the Alaskan Bush People. I scoured the Discovery Channel website and other websites for message boards or discussion forums and came up with nothing. It is shocking to me that a show that gets three to five million viewers a week does not have a single message board on the Internet.

Well, if that is the case, I want to open up the comments to any type of discussion you so desire. If there is no where else to have the discussion we might as well have it here. Do not hesitate to leave comments asking questions or simply leave your thoughts on this Discovery Channel TV show. The hot topic right now is how much do the Alaskan Bush People get paid per TV show? Do you think Billy Bryan Brown is keeping the money that is paid to the children?

498 thoughts on “Noah “N.D.” Brown of Alaskan Bush People

  1. Peg Harpham

    The Brown family are not what they seem. They do not live in the bush. Last season their wilderness property was a 5 acre lot, in a rural subdivision, with neighbors. In fact there is a pizza joint just a half mile from that property. They did not get shot at as the show would have you believe. Their neighbor lit fireworks because he was annoyed at the Discovery helicopter constantly hovering overhead.
    This season they are staying at Icy Strait Lodge with the Discovery crew and they go to the bush for filming. The land has been leased by Discovery from a local family and locals have been hired to build their cabin. It is on an island that has a deep water dock and a road from there to the film site.
    It is ridiculous to think that these people are competent bush people. I lived in the wilderness for many years, 100 miles from my nearest neighbor. I did not wear leather and did not run around the forest. I hunted, fished and trapped and was always prepared for the seasons. If I hadn’t been, I would not have survived.
    The Browns (except for Matt, Birdie and Rainy) are facing 63 felony counts of fraud. Their trial is set for April.
    Billy has a long history of lying and conning people and he owes thousands and thousands of dollars to people. Two days ago the Alaska State Troopers went to the film site and performed a welfare check on Ami. The trooper had Ami try and call her mom who she hasn’t spoken too in 35 years because Billy has isolated her from her family. The trooper has promised to make sure Ami will be able to call mom and will check on her again.

    1. john

      I am with you I wish I could get more people to know the truth. this family gives Alaskans a totally bad name. I have seen them here in Ketchikan a lot working on their facebook page at the library (real bush) I also wanted people to know how illegal it is that they run in the river and catch fish. the episode where they “pay the dentist” in fish in particular. running in a river and destroying salmon beds and habitat is very illegal. and also I know the receptionist at the dentist office was hired just for the show my friends that work their said they didn’t want to be filmed so they hired someone just for that. they are totally inept when it comes to boats but billy was a commercial fisherman? they buy two crappy boats and don’t even test them just take off for a long trip. they wear all cotton clothes that is the first hing you learn not to wear if your gonna be in the forest in southeast. A leather coat really? they always get totally soaked and seem to be totally fine and dry later. they always do their comments for the show that is on in a lodge somewhere not in their own place? what about all the children and where were they born in a cabin? NO and you think these people paid for that I’m sure it was some kind of Medicaid plan from the state from others taxes. I want everyone to know about the PFD crime and show that they are not Alaska residents. Anyone can go to “Courtview” (public records on court cases in AK) and check the status of the case 1jv-14-0109cr billy brown vs State of AK this show will be over after the conviction. I hope its a felony no more guns ha ha. Discovery has not mentioned a thing about the case and I bet they wont.

      1. AlaskaJimJames

        I think….that Discovery made a mistake and put Billy and his “gang” under a contract. And when the indictments came out they were stuck with them. It probably was cheaper to try and keep the farce going. So they paid for them to stay in Ketchikan – and (I’m sure) helped them with (leased) property outside of Hoonah. 30 miles outside of Hoonah to be exact. Far from being deep in the bush! They live in the town, and go to the camp for the filming. They are not living in the trapper shack nor the tent. Its all a lie, and has been since the beginning. I think, Billy conned all the execs of Discovery. Reality: he was never able to support his family, they lived in the outskirts of towns … camping and living off the land in the summer months, then live in town during the winters, like they are doing now. Gypsies/Tramps/Thieves. These people have insulted the people of Alaska, by claiming they are true Alaskans. They’re not even close. I do hope they either go to jail …. or are run out of Alaska.

        1. Audra

          I knew it, another Reality TV Scandal! There is something deep and dark about these two parents! They are hiding in the Bush from the LAW! No way to treat Children! Neglect, treat them like slaves! Didn’t think this show would last! Loved the kids! Feel sorry for them!

          1. Diana

            Wow! I can’t believe what I just read!! Running from the law? Yeah, they are running from the law so they’ll just hide in front of a well-known television show. And the only “child” in the group is the 12 year old. Everyone else is free to go anytime they want. They are not perfect by no means. but that is what makes me like them so much. It all boils down to this: If you don’t have anything good to say; don’t say anything unless it is constructive criticism! I want to follow a family that loves each other and respects each other like they do and I don’t care if some of it is fake. And one more thing. I have NEVER seen so many adult bullies before and you’re one of them. You trash a family by calling them names??? SMH

          2. Lauren Reale

            I so agree with you Diana. i can’t stand most of the people on here that are so damn critical and mean-spirited. Most of what they are saying is mean-spirited crap. Even the author of the article is so off-base with his comments-“Where would they get windows-windows aren’t in nature”, and where would they get a bike? etc. If he watched the damn show he’d know that they worked to get the windows from another resident and they got the bike frame from a junk yard. he also questions Noah having a welder. Noah made the welder and accessories himself with battery cables and a piece of metal. my husband said that is correct and he’s done it himself when he was younger. It’s called stick welding and it does work. Everyone is trying to throw Billy under the bus and acting like he’s forcing Ami to stay away from her family. She’s already explained that she left them when she was 17 because they are a bunch alcoholics and it was an unstable and unhealthy environment in which she was very unhappy. She wanted to get away and have her own family. These are not A list actors that can pull off the very happy marriage that’s obvious when you watch. I don’t doubt for a minute that they love each other and are happy together, and I’m not naive. The author of the article, “JESSE WOJDYLO” writes this whole long article that is just full of ignorance and inaccuracies. He should be sued for slander! I love the show and the family and can’t stand these critical people! I’m with you Diana.

          3. connieexline

            You also know you don’t have to read these posts either. If you don’t like what they are saying about the Browns then too damned bad. You don’t have to be on here anymore than they have to watch the show. They also have freedom of speech which allows them to say what they wish and form their own opinion weather you like it or not. They also have the right to write whatever they want and the freedom to try and warn people of what they know to be true. If you choose to stick your head in the sand that is none of our business, but again you can stop telling people they have no right to express their opinions and you could just stop reading this if YOU don’t like it!

          4. Donna

            Thank you . If the a-holes don’t like it ,they have the option of changing the channel . Thank you again for your comments !!!

          1. Mheald

            If you have watched the show from the start how could you say these people are lying. First of all they have never called themselves trust Alaskans. They have always admitted where they were from and have always said this lifestyle has been their dream. Let them live it. If anyone really watches the show or has bothered to view the book you would see. They never say they have “ALWAYS” lived. In the bush. They say its a way of life that they want to live. I can’t say I blame them; just as people have been so judgemental on this one site imagine having to deal with the entire world. Let them have their own little space. Who cares how far it is from where. It’s obvious it’s away from anything and does stand alone. They do show views from above so you can see nothing is around. Billy has always said he use to fish for a living so what’s the big deal. Bottom line is they have always said this is a way of life they choose to live. They don’t say they have done it 365 days a year for 30 something years. Actually they say Billy has promised Ami a house in the Bush for 30 something years. So if you pay attention; while most of the world has dreams of living to gain all these wonderful material things this family has been working on finding a way yo live just the opposite. Their choice and apparently kids choice as well because all but one is way past the age of being able to make their own decisions. Another thing if they lived so close to so many people I coild almost bet at least one boy would have been married and probably have a child or two. For the most part these are some good looking kids and have great manners with true intelligence to boot. Not to put anyone down but sounds to me like there are some upset Alaskans because of the fame of a family not born on Alaska but with just a dream to live a certain lifestyle the best they can. Let them live it after all it’s this negative world they want away from. Can you blame them?

          2. Lisa

            Then dont read the comments then.
            Who cares to the answer to your question?
            We care.
            If you dont, good for you.

          3. john

            Everyone knows all the shows are fake. Who cares freedom of speech ends when it turns to slander without proof. Like it was said the one writing this article should have known where they got the windows. It’s easy to bitch about people when they aren’t here to defend themselves. Most of the people bitching are just jealous because it’s not them on tv

          4. Peggy

            I like the show and the family. Those that don’t should change channels. it promotes family unity and personal respect and survivability. They are not disgracing Alaska they show that it is a beautiful wild place. One of the few places left in USA. I pray all works out well for them. Thank you discovery channel for having a show that my whole family watches and enjoys.

          5. Pamela

            My husband I love this show also. Why can’t people just stop if they don’t like then turn the channel !!!!!! We like it cause there isn’t cussing and sex!!!! It is a good fun show.
            Please keep them on TV.

        2. Jaye Furbush

          I totally agree. They are such phonies. Howling, always saying ‘Brown luck’s when it’s just plain stupidity, like buying a boat you never tried. A bunch of idiots. Not sure why Discovery got such with them.

        3. Jay Ba Dee

          Where exactly is this fake Browntown,I’ve tried to find it on google earth and I think I’m close,but not sure !??

        4. SuAnn

          Everyone has a right to an opinion. BUT – The Brown family has a lot of negativity surrounding them. Their lifestyle is eccentric; there is no normality about it. The lifestyle is unhealthy physically and emotionally. Six of the seven children are grown and still tied to the apron strings. I do not and cannot believe any normal and intelligent young person would want to be married to an individual wearing the apron strings. The Brown children does not have love and financial stability to offer to a mate. With the family dynamics from the show in mind, Billy hasn’t shown any genuine love towards his wife. A caring and loving man would see to his wife having the best OG-GYN care while pregnant. My understanding is Ami didn’t have that. Society has noticed Ami and some of the children’s dental needs haven’t received adequate attention. I believe it was Matt that broke his hand working on a shanty house. He never received medical attention.
          Building a home for Ami has been mentioned on the show. Why not take some of the income from the show and have one built for Ami and the family? With her illness, Ami needs a home now and not months or years down the road. Allowing a contractor to build the home, would give the family more time to address Ami’s needs. This is not the time for the family to undertake such a large project. And if the truth be known Ami would much rather have her family by her side – NOW.
          She could die before the house was ever completed. She would miss out on two blessings 1) having her family by her side when she needs them the most and 2) having to wait sooooo long getting into the house Billy has promised her.

      2. LizzieR

        None of these ‘children’ (even though they go into their 30’s they all display emotional immaturity) are very bright. Noah is especially ignorant of what genius is. He stated that people consider him a genius and he feels he is like a modern day DaVinci.
        Is he aware of what DaVinci invented, his art works, the level of his knowledge about many subjects? That was a genius.
        To even suggest he is similar is ridiculous and the kid is a fool.
        Bear seems to think he has special physical prowess because he climbs trees, jumps logs and run around willy-nilly. He just a misfit slightly more ridiculous than his brothers.



          1. Dorothy Marang


          2. JENNY LYNN


          3. USTUPIDBITCHH


          4. styoopidbtch

            I can tell by your comment you share a lot in common with the browns, mainly the families average I.Q. Good luck in life, your gonna effin need it.

          5. Bonnie

            I agree the show is entertaining and family friendly true or not. Finally to watch something where there is no profanity or sex. The show is refreshing. Keep it going.

        2. laura bling

          I couldn’t agree more about Noah. I’m sure he’s a nice kid but he is so incredibly delusional about his own “genius”!! When he starts comparing himself to Davinci and telling everyone that he rarely finds anyone with an “intellect to match his own” I have to laugh!! He clearly thinks he is the smartest person to ever live and this is probably due to the fact that these people don’t have “normal” interactions with the outside world and he’s never been in a college class where everyone in the room could “match his intellect”. Please!! I think he needs a reality check in the worst way!And don’t even get me started on the “poetry”. OMG!!! Poor thing—it’s so bad I don’t even know what to say!! I think he actually thinks those juvenile lines are worthy of his being compared to Shakespeare or Walt Whitman!!And the same with the dating “rules” he has concocted after referencing the 14th and 15th centuries???Whaaat??? “I will protect your granddaughter with my meager life”—-while I push her on the swings because I have no idea how to actually interact on a date!! I’m normally not so negative, but he gets under my skin so bad with the pomposity and self importance. Billy and Ami need to help him get a clue about being humble because he clearly doesn’t know the difference between being self confident and downright obnoxious about what he considers his own “genius”!!Wow…just wow. I could also write a book about the social ineptitude of the other”children” and the MASSIVE immaturity of the oldest son and the one that climbs trees. So frightening.

          1. steve

            So you think the average college kid could create what Noah has created with the resources he has available? Sounds like you don’t know very many college kids.

          2. Robert Adkins

            Steven Noah’s a idiot, there’s 12 year Olds across the country in the dads garage, barns basment, work shops or what not, “creating” as u say what Noah has, I like many boys have mc guyvered crap like that up since I was a child.

          3. Big.aug

            I have to agree with you Laura G!! I really feel sorry for the boy we know as Noah! He has no idea of the ignorance he shows by just making mention in the same sentence comparing himself to Davici!!!??? To see him fall head over Ego in love with this girl or woman that he just met?! Not to mention that the girl before her dropped him like a rock! I would assume for being so over bearing and so possessive. Sending her those letters that you can barley read?! By the way that was his first girlfriend I believe. Not to mention the clothes that he wears in everyday life?! Come on you don’t wear that shit in the wilderness!! If you really want to see Alask Bush people take a gander at the show the last frontier. Those are real bush people. Just because your family lives in the woods and run around like your heathens, it doesn’t make you a bush person. By the way where in the world do you think they all got the jail house tatoos that are all over all of them?! No one wants to mention that! The things that Noah invents?! Come on guys!! Just look at what he’s doing! He is well one can’t even say that he’s improving on them. Yes he is clever but no he is far from our next Nobel prize winner!! I hate to even say all these things but it is just so obvious!! Oh and watch real close some time on the scans or the Pan outs on the cameras. Yes they hide it very well but check out the power lines in one of the shows. Most people don’t know that where they are now is an old mining town or camp. Your right as well stating that the boats that they have owned and the Brown luck?! What a joke!! Who takes a 50 year old boat on a cruise of over 300 miles in the shape that it’s in?! Not me!! Not anyone that has a lick of sense!! Talking about child endangerment!! Now Bear! He is a whole other matter. Rolling on the ground. Running through the woods following a bear several times getting way closer than he ever should! EXTREME!! Yeah right. For real guys?! Just imagine bringing him home to meet your parents. Go outside and high dad this is my new boyfriend and extremist Sir says a lot, roll on the ground, punch fish, tree hugger, little man with a little man syndrome that can climb a tree, roof, tower, house, building, in a single bound yet can’t hoist up a tubing with 12 brothers and two sisters?! WTF people. I’m going to write this one up as science fiction!! I have to agree with the na sayers on this one and yet I have watched every episode. What really gets me is the way they talk! Everyone of them talk like Sean Connery and yet they are from the states?! Let it be known if these kids were in school everyone of them would be in speech therapy. They can not pronounce anything properly with the exception of MORE!! Really?! Ok well I think that I have said enough bad things for a while. Just remember that this show is for entertainment and yes we do have the option to change the channel but who wants to?! It’s the best sci Fy that I have ever watched. I love it. I get so mad at them when I see them trying to fish or hunt or hell even speak!! They need to put the gold show family the two brothers and dad that are pure white trash to say the least. I forget the names but if you watch the Bering sea told show you know who I speak of. The dad should have been well let’s just say I don’t know how he has made it as long as he has. Of course that’s my opinion and my opinion only as is everything that I have written here. Entertainment people. And remember one thing. If you read it on the internet or see it on TV then it has to be true right?!!! The kids need to seriously get an education. At least an 8th grade education or so. And the girls??? I just don’t know what to even think about them. Where and what kind of life are these girls going to have? I am willing to bet that the youngest one will be out of there by the time she reaches 16. She will be gone back to the lower states as they say. It really seems funny to me that every time it starts to get cold or snows.. they seem to have to take someone to the hospital or to the doctor which keeps them out of the woods for the winter!! If you don’t believe me check it out. Ahh maybe just a coinsidence?! Yeah right!!

        3. Darry Ruiter


          I agree totally. The so called self anointed “genius” is so full of himself. That was quite a birthday present that he made for his sister…….the walkman pasted to something that would fit on her forearm. Can you imagine walking around with that anchor on your arm? His accent drives me crazy as well as his views on life in general. He is the quintessential tool.

          1. Scott

            Look, enough is enough with this Circus full of clowns. STOP WATCHING THIS SHIT!!! I had to go online to probe how much this total waste of Oxegen earns? Too, much!! A couple years ago they were at $50,000 per episode. Why? They don’t work, are phoney, fake, and have little to no common sense! If you watch these idiots your signing there next check!! Where is the entertainment value? Watching a bunch of idiots howling like wolves that don’t even live in the woods? There funding is 100% Discovery Channel, period. THESE GUYS ARE SCAMMERS AND FAKES THAT ARE FOOLING ONLY THE STUPID! After 17 years in the Military and engaging in multiple conflicts, I consider this shows survival skills at 10 pts. Less than Retardation! Pay attention folks, who buys all of their Airfare, Hotels,food, clothing, boats/motors, leather clothing, generators, building materials, fuel, tools, rifles, hand guns, etc? Nobody has a job!! Read up on the facts and realize they’re filming in a Fuc^**** Sub-division in CA. Look at all of their self promoted video streams on UTube, Instagram,Facebook, etc. They run a con viewers support!!!! STOP THE MADNESS….,

        4. Jan Brazell

          Who are you to criticize Noah and Bear? I think Noah is pretty bright for not having an education and being as handy as he is. Bear IS in good physical shape. I wish I had ever been in as good a shape as he is. Why do you even watch the show if you think so little of the family?

      3. James Steel

        Billy is not broke. He has books that are for sale on Amazon . Two autobio. ” They lost years ” , there were pub. in 2006 and 2008 . This is how he got the deal for the show. His children went on a publis. tour for the book. They have been exposed to the outside world .

      4. JENNY LYNN


      5. Capt George Roux

        I’ll preface this by saying I’ve run boats for over 45 years, from 35′ to tugs pushing barges exceeding 250′ and pretty much everything in between. For someone who professes to have been a commercial fisherman in another life, Billy Brown is absolutely clueless about running boats. It’s for that reason, and that reason only, that I watch the show. I have some perverse pleasure watching this idiot crash his boat into docks, while his offspring help him in something akin to “The 3 Stooges buy a Boat” (except there are a whole shitload more than three of them).
        I worked on a reality show running a support/camera boat for a short lived series dealing with commercial spearfishing, so I’m more familiar than most with the inner workings of these types of shows. This show is “scripted” far more than most others in the Alaska outdoors genre, of which there are many. If anyone can really believe that you can turn a profit burning $8 a gallon diesel, hauling worthless PVC containers on the roof of a boat powered by the least fuel efficient engines out there, I have some real estate out in the Everglades I’d like to sell you.

        1. Paul Homsy

          Very valuable input Captain George Roux. I sometimes watch this inane show and wonder how it can affect the perception of our country to the outside world. The show is viewed outside of the U.S.

          It’s bad enough as it is to read people’s atrocious grammar and misspelled words, sometimes three in a sentence of four on our many blogs, that a show spotting a light on a group of maladjusted people does in my opinion create more harm than good in the perception people have of this country. To use your terminology, these outside viewers must perversely enjoy a dumb side of our country. A crack in our society. The outside world of which I’m originally from, very clearly views the U.S. as a very modern country of mostly well educated people. This show is nothing but the purest expression of backwardness misrepresented as a pioneering spirit and it does nothing good to our image in the world. Every country has their hillbillies but this is the epitome of a negative image if I ever saw one.

          I feel for these people in some way because the parents and in particular the father never allowed his children to acquire a modicum of social skills and we see the result, and in another wonder how the producers allow such enormities to be proclaimed with so much aplomb from restless, overactive, incredibly maladjusted, clearly uneducated people. I understand there is no sex and few if any swear words are used but there is better and to show this side of our society isn’t a badge of honor by a long shot. It is more glaringly showing the astonishing dumbing down of our society by greedy production companies.

          You mention the lack of knowledge on a boat from a “commercial fisherman”. My observations is the lack of skills in handling a rifle in an environment where it is supposed to be a required survival skill. From people who’ve lived “off the grid” in particular. It is astonishing but it is not the only show that in my view forces the reality “actors” to expose their shooting prowess lacking to an astonishing degree. It is the producers’ perception of Alaska that transpires in these scenes on this show and others of blunders in the handling of firearms from supposedly seasoned outdoors men and women. The false glamorizing of a lifestyle.

          I’ve lived in very cold climes, as cold as Alaska. No one, absolutely no one wanders in the forest not wearing appropriate clothing that always includes head cover. Leather and cotton, wet hair and tee shirts with leather jackets instead ? Something is very wrong with these images and it has to start by the gross lack of understanding of the producers. The images are beautiful, the lifestyle unrealistic. With all the fraud accusations befalling that family, to glorify a phony lifestyle is not doing any good to our society locally and at large.

          1. Paul Homsy

            I should have put quotation marks on “perversely”. The only word I quoted from your post, captain George Roux. The rest is mine.

      6. Jeff Meyers

        Peg and John are correct. The brown family are actors on
        A scripted show where cue cards are read. The show is wildly popular and each season their contract is renegotiated to amass more money per episode. They are not poor and they do not live in a remote part of the forest. Like them or hate them they have a great gig with discovery and I’m sure would like to keep it going for seasons to come. I have been on a reality show before and have some first hand knowledge. It was great fun but I have moved on
        With my life and enjoy my privacy.

      7. LBB

        This show is so fake and creepy. They look like inbreeds, have no education, as shown when the “bear” inbreed was killing a salmon in the most inhumane way!!

        They need to see the dentist, I am sure they get enough money per episode that the snowbird chicky poo can get that missing front tooth fixed.
        If the inbreed noah really lived in a tent during an Alaskan winter, he would not survive!! In fact the way all of their ” living facilities” are constructed no one would survive the sub zero winter!!!

        The cancer scare is probably a publicity stunt.

        They have been exposed as thieves, in stealing from the good people of Alaska. They are just trying to get rich off of a reality show!!!

    2. Jessica Mancini

      Thanks for your help and input. I found out a lot of shady crap going on myself. And its refreshing to have someone agree with myself that all that they are doing is WRONG!!!
      Including stealing from the State of Alaska ie. The Alaska Permenant Fund…for Alaska residents only.
      Everything about this group of gypsys is wrong and rubs a lot of viewers wrong.
      Gee…I’ve never seen hunters etc. & people who quote ” live off the land and in the bush for 30 years wear leather jackets.
      The Discovery channel is paying them between $15-$25 grand per episode. It does look like dad has put on weight…along with a couple other members. If you pay attention (like I’m sure YOU DO Peg…’ll notice something off in every episode. As for me…I won’t be watching contributing to the fraud.

      1. Judith

        The Brown Bush people have plenty of money to take care of their teeth. Why is Billy Bush so Fat? If he and his children really work this hard they would be in better shape. Their grammar and accent is horrible. Where do they get their clothes, glasses, cars. Why does Billy stand over them and not work. Why do they have the equipment they have. They do not wear cheap shoes. The oldest one has no girl friend yet? I don’t know. They seem helpless when the father isn’t around. Something is suspicious about these people

        1. Izzi

          I totally agree with this writer. Has anyone in the family been to a Dentist? The mother had to almost be physically carried into a Dentist Office as she had a raging infection. She still did not want to go. This could cause damage to the heart and other vital organs. Not to mention the pain. But yet it was said that the “pills” were no good. Gee…could it be that an antibiotic might just clear up the infection and maybe something to ease the pain with a pain pill? And anyone of these kids…when if ever are they gonna see a Dentist before they get sick from an infection, or gum disease. The father…does he have his own teeth?
          If this is “reality”, then what else can we expect to see. And what woman truly wants to “HOWL”. GET REAL. This is so pathetic. Or, climb a tree. Sure !!! Every woman wants to HOWL and CLIMB TREES.
          Did the girls finish school. Did the guys finish school. Did anyone from the family finish school.
          SAD to see grown people acting the way they do. If you want to stay with Mom and Dad, more power to you. But the women you want to climb trees and howl, well…living with the in-laws might be the breaking point. Can you imagine…

          1. Jayne

            I have found the show to be very entertaining. I don’t know why – but maybe because 5 grown men still living with the family (and no girlfriends) – but all are genuinely likeable – and two younger girls who seem to be very sweet young ladies. They really give it their all for sure with the one who climbs a tree in a snap – howling like a wolf. But again very likeable and sweet. The other boys are all very driven to get the family settled in a home which is endearing. The parents seem to be tired. Ami doesn’t look well. She is old before her time. Billy is overweight and seems to have lived life by trying to always barter with people. There is a lot of not so good things written about him – and which sounds like he may be an extreme opportunist looking for a quick buck. Extreme in the fact that he will go after it in places you or I may find quite ridiculous – however he does have a very large family and they are a very tight knit group to say the least. I have read all of the claims against them – and am surprised they are on TV with their own show. However that does speak volumes about this man’s ability to go after what he wants – and then get it. So my opinion of the claims that he has bilked many many people out of their possessions and money over the years without paying a penny back – well I of course think it’s very bad behavior for sure. Still the Discovery Network has made this family quite famous. Where will it lead? Not sure only time will tell. But in the meantime the network is making money and which is a major reason to continue on with the facade. Until of course the family gets too much bad press or indicted – then the show will be pulled like the other reality shows like The Duggars and honey boo boo! Just my opinion. But in the meantime – I’ll probably continue to watch it because like I said the show is entertaining,

          2. Mheald

            Apparently if you don’t know about their schooling you haven’t watched to much. Why jump on here judging people; that’s not for you to do. And why try to talk about something it’s obvious you know very little about.

          3. None of your business

            I am a 28 year old woman who LOVES climbing trees, loves camping, loves fishing, and I howl with my family too! 🙂 there are some out there. I have 6 kids and we all howl at each other and to the moon, etc. There are women who would climb trees and act just as immaturely as they do. 🙂

          1. gloria hokanson

            is it Bam or Matt? would seem that Matt being the crazier of the two, would be the one and as much as the mom wants grandbabies, she has some, so why doesn’t she make whoever is the father , responsible for that child or children? it just gets weirder every time , doesn’t it??

      2. john

        This show is retarded, and so are the inbred Brown’s. Why are we as Americans promoting these ppl? These people are an embarrassment to us Americans. I wouldn’t even want to be next to them for the fear that their retardedness might rub off to me.

        1. Denise

          Retardedness? Really?????
          I’m more embarrassed as an American of YOU!
          Do you have personal knowledge they are imbred? Is your family inbred?
          The Browns for whatever faults they may have, are no worse than yours!
          Your limited vocabulary, your insensitivity in choice of words is appalling!
          From the other comments, it looks like Billy Brown is less than honest but I have no doubts that he loves his family and is obviously a survivalist.
          I hope he pays his dues to Alaska, fixes his family’s teeth, and continues to provide us with entertainment on the Discovery channel.
          Discovery channel should tell the truth though.
          We Americans are great forgivers of faults but just it to us straight!

          1. Sonny Batson

            This series is just plain manufactured reality garbage. The scum family have never lived in “the bush” and wouldn’t make it a week if they had to. They are con artists and frauds.

          2. SC

            I’ve seen no evidence of proof of any of these nay-sayers. Just more internet Trolls spreading negativity and hate. Hey, here’s a thought….don’t like the show, don’t like them—THEN DON’T WATCH. simple as that.

          3. Fishmaster

            Denise, I have some very dear friends who were ripped off by he Brown family. They lived in heir house(rental), never paid rent, and left it full of trash. My friends fell for Billys dishonestly and lack of ethics, and nearly lost their property due to the financial loss they incurred. They live here in Colorado, altho they spent more than 20 years in AK. They survive by theft, pilfering, and vandalism. Billy and Ami should both go to prison for child abuse and neglect. If for no other reasons but depriving their kids the ability to get a decent education, and for exposing them to the dangers and climate in winter time AK. Please quit supporting them, you are an enabler!

          4. anna leonardi

            That is not very nice. of you to call this family a bunch of retards ect ect..We love them and feel that they are a lovely family and very good looking!!There Teethe are not that bad at all..Get real..It is a wholsome show so thats why you all don’t like them.

          5. Brad Hammer

            The Brown’s were not forced from their cabin at Copper Creek. The neighbor fired firecrackers at the annoying Discovery Channel helicopter. And were fined for doing so. The Brown’s were not being fired upon. Therefore there was no reason to bail. Except to keep to the script. Any man who would put his family through such crap, if indeed this was real, should have his ass kicked up to his shoulders.

          6. Cydnee

            I agree with you Denise. And if others would watch more than one or two episodes, seek more history of the Brown family, where they’ve been and what they have done. Viewers would hear the family say that they have had to live in/or near town and work at jobs to earn money. To achieve their goals.

          7. Chris Christie's Belt

            The family stole electricity and water to grow weed in one town. Billy scams people out of money and never pays them back.
            Pedophile Billy met Ami when he was divorced and she was 15, he lies about that and ripped off her mom.

          8. yvette

            I agree with you Denise, I dont know much about the back ground of the Browns but I would actually like to meet the family, I do not judge people for their mistakes because I have made plenty my self . If they are running from the law, well how many people out in this crazy world are doing it? I really like the show because it makes me think that ” could I ever live like that” I know that sound crazy but I like the out doors. Thanks

        2. Anita

          Why do American’s think that using the word retard is OK. It is extremely offensive and totally disrespectful. I understand that it is used in your country to describe someone with learning difficulties, it is totally out-dated terminology. Would you like it if your child was called that?

          1. Roc

            Shut up RETARD…. Another sensitive crybaby. It’s a word to describe you… RETARD. Wah Wah Wah. Ef you and Ef the Browns. Whether real or fake, their a family full of losers, a bunch of grown men still living at home with the dirty ass parents, none of them never ever having the intentions of going out and getting laid??? That’s the weirdest part of all – LOSERS!!! “I like to climb trees”. That douche bag should be the head Retard. Speaking of getting laid – that Rainy Bird or whatever the hell her name is could get it… PLOW!!!!

          1. yvette

            to Roc, I would love to have my whole family still living with me and ya the show only shows half but at least, so who are you to say they dont do thing like that??? but that is none of your business any way… we dont ask you if you are getting laid..

        3. Mikw

          The show being retarded. Is your opinion. I enjoy watching the show. It portrays a hole some family that is living life in a different way. I hope this is the truth of their way of life. If it is not it is discovery’s fault would you turn down money and 15 minutes of fame. It is just like when Arod signed the huge contract people were mad at him for doing it. I say if someone is willing to pay you money to do something legal than it isn’t your fault if you are over paid. All of these reality shows have some aspect of staging as the camera’s can not catch everything so things are reacted often on other shows. I enjoy watching as it gives me hope of seeing people be happy as a family that loves each other and success is defined in a way that most people don’t consider. it is refreshing and makes you think.
          As for the articles about the pending PFD charges I don’t know anything about that I live in the great state of Texas. I hope it is not true if it is they should pay just like any other person who breaks that law..

          Billy’s weight there are tons of reason why people weigh what they do. I am a perfect example I was a athlete and when I graduated college and got into the corporate world I ate healthy but put on a lot of weight. I ended up having a gastric sleeve. I lost half my body weight much needed. now I eat like a bird. I have some other minor health issues and on an 1000 calorie a day diet that is very healthy I have been gaining weight due to some of the other health issues.

          No one is perfect if you break the law you should pay for it. From what the show shows us they have done a good job raising the kids. they seem pretty educated well read and maybe behind the times 30 years I think they are educated. Book and life smart. They probably aren’t street smart because they don’t go to real big cities. God bless everyone on this forum hopefully they are proven innocent and we have an example of good people who are doing things differently.

          fyi don’t knock my grammar I am not the subject here.

          1. Tetrus Omnibus

            @mikew….Your grammar is atrocious. I don’t know where you learned to form a sentence or spell, but your grammar is absolutely atrocious. I will knock your grammar, your comments, and the fact that you defend this slime ball hillbillies. Who in the world would ever defend these inbred retards? Please don’t insult my intelligence and tell me ever went to college (much less high school), you are far too stupid (much like the Brown fucktards) to even capture a single, logical thought. From the great state of Texas? Where they are from? Are you part of this inbred family? You must be if you are defending them and plugging your backward state at the same time. Seriously, get off the internet and go back to whatever corner you masturbate in, you are too stupid for words.

          1. LBB

            Who cares any more about being politically correct. My husband and I do not. Most people would be shocked at the names we call the free loading/do nothing generation

        4. Lee

          People watch reality shows much like people used to watch soap operas. And like the soaps, I suppose watching them gives people a little break from real life. A better label for them should be un-realty shows.

        5. Chris

          It would appear that SOMEONE’S retardedness HAS rubbed off on you!! check that word in the dictionary why don’t you. when people get this judgemental they are either jealous or just stupid. To those of you who are commenting without obvious knowledge, which are you?

        6. Dee

          I so agree. The episode where Gabe was chopping down a tree so the family could finish their home was most likely real. It’s on film and hard to not be real. BUT WHAT PARENT WOULD THEIR SON IN THAT TYPE OF REAL DANGER. My good friend worked for the Dept. of Natural Resources (well trained in tree removal) and was killed when a tree chopped him in half. I think they are terrible parents and have those innocent children SO BRAINWASHED. Because, they don’t know any better. The family never even grew up with other family members; like grand parents, cousins, etc. I have really loved this show (and hated it)… Wish it weren’t a FAKE; but you can tell they aren’t REAL Alaskans; that is something that is handed down from generations.

        7. Jan Brazell

          Who are you to criticize Noah and Bear? I think Noah is pretty bright for not having an education and being as handy as he is. Bear IS in good physical shape. I wish I had ever been in as good a shape as he is. Why do you even watch the show if you think so little of the family?

      3. anne marie

        Hello Jessica,
        I read what you wrote about the Brown stealing from the state of Alaska. I live in the lower 48 so I am not sure about Alaska only what I see on TV. But my question is if the Browns are not true Alaskans or not residents then how do they get the money? I could never understand the show they get paid but have no money to get even the bare necessities, if they have no address how do they do this?

      4. TruthBeKnown

        To be entitled to the Alaskan Fund you must be a resident for a year. A year. I’m pretty sure if you reside in an area you become part of that community. A resident. Your confidant states that live in a lodge and they have lived in Alaska for quite some time. Another individual or many states they camp in summer and live in lodges or rentals in winter, so again pretty sure that makes them Alaskan residents. So how are they not Alaskans? Because they wasn’t born there? Im sure alot of Alaskan residents wasn’t born in Alaska. Does that make them anyless of a person than you. Are you just a hateful person or do I sense jealously because you didn’t get a television show?

      1. SunnyDay

        I have to agree with you. The comments made here quite dubious such as their being paid between $15-25,000 per episode makes one wonder where they got these numbers from?
        Look at these comments, their lack of proper grammar and spelling is appalling!
        Its seems THEY’RE the ones uneducated and stupid, not “just” the Browns.
        Some people lack total understanding re what a commercial fisherman is or what it takes…or doesn’t take.
        When one SELLS their catch/fish/shrimp/crab or whatever, qualifies them as a commercial fishermen, not just pleasure or fishing for your own food source. Thus the name “Commercial”….aka commerce or sales!
        Doesn’t take having a Tuna Seiner to be a commercial fisherman and can be a small boat…
        My knowledge comes from being engaged to a west coast Commercial Tuna Fisherman whose family has a large fleet (5) Tuna Seiners. Why is it such a problem for viewers to get all upset over Billy Browns claim of being a “Commercial Fisherman?”
        And if you don’t like this reality show, phony or not, plain and simple…DON’T WATCH or are you too lazy to pick up the remote or perhaps your mama forces you to watch it?
        Instead of bisching about this being so phony, while piously announcing these people are horrible criminals and about to spend the rest of their lives behind bars….OMG! Get a life! Turn off the TV!
        Then get yourself an education, learn how to use the English Language and better writing skills.
        stop spreading YOUR version of “truth” about this family…or IF you are seriously in the know, then please provide proof!
        Photos of them in the libraries using computers, posting online and a few photos of the pizza joint next to their property.
        That is unless you’re another idiot Troll stirring the schitt!
        SO what if it isn’t real…who gives a rip! Its TV aka entertainment! INCLUDING OPB and educational channels!
        Do you seriously believe what is filmed is all true or all fake and not 99% trick photography, photo-shopping and scripted lines, Stage Make-up and re-shoots/re-takes?
        BTW…I’m retired and have several degree’s and I’m still relatively young…and I love watching these folks as well as the Alaskan Frontier Family as well. Its entertainment for me, NOT always believable, just as the Shah’s of Sunset reality show, or the wealthy women of New Jersey where recently one couple got a reality check serving time in Federal prison for frauding millions from their fellow co-workers, banks, mortgage companies, personal freinds and family living in the state of New Jersey…all to make themselves appear wealthy. Now they’re what I would consider bottom feeding scum bags as they destroyed a lot of peoples lives by failing to pay what was stolen/frauded….tell us WHO have the Brown Family hurt financially and caused them undue hardships?…Please provide proof when you make such bold statements.
        I’m offering you a few dollars for your proof!…that’s if there’s an ounce of truth to your claims!
        If not, then shut up and change the channel!

    3. Denise

      Hi Peg,
      You sound like you may live close enough to the Browns to know these facts.
      Very detailed, and well articulated….

      Can you elaborate on your knowledge?
      I don’t know why there has to be so much lying. I would still have watched the show with the truth in place!
      I have a medical condition that keeps me home much too often, and if nothing else, I find the show pretty entertaining as well as well as educational.
      The family is fairly well spoken, the children are creative, the parents seem very loving ( hope that part is true!)
      I think Discovery should buy the land for the Browns, if they are indeed leasing it.
      Barter it, since it seems a popular thing to do in Alaska, give the Brown family the land, and in return the Browns should receive a huge raise for each member of the pack.
      They can pay back Alaska money owed, and can move on to a more productive life!
      I’m pulling for this family despite their issues!
      Friday night ratings for this show are over the moon and I will continue to watch if tbe odds are with them!

      1. Jared

        Why let them get all the money they get and have that land. They are criminals. Why should they get a slap on the wrist when there is people out there who haven’t done anything nearly as bad and they can’t get a job let alone have their own land. The Brown family members involved should have to pay every sent and be charged with felony fraud. Especially the father. Due to the fact that the kids who aren’t really kids there in their 20’s and up then the 2 girls who are 18 and 12. Billy(the dad) most likely conned his own kids into taking the money so they will most likely not get into as much trouble. As far as his books go. I wouldn’t buy one even if I was a millionaire, I don’t want to read his autobiography, or his children’s books he has written. I would also bet $ that they were written horribly and his editors he paid(with fraudulently obtained money) corrected every other word. And I do agree it’s not that expensive to buy dollar store toothpaste and brushes, they make people who actually hunt,fish,and trap bad names.

          1. Bob

            Where is the leased land. I have read the land is about 30 miles outside of hoonah. I went on Google maps but, I could not find Brown Town. Could you please give me a better idea. My email is

            Thank you

      2. deb

        Denise, I’m with you. I also am disabled and spend 99% of my time in bed. I love this show and this family. All you out there tal,ing shit about this family, tune into another channel. No one is making you watch this show. Love the Btowns hope the show continues, and hope they are making money, they deserve it. Good luck to all the Browns!

    4. AlaskaJimJames

      I agree with all of you folks. Recently they showed all the episodes on a Sunday. After I watched them – I can’t believe that Discovery is that stupid to think that this show would be a success. Immediately everyone who watched it knew it was phony. Especially anyone who really lives in the bush. I feel so sorry for the kids – Billy has got them believing that they are going to be rich and famous ( its in Matt’s videos). These kids are really trying hard to do their fathers bidding – yet they are now becoming a joke. And of course, since the indictments have now been branded as frauds and thieves. There are all kinds of bush people ….. good people …. who work hard (all the time) to live in the bush and enjoy its beauty. Billy is a joke! If you have ever looked at his youtube video’s – they are a joke. Billy’s a shyster. He’s talked about the house they have – all his kids have their own rooms ( Birds room is a typical teenagers room, Rainy’s is full of barbies, etc) Bam has posted a lot of his photography showing their boat in the bay and one of his photos shows their mansion house. They (Birdy) shoots a deer and they eat the meat from a new grill, not an open fire like on the show.
      YES, the kids (which are now adults) are all very versed in technology. Bam (all this according to what Billy has said) set up their website. And they(the kids) set up the PUBLISHING COMPANY. Matt and Bam have had their own youtube sites – they all (I’m sure) can and do use the internet daily. I understand that all their youtube sites have been taken off the internet now. Too much evidence.
      And the legal mess! They not only have the PFD fraud cases to get through. They have numerous wildlife violations, etc. But the facts are in June 2015 – they will go to trial – in Ketchikan (no less). The State of Alaska takes the fraud and theft of PFD very serious. 4-5 years in jail for each count, along with $$$ in restitution for each count. Five year minimum restriction from all HUNTING and FISHING in Alaska. Permanent disqualification from drawing PFD in the state of Alaska. What will the kids live on? Maybe they really have to go to work, like the rest of us. They might actually be run out of Alaska. Then they still have to deal with IRS … you have to file when you barter labor for $5,000 worth of lumber+. I think we are only seeing (hearing) the tip of the iceberg with this “wolf pack”. I think Ketchikan will give them their due, after they just about trashed the town on national TV. They may be sorry they burned their bridges when they left. I understand they “trashed” the apartment they were in – in Ketchikan.
      Hoonah (I understand) is considering them a nightmare in town. Oh, the 3 women that they brought out on the site. One was a police woman( she could really shoot) the other two are in relationships. They were paid to do the bit for the show – because they were pretty. The boys need serious counseling to be able to really function in the world as productive men, who could, be good and safe fathers to their family’s. They are all children who need some serious help. Well June will be interesting to see the outcome. I wonder how much more Discovery will do for them?

    5. AlaskaJimJames

      Peg….. I feel that Discovery has INSULTED THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA – especially the bush families. If you are bush – you are a hard worker, you are resourceful, resilient and reliable. Billy makes a mockery of all the hard work and “smart decisions” a true bush family has to make – at all times. Billy talks a good story – but as all could see right form the beginning – he and his boys just don’t have the experience to really live in the bush. One runs and plays like a 10yr old. Another shoot at a deer with his lens covers still on his rifle scope. Another has an anger problem. And the oldest just seems goofy. The only one that will be able to make it OK will be the oldest girl. She actually would be a good wife or bush partner for the right man. The other one is already a diva – that comes from all the deception Billy had given the watchers that they are poor and live in the bush. Actually they just go on a long camping excursion during the summer and fall (then they can legally shoot the deer). Billy not only has the PFD problem, I understand he is also dealing with numerous wild life violations, along with the IRS … now looking into his stories. There are all kinds of bush people in Alaska – most of us raise good educated children/adults – who go off into their lives accordingly. Billy has created children that are afraid to ever leave “the pack” Why would any man call his family a “wolf pack”?

      1. Tessa

        Why do you feel that the Brown family embarrasses Alaskan residents? They bring an interest and appreciation for Alaska to the lower 48 that have no idea what it’s like in Alaska. Could help bring tourism dollars. Since most areas have limited access, it brings opportunities for businesses. The Browns seem proud and happy to live their lives in Alaska. They don’t claim to speak for all Alaskan residents or represent all residents of Alaska. Chill out man. It’s just a reality show. Reality shows are all about finding ‘regular’ people to build a series around and they all embellish or fabricate things to make for better tv and of course, more money. It’s always all about the money. So if you hate them so much, don’t watch and you won’t be contributing to their viewership. As for their legal issues, whatever needs to happen will happen. It’s not like the law can’t find them because they’re on the run or in hiding. Get a grip. It’s mindless entertainment. My god, have you seen Keeping up with the Kardashians? I lost 30 minutes of my life trying to watch that crap once. Talk about arrogant, over-indulged, uninteresting, and a complete waste of time. I’ll never do that again and that’s all I’ll say about them.

        1. kelly lamb

          Hey, watch it. At least the Kardashians have a wonderful sex tape to their credit! Until Matt, Bam or Bear get it on with that hot little sister and Billy films it, don’t compare the Browns to the K’s!!

    6. SunnyDay

      Seriously…a TV helicopter flying at night filming in the dark of night annoying a neighbor?
      Were you there to witness this neighbor you’re reporting actually lite fireworks and not using weapons/firearms?
      I’m very familiar with weapons….I’m retired Law Enforcement
      One other fact….Ami is an adult AND a State Trooper/ LE will tell you that it is NOT a crime to NOT call ANY family member for ANY reason!
      Once you’re an adult, it is your own personal perogative to walk away from your family and disappear!
      Her mother could have showed up where they docked their boat for a number of years or just shown up in town
      and found her daughter…wasn’t like she melted into the millions living in Los Angeles!
      Perhaps HER mother is the abusive one and gives Ami good reason to not call for 35 yrs. Not all mothers are loving and worthy of a call on Mothers Day and Christmas!
      LE does NOT have to report back to her mother what condition she was/is in. Same as the medical HIPPA laws..
      If there’s an ounce of reality or truth in what you’re claiming here, the provide proof of what you posted.
      Perhaps you’ll be rewarded or else get sued for slandering!

      1. Truth

        I would provide evidence but links aren’t allowed in the comments. So if you REALLY want to know the TRUTH you can google it. Plenty of FACTUAL information out there about the Browns. Calm down and stop drinking the Kool Aid.

    7. abby

      I love this show more people watch it than they say I know so many people who watch it in the bible it states if you judge people that you will also be judged.

      1. Lynn

        We Love this show. My husband is bedridden and will watch this show for hours.Why can’t you people get a life and let us normal people enjoy the entertainment. If you do not want to watch turn off your TV.

        1. Sarah

          Who is telling you not to watch the show?
          Have you read the contents of this article?
          If you don’t like what people say, look at that “x” at the right hand side, find a Alaskan Bush Fanpage. idiot.

      2. Sharon

        LOL! So you are actually going to bring up the ONLY bible verse that non-Christians like to quote? Give me a break! ANYONE who agrees to be part of the cast or a show like this, is making the choice to do so., and just have to deal with the consequences any criticism. Anyone with even a little bit of brain activity can see this is fake and staged. Just remember, you have the right to watch the show because you ACTUALLY enjoy it, and I have the right to watch it just to get a good laugh.

    8. LQQkieAK

      You have the Courtview case # wrong it’s: 1JU-14-01090CR

      and for those folks that think us folks that do live here in ALASKA are the ones not telling the truth here is where you can check for your self!! Look them up:
      Billy Brown: 12 counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and 12 counts of second-degree theft
      Amora L. Brown: four counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and four counts of second-degree theft
      Joshua Brown: four counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and two counts of second-degree theft
      Solomon Brown: four counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and four counts of second-degree theft
      Gabriel Brown: four counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and four counts of second-degree theft
      Noah Brown: three counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and three counts of second-degree theft

      ooooooo look real names! It’s all there in black and white!
      This fraud made the news here in Alaska last year and dates back to like 2010! You just need to add the www part at the start of each link it will not let me post them with it.
      Here is even a link to the news paper here in alaska:

      And the Alaska TV news:

      and here:

      So now tell me who is not being truthful? These folks make us in Alaska look like we wouldn’t know to get out of the rain to keep from getting wet! Discovery needs to stop with the fake AK show and Stick more along the lines of Deadliest Catch or Gold Rush, at least they get it right more then they do wrong! And don’t make us look like idiots!

      1. Chris

        The ONLY thing making anyone look like idiots is the name calling and personality bashing going on in the comments. WHO CARES what they do off screen!? If people enjoy the show they have the right to watch it and if they don’t, they don’t watch it. The arguing is pointless. COMPLETELY pointless. I guarantee that no ones argument here will make someone start watching it if they don’t already or NOT watch it if they already do. Just my 2 cents.

        (I do have to add here though that a lot of you need anger management and a dictionary, at the very least.)

    9. cheryl

      So the Bush people may not be totally true. In Alaska there are lots of areas which are so far spread out and away from larger towns and can be considered as “Bush”. So what if they decide to stay away from big towns and live by their own wits. At least with this show, unlike almost all of the other ” reality” shows there is no constant cursing. This is the one show where the “f” word is not heard every second, that in itself is refreshing. Leave these people alone. If they have committed a crime, they will be made to pay, just because they have bad teeth is no causese to get all up in arms!

    10. Skj

      After watching this show and the reruns I have some serious questions regarding the going-on of this so-called “Bush” family. One the show Ami calls the place her little piece of paradise? how can it be her little piece of paradise when they do not own the property of the house? Is her little piece of paradise the money they make from this show? Is surely is not the house o0r the property. Any man that cannot provide a home for his wife and children maybe should be turned into authorities for abuse? Period!!! The dad, Billy, barks orders at his kids like they are his labor force of which they have been. I see him barking orders at those kids to do something while he sits and does absolutely nothing. He leaves the hunting and everything else up to his kids to do. Does he care for his wife and children? Absolutely not!!!!! This man is a con, a thief and a liar. I see abuse written all over this guy. Abuse of his wife and his children. His children work and contribute money for a house and travel and he uses it to build a house for him and her, supposedly, and then kicks his boys back out to build ones for themselves after all their money went to build the house for their dad?????? Is something wrong with this picture? Is it just me but do any of these ids look alike? NO!!! There is no resemblance in any of these kids. Are these kids really his and hers or are they “hired” actors also. Now who would go out with a kids who climbs trees and runs all over like an animal and then think any girl would want him? This guy, Bear, is the ugliest of this whole picture too. These guys need to go to a refinishing school to learn how to act or are they already acting? I think the latter!!!! Then are the girls of whom the younger l=one is an obnoxious little brat who clearly looks on only her looks. then is the one who is iving in the houose who is also 21 years old and has her own room? Her name being Birdie? Now she also looks like neither of them but does looks like her bratty sister, unfortunately. I think Birdie need to be out of there and in a school to help her learn to act and be treated like a lady that she is instead of like a hired help who is lifting 900 pound logs which is not good for a woman due to the fact that they have “breasts” and should not be lifting pound logs. During all this where is the mom? In a tent laying down? Due to the fact that she is upset because her mother had a stroke 4 years ago?????? That is so sad for her?????? She is laying down???? Maybe she should go see her mother as it may not be too long before she dies and when the other does die I would bet you a thousand dollars that Ami Brown will be there to see if she was left any money!!!!!! This is teaching her kids forgiveness and love?? To run your back on your family when she is doing that exact thing of turning her back on her mother and they PREACH on this show about it is all about the family and that they stick together???? Tell that to the wife!!!!! She has not learned this lesson. Why not go back to the fine hotel they are staying a lay down there????? These people are making the people in that area look as if they are being used big time!!! The people who live in this area should want these folks to leave and never come back. I have never sen a show with such disrespect for the environment and others and this show reveals in each episode. Then Discovery thinks us, the viewers are so stupid that we believe these lies and trash comments by the lazy Billy Brown. The kids do all the work on this how except for the girls who do not much except the oldest one shoots a very purple rifle. My questions among many is were any of these kids born in a hospital or all at home on on a boat? Was Ami Brown every seen by an ob/gyn during her pregnancies, in they are in fact her kids? Were any of the children seen by a pediatrician during their infancy? Why is it that a man who always worked and knew so much and has supposed books is so roke all the time? Did he never save any money? Did he never have a retirement or pension plan at any time? This place does not belong to these people, nor does this house so how this is her little piece of paradise goes way beyond my comprehension of understanding. Is this man capable of violence? You bet he is. Has he done violence against his family? I would bet “Yes” on that also. This environment is a abusers dream come true. Isolate your entire family from everything where they are totally dependent on you is an abusers dream come true. This is what this man has done. Now this girl is 20 years old and how long does she expect to stay at home with mam1 and daddy? What 20 years old plays with dolls and talks to them and makes fun of her brothers in doing so? Who does that? Of the boys the Bear can forget the girlfriend cause he does not know or wish to learn how to act like a gentleman because his parents did not teach him and he is definitely not handsome. The Bam Bam is very intelligent and responsible and his chances are much better than Bear. Then is Gabe of who I truly feel sorry for because they use this guy with all his brute strength until he will not longer have a back in place to do this much longer. He will pull a disc soon enough. Then is Noah who never smiles but seems to be alert, intelligent and handsome enough. The best of the boys is Matt. He is smart caring, intelligent. innovative and has a great sense of humor yet is serious enough to get the job done. The oldest is the most responsible in my opinion. No matter whatsoever is non of these kids do not belong to these people. It would seem that out of all these kids someone other than the two girl would resemble one anther but I do not see it here. Are these guys actors? I mean what man loves to live in the Bush so much they know not how to talk to women and know not about the internet yet are online? This entire story of Browntown is in iteself somewhat ridiculous. Why Browntown when they do not own the property nor do they live there? There is no Browntown!!!! They are feeding a farce to entire public in the making of this show when the Discovery Channel thinks their viewers are so stupid they will believe everything they feed us????? oh Yeh = Discovery Channel. Since you all are so full of family values and have such great shows then just MAYBE you better tell Ami that regardless of what her mother has done she is still her mother and she maybe wants to see her daughter before she dies so if Ami (if that is her real name) has any moral sense of comm9n decency she needs to go see her mother. Ask Billy for the money. Oh yeh = I forgot = He spent it all on your teeth!!!! Teach those kids )if they are yours) the decency of showing respect by seeing your mother or else one of these days it could be your lying there without your daughter coming to see you and how would you feel about that???? Discovery Channel = Stop treating us viewers as if were are idiots who are not smart enough to pick up on the crapp you are putting out there and think we are not bright enough to fine out the truth!!! Ami (or whomever) need to teach her children a lesson of life on how to care and forgive and go forward in life and top living in the past like you are doing with not seeing your mother!!! I believe none of this hogwash this channel has put on tv regarding this family. It is all BS!!!!

      1. NOEL

        Quit the whining and bitching about the Browns. It really sounds like envy and should be wrapped up and put out to dry. Stop being such HATERS, turn off the dame show and watch something else why don’t cha. Nobody is perfect, and don’t forget when you point a finger at someone or something there is always a finger pointing back.

      2. Lynn

        Oh my gosh …. are you serious? All that clatter … so much anger and judgement? Goodness … no wonder they live in the woods. Look what a “socialized society” has done to you. Wow. Glad you’re not judging ALL of us here today!

        1. Linda johnson

          I just would like to know where Noah got his education I mean I know there are people out there that are just naturally smart but where does he get all this anyone with me if it’s been said forgive me and point me in the direction to find it please thank u

    11. Mheald

      My goodness because you didn’t wear leather or how or so this or that doesn’t mean that can’t. This is a lifestyle they have been working on living for over 30 years. Don’t judge those you don’t know. You live your life the way you want to I’m sure so don’t make some rude remarks about them living theirs or trying to live theirs as they want.

      1. Tessa

        Mheald – if it were not for comments like yours, I’d worry that only haters are on the internet bashing people they don’t even know; bashing a lifestyle different from their own. It’s sad that so many people can’t just turn the channel if they hate the show. I’m in the lower 48 – it’s fun entertainment to watch this family in Alaska. It’s great to watch any lifestyle different from my own. Obviously we’re all different and have different likes, interests, habits. Regardless, it’s just a ‘reality’ show and adds some diversity to the crap on tv. I’d watch the Browns over Caitlyn Jenner, The Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, the Real Housewives of…, Celebrity whatever…, ANYDAY!

    12. Canadian

      I can not believe how cruel people can be. The comments I have just read are Mean… holly cow.
      I think there must be alot of Angry hostile people wandering around everyday.
      Fake or not fake, I find something pure about the show. After what I read, no wonder they want to go live in the bush. The people of the so called” todays world ” are nothing to resemble. I’d rather be living like them, then the Fake Plastic Kardashians.
      They should do a trade… Send the Kardashians out there and the browns boys to Calabassa California.. Now that would be fun to watch.. Haha! It’s a little inbred but it’s fun to watch.

    13. Lannan

      Peg, what makes you an expert on the Browns? What makes anyone of us an expert? Those people do live in the bush, I don’t think the discovery channel would host or promote a series that’s based on false hoods. They are including the Criminal issues the Browns are facing, in every episode it comes into play. Get your facts straight. The brows put in for government grants, to buy their land. Mind you this was before the show started. Now that it has become popular, the government it saying it was fraud.

      Peg, quit reading the tabloids. People in general get your facts straight.

    14. s. gee

      Here we go again. se2 ep14. The only ounce of decency and credibility this family has come from the females of the brown tribe in my humble opinion. Ami and rain are my favourites. I do enjoy the show however this genius MD Noah. I will be a lot happier if he announces his sources on the show this could be done whilst he explains everything about the idea on camera, except for where he came up with the idea i.e. YouTube. and to stop pretending he is some kind of genius, Is offensive to a real genius that are genious. Not for a person whose whole MO is dedicated to trying to impersinate a genious. It would appear noah swipes ideas from YouTube/internet, maybe to keep to the prepper theme format that buying from a shop is some type of impure act against the percieved evil and ongoing struggle the Browns face including working from 9-5 like the rest of us. MD’s ideas are usually really basic and crude and lack form, style and technique, and are really silly for a person of his age. Hacks are not used these days because they can kill and or maim people which generally leaves someone open to prosecution (not really clever). One would of thought safety would be a priority for the browns as they regulatry make statements about the costs of a Medical bills. Which is another inacuracy (false statement) as they would have to have insurance in order for the TV Show to be filmed on the site. SO, Bicycle generated power has been done in the DIY, prepper, circle over and over and over, except if he had intelligence let alone genious he would of came to the conclusion that peddling a bike for electricy is an absolutly ridiculous and impracticle ideqa which would not generate enough power capacity within the realms of sanity, thus concluding harnessing the recource of the abuntace of wind on the property using a wind turbine, this can be safely and easily made for relitvly nothing and uses a larger recycled electric motor and magnets. Which makes me think noah is not that intelligent or maybe just did not have enough free time at the library in town to reasearch Youtube lol. However this could also indicate that Brown Town is just a prop. Maybe the long term future is not a priority, spit em out episodes and cash your chips in, and brown town, may just be another con dream idea to establish trust and nobility for the unnoble. The latter would appear to keep brown tradition. I find it really insulting that billy takes his viewers for idiots, making statements that a $5000 dollar boat will be the legacy that would make or break the family. Assuming we believed billy when he stated he would be in debt once purchasing the boat, in around 1-2months of getting the children a regular job conservatively speaking they would be able to pay for the boat outright. Another 3-4months if billy brown put the boys to work would enable the family purchase Quality Tested items and proven developed systems the family, which can be rely on to sustain life in this remote part of the world i.e. solar panels, dryer, washing machine, water tanks, and electric tools to be used for building, instead of turning your brown camp into a local tip for your future family, also the safety issues around these contraptions being created e.g. car tyre houses, when you have so much good timber on the property certainly makes the Brown Family one in a million.
      The rather small 5000 fee for the boat is no threat to them as a family as the fees they get from the show would be more than enough as well as revenues from billys book to cover these costs. Is he really this reckless? With letting the truths get in the way of a good intended plot and if so how do the producers of the show tolerate these false inaccurate statements. Credibitly is currentcy and once it has gone people move on. Has billy taken control of the history channel?Why is he allowed to state false financial infromation on camera with out anyone questioning this point. Or one could ask why does Billy keep stating he is broke on camera.
      When Mr. Billy Brown starts treating “integrity” with some diligence and respect I’m sure he would find a better following for his books and TV show. He lacks trust, honour and credibility;i still cant work out what the hell Ami seen in him all those years ago. However she was young when they met which probably explains her devoteness to him. However Billy needs to thank his lucky stars she came into his life, a credit to the family.
      Also i would mention that if conforming to society is such a struggle for the family and its against their principles maybe they could donate the hundreds of thousands of dollars they have earnt from the show to charity. The main reason people tune into the show is for a mental escape because most of us live in cities and dream of the free lifestyle. Slagging off the system he has used and falls back on a regular basis proves he is aq snake oil salesmen to me. This society and technology has also enabled him to generate this income doesnt make sence to me. In addition i dont understand why he deprived his kids from the opportunitys he had when he was growning up. Billys gift for speech and putting together a plot and a story should not be underestimated. He has successfully sold a concept for TV that would of been impossible had others tried. Maybe not the whole reason for billys abilty to sell ice to eskimos but education and society in his earlier years must be acknoleged as something that was important and worth preserving as a positive experiance and growth for one life skill and development. However walking away from letting your children benifat from the fundamentals of what makes a successful society and what helped make Billy Brown is almost an act of abuse in my opinion. If the world were all educated, spoke, thought to act like the male children in this family for example, the world would be stuck in a much earlier time period. The path he has chose for his kids is really rebelious and unfair, when i see American Flags in the Brown Camp it tells me their is either little hipocracy between what they think and perceptions or the flag is really misunderstood
      as to why its their in the first place. Because of cities and scarifies people make to their lifestyles to live in them enables billy and his family to live this way of life. If we were all to live like this “self sustaining way” there would be even less of a society around and possibly nowhere for Noah and co to create his dangerous> I mean contraptions from the tip. Cities as much as i hate living in them have been our biggest greatest most important creation of man and the reason for technological advancements so cities are not all bad. Cities also save lots of money for the government, however generates alot of revenue thus having highest realestate prices, go figure.

      1. Davy Crockett

        You are very naive but, none the less, Marx and Lenin would call you a useful little idiot. I call you one of the sheeple. “Cities save the government money”, really? That statement alone, allows anyone to see the kind of mentality that you possess. The Left is full of good little robots. I bet you believe banning guns fights terrorism, climate change is our greatest enemy, and not saying “radical islamic terrorists” prevents crazy middle easterners from strapping on bomb-laden lesiure suits and going disco on Americans. Sad, sad, sad. Only in an obamanation will a terrorist attack on American soil cause further divide amongst us. Sheeple that share your mentality need to be sent on a field trip to Iraq, Syria, or Libya and introduced to Obama’s JV team who will in turn, introduce your throat to 10 inches of Russian or Chinese bayonet steel. Scream, scream, saw, saw, spurt, gurgle then everything goes black, all on video to show that Isis is contained just like the divider-in-chief preaches from his high horse with his nose in the air, looking down at us common scum.

      2. Doris

        Get real people, it’s TV, it’s entertainment. Lighten up. I personally enjoy the laughter, the beauty of Alaska (which I will never see for myself due to finances), the thought of a family where everyone loves one another whether fiction or not, where they respect God and country and are just trying to survive the tests and trials of life. Even Disney films have actors, and not everything is genuine. Enjoy it, or if not there are 100s of other viewing choices. Actors in Hollywood are not real people, only people put up on pedestals by their viewers. May actors are criminals and perverts. It’s all in the eyes of the beholders! LOL

    15. GRS

      I suppose you live there in Alaska & are watching everything they are doing? What part of Alaska do u live in? How did you get so close to their cabin to watch them put it up? Better yet what kind of boat do u have to get to this island? Please let us all know.

    16. Lauren Reale

      You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Billy has NOT isolated Ami from her family. She left her family because they are a bunch of alcoholics and it was a very unhappy and unhealthy environment. She wanted to get away and have her own family with Billy. She doesn’t get pushed around and she wasn’t forced into anything. People like you make me sick. You can’t see that they are happily married? And no, I don’t just think it’s for the show. I don’t think they are A list actors trying to pull that off. It’s obvious that they are happy together, but at the same time she is a strong woman with her own mind. Stop trying to throw Billy under the bus!

    17. Tessa

      It’s just a tv show for entertainment purposes. Relax. No need to analyze it to rip it to shreds. All tv shows fabricate and embellish for viewers and $$$. If it bugs you that much that it’s not authentic, don’t watch it. It’s ok – watch something else. Most of the reality show crap is bs anyway.

    18. Mark

      I like the whole family of Browns. I don’t think this show or them are false.
      It is obvious that they love and respect each other. I don’t believe for one minute that any of them are criminals. It is refreshing to see grown children love and respect their parents. The episode when Ami had to go to the dentist and the boys were still able to buy their mother a stove was heartwarming. The haters on this comment board are ridiculous.

      Billy Brown is not overweight; he has the body of a normally aging man. These people are hard workers. Get over yourself naysayers. I will be looking at this show as long as it stays on. I hope that the Browns’ legal troubles are resolved favorably.
      How can anyone say that these people are uneducated? All the children, Billy and Ami are articulate and thoughtful.
      Stop picking at the Browns; they are refreshing.

    19. LADove

      This reality show is a farce! It reminds me of eating Lays potato chips…they are terrible for you yet you can’t eat just one. Same for this show….it’s fake but one still returns to watch it. One comment I saw here was the “immaturity” of the kids. HUGE OBSERVATION! Talk about lack of relationship skills with the opposite sex. I hope these “boys” know that “no means just that….no” if they ever DO meet a woman. What 30-year old man acts like a 12-year-old and builds a tire house? And the kid Noah who claims to be a genius; what exactly is he doing experiments on with dead bats and animal hearts? Is he gonna post some scientific finding that an actual scientific lab doesn’t already know? Basically he is a loon who keeps rotting animals and animal parts rotting in jars. Don’t bet on him solving cancer or getting a cure for AIDS. I feel sorry for the daughter Rain; you can just feel her pain and loss of missing some of the best times of her life as a pre-teen and future teen. She should be having slumber parties, crushing on boys, and living a little girls life. I know Alaska is a different US animal….I lived there for 2-years on an island myself; but I certainly hope the AST’s are keeping tabs on those kids.

    20. BRUCE

      Typical “Hillbilly Meth-Heads” w/ bad teeth!!! How is Noah getting so FAT in “the bush”?????? Why do they always have to go everywhere as a family. It is kind of creepy considering their ages and when they ALL leave a Bear craps in their house every time?????
      Why are they not really getting ready for the winter?? Is it because they live in town at that season?? We never see snow…………………, unless there is another kid named Snow Flying Out MY Brown ……..
      Most families that live this way loose a child or two but never report it over the years, think about it…..

  2. nick

    Mocking bird or whatever her name is teeth scare me and my 5 year old daghter so bad that we turn the show off when she smiles. My daughter now brushes her teeth 15 times a day because she threw up during the last episode when that girl showed her teeth. She had since had nightmares because of this girls rancid teeth and the scarey mullets. I should sue. This family is so ugly and full of bad hygene. Its not fair. They should be put to sleep like kennel dogs. They are worthless and disgusting to the human population. Incested creeps. Go die!

    1. dude

      your daughter threw up from seeing a girls teeth on a show you dont watch?

      lol…dude, harden the fuck up and put your man panties on…you have failed as a father and failed in life.

      its a TV show, get over it, losers.

      1. Debbie

        nick I agree with the poster directly below your post, those are some of the most ignorant comments ! your daughter threw up from seeing Snowbird smile? Really! granted they have dental issues but this lovely young girl Snowbird’s teeth are not that bad! I don’t know what you and your daughter are seeing but all I’m seeing is a missing tooth. Maybe you and your daughter are looking way too hard! But besides that your attitude sucks! to say they should be put down is a horrible and disgusting statement and mentality ! You should be ashamed for saying such a thing about any person.

        1. Concerned

          I agree, not right to put hateful comments out there about Snowbird’s teeth. Not her fault! I do hope though that one day her and all of her siblings break away from their parents and get some education, healthcare and dental care. To think that parents can neglect their children for so many years without CPS ever involved is beyond me!!!!

    2. reality

      Why do you have to be so nasty you have your opinion keep it to yourself thats whats wrong with this world nasty mean people you dont like it dont watch keep your hatefulness to yourself.

    3. Teresa B

      Wow you can not like them that’s one thing but to say go&die is just mean& wrong! The show is fake as I’m unfortunately learning & it’s very disappointing but to say those things is just not right! I hope you do not teach your daughter to be like that!

    4. Denise

      You are SCARY!
      I suspect you have ROAD RAGE issues!
      I don’t think your law suit would hold up in court since you could have easily clicked the remote and changed tbe channel!

    5. Sarah

      Wow. Nick you are absolutely insane. Tell your daughter that brushing your teeth 15 times a day can cause serious damage. Maybe you ought to be put to sleep for judging them the way you do. I’m sure that your beauty and intelligence have won you many awards. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. It’s very easy. It’s “not fair”? Really? How old are you?

    6. Trace Hanson

      OMG what an uneducated opinionated idiot you are Nick. Your daughter had nightmares? are you kidding? How ridiculous ! Must be lots of drama in YOUR household if your daughter has nightmares over a person’s crooked teeth!

    7. dee teacher

      Wow, you are crazy. If your daughter is that sensitive that she throws up over a chipped tooth I think its because you have encouraged her to be a spoiled brat princess. She will have no friends in school because kids won’t think she walks on water like her mommy thinks. The girl has a chipped tooth. If your amazingly gifted offspring has nightmares about that please institutionalize her now. You should join her. You sound full on crazy and it sounds like you are raising your daughter to be the same. Grow up.

    8. Otis

      I think your all missing it here with Nick and his uneducated comments> I think the main scary issue, is that Nick is breeding. Someone needs to put a stop to that!! Forget the show!

    9. janette thomas

      I just wanted to know if every one of the Browns are being paid for filming? The show makes it out that there isnt money being exchanged except for a hose for water, and the permit to get that water. Obviously a lot of people enjoy watching this show for the people themselves. Not to punish the Father Billy and put him in jail. So reading and seeing the few pics, they didnt actually build the cabin themselves? They are on TV, and on a paid Tv Show. They are working on Discovery Channell. You can see on all these reality shows. I love Gold Rush show with Parker Schnabel and wont miss any of these shows that I havent seen, and do not mind seeing again. I believe when Ami & Rainbow had the problems with their teeth, as I am 57, can’t afford dental work, so have only been able to have teeth pulled to avoid the infection and pain. And was told by dentist the constant infections in my gums, and in my body could kill me if I dont do something about them. I guess we havent been seeing or listening to the bad negative things going on with Billy, but this will not deter me from watching the show. Some times the boys and girls and family are very knowledgeable about some things they do and talk about on the show. And watching them come up with the nice big new plastic tent they all slept in had me questioining where that came from? Did they buy the large tent, or did Discovery supply it for them?
      So my question of them being on a reality show, and I just want to know if they are being paid actual money/wages. To use towards anything they have to buy like staples, toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothes, pillows, actual food needed to supplement those times they can’t catch their deer meat, and bear meat, and the potatos,carrots, and spices to ad to the meals. they must need a lot for 9 people. And watching them barter down for things to other things, I think that is a great way to us up some of the items that actually still work, but other people need them worse, like the generator, for electricity to help around camp. and I dont understand what is wrong with people that dont want to live in the people infested towns and cities? Tell the Family Hi from me, and cant wait for new season.!!!

      1. Dan

        They pull in close to 4 million people per episode. Yes they are getting paid, and are probably becoming very wealthy.

    10. sara

      Kids learn a lot from parents and your kid learned that from you and whatever stupid story you told her about teeth is what got her like that. You and other people have to be careful of what they call others when they have no proof because you do not like something or because you think it is that way do not make it true and could land you in court. I imagine you as a very young ignorant person which probably been in a lot of trouble for running the mouth and bad choices. The way you express yourself and the things you say and teach your kids say a lot about a person. I do not understand why you hate those people maybe because you not in TV and they are? They got your attention that you keep watching and going around looking for everything bad you can find to repeat it not knowing what its true or not. At least they work hard and keep themselves together no matter what, even if one day they move out I bet they will be close. Lots of families call themselves something and it is their right. A wolf is a beautiful powerful animal, a hunter, survivor, intelligent and dangerous but adaptable maybe because of that but who cares? their choice and they love been themselves just don’t watch the show there are tons of other you can watch. About the computers and library, everybody home school or not in this day and age needs PC skills, they go to towns to and like to be at the in spots and socialite why people are amazed that they used the internet?

    11. Vicci Thompson

      Did you ever stop to think that Birdy may have broken her tooth in an accident? Her teeth are not rancid and the Browns do brush their teeth. Unfortunately it appears most of the kids inherited crooked problem teeth from their mother. Shame on you for criticizing people so harshly. Are you perfect?

    12. Desiree

      Well said. For the people on here that are bashing the Brown Family are just upset because they are making good money and what…the Discovery channel hasn’t found you? Imagine what people would say about your life. Everyone makes mistakes and I am sure the Brown family will have restitution to pay. But the cruel words from some of you makes me wonder what kind of nerd loud mouth obnoxious asshole you were in your own life??? But oh so brave behind a computer …calling them names and making derogatory comments…..yet you blame them for their lack of education, calling them inbred and retards, but wait most of the idiotic ones calling them names mis-spelled words yourself so this makes me wonder how the hell did any of you pass high school or middle school. Some asshole on here is worried about “his little girl” throwing up after watching the show because of the one daughter’s teeth…get a fucking life and too bad your baby can’t handle it, its life and not everyone is blessed with dental insurance or good teeth. I can imagine how she is must be picked on in school if she can’t handle teeth. OMG…. I can’t imagine how you live with your kids in a bubble and only looking at pretty people…um like the Kardashians? And how great is their life now? The posts of some of the people on here are cruel, ignorant and so shallow because people look different. I would love to see your faces but you just hide behind a computer and type the worst comments when you life is not over yet. watch what you say as it will happen to you one day.

  3. john

    go to courtview the Alaska public court record web site and check on their open case of fraud and theft against the state of Alaska. case # 1jv-14-0109cr

  4. S Makenzie

    All Reality shows are not real at all. There usually is something unreal about them. Trust your gut. All those shows are just for ratings. Who cares about someones dental hygiene anyway…the show will lose its appeal and no longer be televised. Adios Bush People….

    1. johan chivington

      Yeah, but it’s not losing it’s “appeal” fast enough……..
      I wonder is it truly “appeal”, or is it like watching a train wreck , where you can’t tear yourself away?
      the Browns are a “train wreck” waiting to happen , from the “Patriarch & Matriarch” , neither of whom ever seem to do anything but order thier “Children” around, as they drift from one potentially hazardous situation to the next predicament, violating fish& game law, polluting streams with thier “bathing / washing” destroying Salmon Redds,with the end result 20-something adolescent “Bear” actually BEATING the salmon to death,
      Quite a tribe……….

  5. cats42301

    Regardless of whether you like this show or believe it is real, where do some of you people get off saying such hateful things toward other human beings? If I had to chose between living with the Browns or some of you sick, smartass posters above, I would choose the Browns. What the hell has happened to human dignity and integrity? Some of you people make a life criticizing 12 and 20 year old girls behind the anonymity of the internet! I think it’s sick! Maybe you should look at your own lives and children a little harder and hopefully you will find that you are maybe not as perfect as you have convinced yourself!

    1. Denise

      I agree 100%!!
      Read my comments further down from Denise
      People can be so judgemental. Do they forget they themselves have faults?
      I bet most of these “haters” have had road rage experiences! Ha ha

      1. Not an asshole

        My mama used to say “glass houses”.
        On the Internet hating, disrespecting and flat out JEALOUSY of paid actors, I am quite certain you don’t judge the entertainment industry the same?
        Are you people aware YOUR own gov’t officials are worse examples than this family. I hope that REALLY SCARES the hell outta your daughter.
        I think most of these people sound like some petty and jealous Alaskans that didn’t get the gig first.
        Good day.

  6. RD

    Initially I thought the show was refreshing in that people wanted to live off the grid. The concept of the show is perfect and Discovery did not need to muck it up with all the theatrics. It would’ve carried on fine without the hillbilly effect given all the time. Of course as time went on and things got to be SOOOO unbelievable it made watching nearly unbearable. I re-watched earlier shows that I recorded and noted, at their old home site, that in nighttime scenes they forgot to edit out the occasional car light passing through the trees. Plus there are so many other issues with their remote lifestyle. Again I know this is TV and it is not real. But portraying what it would REALLY be like to live off the grid would have been nice. Not this joke and story telling.

    1. J.

      You echo my sentiments exactly. I, too, thought it was a good show until they started going way over the top. Oh, well! Back to Friday night bowling or reading a book.

  7. Kelly

    My husband and I recently began watching ‘Alaskan Bush People’.
    It was immediately evident that the show was less than authentic. Regardless, for entertainment it serves its purpose. It’s a train wreck you can’t look away from…and I mean that in the nicest way possible. We always enjoy documentaries and such on Alaska which is what drew us in in the first place. Let’s be serious though…for claiming to be legitimate frontiersmen they make some silly decisions. I live in NEPA, we’re buried in snow and you aren’t going to catch us out there in a cheesy leather jacket. There is NO way if they were sincerely living the lifestyle they claim that they would survive a single night of Alaskan winter let alone their entire lives. Come on…
    Enjoy it for what it is…another comically inaccurate ‘reality’ show. 😉

    1. Judith

      I agree. Look at the other shows…, the Kilchers, or Alaskan boat people.
      I am fascinated by Alaska. There is no way those grown boys are so dependent on their father to survive. If they grew up in the bush then they would not have to ask their father what to do all the time. Something is not right here.

      1. Betsy

        I would not use the Kilchers as an example of real TV, they are about a half hour from town by road so although they are farmers in real life, don’t have a huge amount of income, are resourceful, but they are definitely not in the bush either. I would compare the Kilchers to any other family that farms in a rural area.

        Our friend, a realtor in Juneau, told us about that show Buying Alaska, it is also fake, they find people that recently closed on a home purchase and then produce a show about a couple supposedly shopping for a new home. The fact is they already bought the house they choose on the show.

        I think a certain amount of “staging” occurs on every reality show, whether it be a completely fake event or a reenactment of actual events. This is done for our entertainment. I choose to enjoy these shows without taking them too seriously, fake or not.

        1. Tessa

          Betsy – that makes sense about Buying Alaska. They move in too fast to have gone through a escrow after choosing a house. We’ve also wondered why they’d pick one of three houses and not have checked our more. It’s an entertaining show though. We watch it sometimes. The shows wouldn’t be successful if they didn’t stage it to make for about 20 minutes of entertainment.

      2. Chelle

        Agreeded. If they were use to living in the bush for years then the mom wouldn’t be giving lessons to her daughters on what to do with a deer hide, they would already know, especially the 20 year old.

  8. Aaron

    Why are we so critical of others? Amora Brown, aka, snowbird, is not any less of a person because she has a chipped tooth. She seem to be a wonderful young lady with a radiant smile just as she is. Teeth can be fixed,but the stupidity of most of the comments about the brown family cant be fixed. Let the Browns live their life as they see fit. They are not hurting anyone in the process!!

    1. Judy

      I enjoy the show and accept it as it is: Part real and part scripted. It still gives me a look at the dynamics of a family who is committed to the family and the beauty of Alaska. I love it and wish the best to each one. To the nay sayers I say ” get over it “.

  9. Dave

    I have to age with some of these lady few posts….the hateful attitudes of some of these posters is much more uncivilized than the characters portrayed on the show. At least you don’t have every other word bleeped out of the show and don’t have to ignore a sexual innuendo every other minute . Television has one purpose…to entertain. If you’re not, then turn the channel. And for goodness sake don’t be so nasty to other people who live differently than you do….makes for a long lonely life.

  10. Robert

    Please note this is a perceived lifestyle. They want us to believe the Browns are living this way and who really cares if it’s real or not. You should be able to make that decision. Every show has some kind of train wreck in it. As of the last show(Feb. 6), note 3 girls PADDLED to the “camp site”. That should have been a clue but none best as Matt and Noah installed the new campers stove. That would have never worked due to it melting all of the nylon gear surrounding it not including the exposed electric cord hanging behind the pick bed with the red light still on which is plugged into a 4 to 5 outlet extension cord.

    The point is if you enjoy, watch it and if not, change the channel but to ridicule another family or it’s children is wrong.

    1. Jessica Mancini

      The children were taught to lie from an early age. Look at the video uploads on YouTube from a few years ago…they all spoke of being on TV or in the movies because if dads book.
      PS: btw did you know they were arrested in October for defrauding the APF money…60 counts there chief. Dig a bit, you’ll find more “shady deals” perpetrated by dad & company ….from Tennessee to Washington state.

      1. Jim

        If the browns had a lot of money to travel to the lower 48 states to spend more then 6 months out of the year they are being charged by the state of Alaska for fraud we do not know why they left the state it could have been for medical reasons nobody really knows why or even if they even left Alaska plus they have a right to travel for work and keep their Alaska residences if they did not claim residences in other state it sounds like to me the state of Alaska is trying to get some money a few people are just jealous and they are reading and acting off a script from a book or by one of the networks who cares what they are wearing glad to see them wearing clothes where on one survival called naked survival are these people naked through their 21 days of survival sounds like a lot of jealously going on towards the browns family let’s worry about ourselves and leave this family alone and let them do what they are getting paid to do on tv.

      2. Jillian Smart

        Who WANTS to?
        By all means, if that’s what you want to do with your life…..
        But seriously who CARES!
        I just wanted an update on the mom & 90% of what I see here is why our society has broken down.
        Then you wonder why YOUR kid turns out 2b the bully in School.
        Take 1 good look at yourself.

  11. Jessica Mancini

    The Discovery Channel should hold their head down in shame. I saw the show last year and thought it was “refreshing”. But after seeing all the You Tube uploads by all the children, I’ve come to the conclusion that the father of this ” Grifter Clan” has brainwashed his children into lying, and thieving for HIM & his wife. Forcing a lifestyle upon these children to support his ass. (Have you noticed that several of the Browns, esp the father has GAINED WEIGHT from last year? Must be eating good. They claimed that they didn’t know what a microwave oven was. That they didn’t know what a cell phone was or certain celebrity names were never heard of. That they only watched a “few films” many, many times but in the You Tube videos, I see a TV behind one of the child’s vids.
    I can’t believe that I was actually falling for this familys BS. Then I hear (and saw) that all but 3 of the family are being charged with over 60 counts of fraud and obtaining $$ under false pretenses.
    This show should be canceled asap. Their “DREAM” is finally coming to pass after 30 years of living wild….???? More BS.
    Look good and they’re all over the internet AND the country. From Maryland, Tenneessee and Texas to Colorado, Oregon and Washington state.
    I hope that the victims who lost thousands of dollars to Billy Brown from his cons are reimbursed by the Discovery Channel for backing this crook. I do have some feelings for the children since they were brainwashed from the time they were babies.
    Check out You Tube and the “script” that the kids are reading trying to push the dads book in 2008-09. They were even talking about a movie deal.
    Shame on Discovery….. Shame. God, they won’t even buy their eldest daughter a cap for her front tooth.
    I guess its “What’s the kids is Billys and what’s Billys is BILLYS.
    I won’t be watching any more.
    PS: I noticed that at different times in the uploaded vids that a few of the kids have blonde hair…in other words, disguising themselves.

  12. Jessica Mancini

    Every time there’s work to be done, dad gets sick. (BTW, doesn’t he look like he gained 30 pounds?) I was actually feeling for these people when I heard all the hardships they’ve been thru…but I found out it’s all bs. They all claim to have lived 30 years without the use of modern appliances, but I found uploaded YouTube vids of the kids, all with blonde hair, promoting dads book. Which is also a bunch of bs stories. He claims to have been from a rich family but his mom, dad & sister were killed in a plane crash. Then he was orphaned. (If this was true 1- there would be a story of a rich family dying in a plane crash and 2-Billy would have inherited the families money so why did he end up poor? A lot doesn’t add up
    Gabe says he was born in the “woods of Alaska”. But I found out that he was born Gabriel Starbuck Brown…in a Dallas hospital.
    Ok, so my thoughts? They are a family of con artists & grifters. 6 of the 9 have been changed in court with over 60 counts of obtaining money fraudulently. By lying on the applications for the Alaska Permenent Fund.) But it’s for ALASKAN RESIDENTS who get $2000 per year for the way of making up to the people , by letting bug corporations work in Alaska. Oil, gold,foresting, etc.
    The Browns (except for the 2 daughters and the eldest Matt) did NOT APPLY. Now ask yourself this….why didn’t they apply? Supposedly they were living all together so they were entitled to the cash as well. Maybe dad didn’t want his 2 girls getting into trouble for lying and Matt is just a moral guy. But 6 of them applied for 5 years packpay and were found out.
    Now that all this has been brought to light, I won’t be watching. What I thought was a close knit, hardship family ends up being a bunch of con artist gypsys.

    1. Alyssa

      Jessica, I have been living in Alaska for quite some time now and I am more disappointed finding out from you that I have been cheated so many years by the state of Alaaska. I only remember the PFD being$2,000 plus only once since it started. My point is, if you were so wrong about that, what other misinformation are you trying to put out there. For those who are so damn mad at these people for making a tv show that for whatever reason millions of people watch, change the channel, turn Your tv off. People don’t have anything better to do, but put people down, try to discredit people they don’t even know blah! Blah! Blah! I would much rather watch Alaska Bush people over any “Real housewives from hell” show any day. Peace out people, stop hating.

    2. pat fuller

      Yes he was from a wealthy family, and his grandfather was in charge of the money ans spent all of it, and yes the parents and sister died in a plane crash.. Now I dont know anything about his family now but this info that I have posted is true…

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    1. L. Coolee

      I think you mean “retarded”. Not being able to spell “retarded” correctly doesn’t make YOU look too bright.

  14. AU

    I love the show. Its great. Not sure why so much hate. Get over yourselves its tv…. for entertainment. Dont like it there are a few hundred more channels. Maybe some kardashians is more your speed

  15. Commenter

    I watch the show, but yes it’s obviously all fake, and the worst part are the awful fake accents the kids use, their overall dental situation, and their ridiculous haircuts/facial hair. Gabe looks like he’s from the revolutionary war, and the other mullets are just terrible. You can also tell that Billy smokes from the yellow stain on his otherwise white, ridiculous looking, extra long mustache.

  16. Ashley

    Stop bitching about how fake the show is. You think The Kardashian’s aren’t scripted? And Kim K’s ass is real? And all these celebrities teeth were always perfect? It’s for entertainment people. No reality show is 100% real. This family doesn’t look perfect like the ppl you like to see on TV, but they are more real than most.

    And all you Alaskans who dog these shows because they don’t depict real Alaskan life styles… you should be thanking them for bringing exposure to your state. That means tourism, which means more local business, and $$$ to you guys and your state. And don’t be all “I hate outsiders :(“, “we don’t need tourist” :,( WHA WHA WHA. Get over it! I’m gonna watch every fucking episode and I hope this family gets filthy rich. Y’all just jealous your story’s not interesting enough to film.

    1. janette thomas

      Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ashley. No one is being forced to watch this show. this family 10 times more real then the Kardashians. There is not only sports on TV. I am new on this site today, and am quite in awe of what I read of Billy Brown, and the kids on the computer, how do I read and find those sites from way back when? I Love the show. My life thanks to my ex, just sucks. So Tv is all I have. One can be with a man for 30 + years, and now at 57 I’ve lost a lot of my life to him, tho I gained a wonderful son. I am from California, stuck here in NY.
      So many TV programs give me the laugh I need, and the sites I am now going through go straight to my heart like Street Outlaws and Gold Rush. but still tons more. I kind of feel a little let down about learning that The Brown Family isnt actually living the life that is shown on TV. I have so thought myself that Billy’s mustache was way too yellow and that they must have money $$$$$$ for cigarettes. And after the boats sinking, they supposedly lost everything, but managed to come back later towards end with all brand new guns. Guns not cheap. But then possibly they bartered for them. Barter sounds like something that is a great way to get rid of something you dont need for something you do need. Those boys strong, active, and have some great ideas when it comes to making something out of junk in a junk yard to trading for salmon, wood, deer meet, really older DVD’s which i got a hoot of because that is how some of their humor and ideas come out LOL. Cant believe the haters on here. They NEED to get a life.

      1. Morris

        OK, so I even went to google earth and looked up Hoonah. Quite a large community by Alaskan bush standards. There are also two more communities around the island, an airport, a hunting lodge, a bar, all kinds of modern accommodations. SO WHAT? This show is for entertainment! If you are not entertained, don’t watch! I could care less what any of the family has done, any more than I care what Justin Bieber did last week! So the brat wrecked his Mazeratti ? WHO CARES? It’s TV!

  17. Laurie Merritt

    Wow ! Some of you are rather judgemental don’t you think ? I think its a great show,and hope it continues for along time. I think it would be fascinating to see how they continue to forge ahead. It sounds like some people think this show is just not real,that there aren’t people like this that shun modern society. People like this do exist and they live just like pioneers did long ago. I find it sad that you attack their teeth,how they live and how they don’t conform to our expectations,let alone if they date or not. I find it fascinating that they chose not to conform to how the rest of us live. The family seems to be quite intelligent ,are hard workers and each one uses skills for living in the wild. Whether or not they get on the internet is no concern of mine, as far as anything criminal,don’t you think that you should hold your judgement until theres proof? I really enjoy the closeknit family,I wish there were more people out there like that. Good Luck,Brown family.

    1. Mike Olson

      Laurie, you took the words from my mouth. When I was young, I relentlessly watched Westerns, shows about Mountain Men and Pioneer life. I found them romantic and made me want to experience what it was really like. I knew the cast were actors, but that did not hamper my dreams. I get the same feeling when I watch the Browns and Kilchers…true or not, I feel contented when I watch. People should never judge (particularly on hearsay), unless they’ve walked in their mud boots! Thanx Laurie

    1. Jeanette stevenson

      PEOPLE PEOPLE!!!!! I don’t normally coment, but just can’t help but to tell you the truth about these people. I have know Bill Brown since birth. He had a beautiful mother and family. His grandfather a minister his grandmother a loving Christian beautiful woman who was my favorite aunt. His mother father ,and sister were killed in a plane crash in Texas. Bill was sixteen at the time. So, yes many other family members tried to come to his aid to help him. He was trouble from the begging. He had a run in with the law several times. Young myself I don’t remember a lot about it, but I do know his grandfather and grandmother had to pay to get him out of jail for stealing cattle one time and other thing like hitting a young boy with a chain while passing him in a car and causing severe injury. His grandmother would turn over in her grave to see all this con game he has going on. Feeling sorry for him after many years of not hearing from him, I too was taken advantage of him and his poor kids that he has brain washed into his sorry ways of lying,cheating and conning. I opened up my home to them, gave them money and tried to help them. All the time trying to take care of my elderly parents. First they would not except any kind of job offer that was available to them. I have never know of Bill having a job for any length of time. But, like I said I did not see him for several years. However, I do know he married a girl from a nice family and had two daughters by her. I would see pictures of them at his grandmothers house he left his wife and adopted out the baby girls (which probable was the best for those babies). Bill, Amy, and all these big boys stayed in a motor home for nine months in my drive way. THEY ALL SLEPT TOGETHER??? Now, clearly you have to have your thoughts on that. No way is that a normal situation. This story is too long, but some very strange events have happened. I will tell you all the Browns have had the best computers cell phones and any other electronic device they want. They conned my friends in Nashville into giving them boxes of shoes AND leather coats that I think some of them are still wearing. THIS FAMILY IS LYING. THEY WERE HERE AT MY HOUSE WHEN THE GOT THEIR CHECKS FROM ALASKA. At one time Bill and one of the boys flew back to Alaska to get their checks. Now, I have not said anything about the reality show. Actually glad they got it. The point is Bill has done his children a terrible injustice. It terrible that he has not had his children to the dentist. Amy is even more blame. What kind of parents are these? It is not that they don’t know better!! They do!! Notice that Bill does no work himself? Oh by the way, CPS were after them at one time. Just think of that little girl with all these men. She was just a little girl about four and Birdie around 12 years old. My aunt saw something very suspicious looking out of one of the boys she said. Shame on you DISCOVERY PEOPLE. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR CREDITABILITY. THEY ARE FAKE. NOT CLEAN ENTERTAINMEMT

  18. Rebecca (Deep in the Heart of Texas)

    To Commenter……..If Gabe looks like he’s from the revolutionary war then I wish I was living back in that time cause that guy is HOT! You’re just jealous. If the truth be known….I bet you’re a skinny little hairless creep. Quit hating and lighten-up, for goodness sake it’s just a TV show. I hope they all get filthy, stinking rich and buy the Discovery Channel. Gabe keep on strutting your stuff in that black leather jacket cause you ROCK dude. Love your swagger!

  19. Sarah

    I don’t care if they live in a million dollar mansion and get to the set each day via their yacht, I LOVE THIS SHOW! All you haters just call the thing fiction, if that makes you feel better OK. Better yet just switch the channel. Seems like every time something good comes on TV all the jealous haters and A-holes in the world start running it down and finding anything they can to discredit it. Just relax and let the people who want to watch the show do so without having to listen to you run it down. The kids don’t cuss or disrespect their parents, something you don’t find on TV these days. It’s refreshing and it warms your heart to see how close and how much they love each other. I’m 19 and have a serious crush on Gabe, I hope that’s not too young for him. If he came knocking on my door I’d become an Alaskan Bush Woman in a New York minute. That’s right, I’m one of ” Gabey’s Girls”. Can you imagine snuggling up with THAT on a cold Alaskan night. Heaven! DO NOT TAKE THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR. I LOVE IT!!!!

      1. johan chivington

        Rebecca, Sarah , Beth, & “woman”…….Perfect examples of why this country is in the shape it’s in, and just what America needs more uneducated , idiot , children which undoubtedly would be the result of “Gabby” mating up , er , a , meeting up with any of these half-witted sluts.

        1. Tessa

          John – men fall on their faces for fake Kardashians and underweight models with spray-on make-up. Gabe is a natural – his look is real. Many women, including me, are attracted to real men. Nothing wrong with that. He’s also expressed that he’s attracted to women that are nice, kind, good-hearted women. Society today puts pressure on people to look a certain way and that takes lots of time and money. It shouldn’t be a surprise that women would find his humble attitude and rugged looks attractive. Not hating on you – I’m just saying.

  20. Michael

    That one guy Bam, by the way, what a stupid name. Any who, that guy is wound tighter than an ants ass stretched over a rain barrel. I mean, this guy has some serious sexual tension going on. He needs a woman. By the way, hate the show.

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  22. Judith

    Watching a rerun of Bush people. One I haven’t seen
    So they go to the store.
    Billy has good teeth. Why don’t his children. Something isn’t right here.
    Billy is fat. What does he eat. He also stands around and tells everyone what to do.
    The boys seem very emotionally and intellectually backward. They should have families by now. The Kilcher family, they aren’t. !!!!
    There is something fake about this
    Why were they really kicked off their original land.

    1. Chris Christie's Belt

      They were 1/2 mile from Grizzly Pizza in s subdivision where they built that cabin.

  23. Kelly

    Judith, HELLO, it’s a fictional TV show. Just like every other reality TV show…’s tweeked to make for GOOD TV……MORE VIEWERS. GET IT?

  24. Morgan

    Nick, you are a big ole meanie who can’t spell and your grammar is atrocious . Fake show or not, these people seem a lot more intelligent and caring than half the commentators on this. Maybe self included. Ha! I’ll continue watching , especially Matt’s fine self!! I’d go camp in his sweet lil root nest !

  25. Creepy

    I agree Judith, it’s very weird for a bunch of 30 some year old men to be living at home. It’s almost like they’ve been brainwashed or something. The dad seems lazy, and sounds like he smokes about 2-3 packs a day. All of the children do have terrible teeth, especially the oldest daughter, that one tooth in particular looks very sharp.

  26. andy

    of course it’s all scripted.lighten up and enjoy it it’s silly as hell.they’re all scripted to make really stupid mistakes that’s what makes it so friend and I text each other during the show and we have each other and let hilarious laughter

  27. cheetos

    The brunet with the gun that came to visit the boys in the island, she’s smoking hot, I’m ready to marry her if anyone up there can deliver the message please.

  28. scrubtech

    I enjoyed the show at first..but now…they come back to build a home with expensive guns and tents and other items. They all have new boots and clothes. How do the buy gas?, bullets?. The discovery channel seen an opportunity for ratings. Its sad. If in fact they did commit fraud they are not above the law. And Billy looks like he has a beer belly..even though they claim they do not drink. I wish the kids luck..but it seems their free ride is coming to an end.

  29. helen

    Guess all of u have forgotten about Discovery Ch fraudulent Mermaid show & pretending the photos were legit. Even had fake ph d’s giving false testimony.
    At first, I thought the Browns were real. They have money because reality show people GET PAID WELL! So they don’t have to barter & pretend not to have money.
    The youngest girl looked pregnant in the last few episodes & then didn’t when dancing in this mid-season finale in the new house! U know they aren’t living off of just MEAT. U never see them eat veggies or greens? Yet none looked mal-nurished.
    These people aren’t living “off the land”!
    I’ve never seen a stash of meat–only one SMALL thin trash bag buried once w meat in it, enough for 1 meal! I won’t be wasting my time watching unkempt crude people who talk about God yet I’ve NEVER seen them go to church, pray together, or even show ownership of a Bible! People wake up

    1. N/A

      Ami (the mother) can frequently be seen carrying around a bible. Also, they pretend to live in the bush. I’m not sure why Discovery Channel would include footage of them going to church. What church?!

    2. Tessa

      Helen! OMG seriously? You see about 20 min of their life per episode. They take a boat everywhere they go. A person does not have to attend church to be religious. And do you ever see homeless people where you live? What do you do when you see homeless unkempt people? Does your church teach you to expect that everyone has to live the way you do? You don’t know anyone who doesn’t have access to, or eat lots of fruits and vegetables? Many people that live in areas with extreme temperatures/living conditions don’t eat like people with access to supermarkets, farmer’s markets, grocery delivery, etc. Fresh produce that has to be flown or shipped into areas like Alaska is very expensive. I’ve seen them have onions and carrots on the show. Do you know what vegetables and fruit can be grown easily where they live? Or maybe you live in Alaska, so you know of what you speak. Chill the hell out.

  30. Rebecca (Deep in the Heart of Texas)

    Kelly, you are sooooo right. Gabe rocks! Beautiful body & funny too. Gary are you sure you’re not the one having wet dreams about Noah? Just kidding dude.

  31. john morris

    I think all you people are being hater wtf why would the discovery channel lie to all of the American people discovery channel is not the government and so what if they go to the library to check their Facebook I am 41 years old I don’t have a Facebook so just about everybody in world has a Facebook book but that doesn’t mean they don’t live that way I would love to spend sometime with the brown family really just because you want to live a certain way dose not mean you don’t like or want some modern technology

  32. Susan

    There is a great deal of information from those who know the Browns and have had dealings with them. Also, as you point out you tube. Check out ‘the real bam bam’ also on You Tube. Or on Face Book, there are several groups that have people who know them directly. The fella that works for the Forest Service, in Hoonah, the office is across the street from the Icy Strait Lodge the Browns stay in between filming.. oops. .Camping.. they call it ‘living in the bush’. There are public records about how both Amora and Billy in the early 1990’s filed for child support, claiming they were seperated and or divorced so that they could collect more??? Or maybe even some of the ‘Stooped Housewives’ posts where they do screen prints of the credits. How about that truck that drove behind their ‘remote’ building site, yeah the leased one that the Forest Service will tell you the use permits and land’s lease ends in the next 30 days or so. Then there is the public information about Billy’s divorce and his 2 girls from that marriage, before he married 15 year old Amora, and he was 26. Public records folks.. Texas marriage license, I believe they married in the mid 70’s. .75? Also, as to the deer’s death, well, the sack that Gabe pulled out was the stomach.. strange how there were no other organs, or blood from his gutting it? Nor when he placed it on the ground at camp.. HUM.. why if your in bear country do you take a dead deer to camp.. maybe to attract the bears to come closer for filming? Come on.. use google, search these things out. How come there is no fishing license, or deck hand’s for that matter, found for the Browns? If someone can find them please post. It’s fake.. there are too many tales as to Billy’s let’s say less then honest dealings. Why, then on the episode where he was so ill and they spoke of some coma..was that not mentioned in season 1 when the ‘locals’ came to help build that cabin?

    1. steve

      Absolutely correct Susan. These people are less than honorable. Correct spelling is They have been on this for awhile. There is also a great FB group (Alaska Bush People) with members who have had personal experiences with these jokers.

  33. Creepy

    Very true and great points Susan, the show is so fake and ridiculous but it’s like a train wreck you can’t help but look at.

  34. Rebecca (Deep in the Heart of Texas)

    Ok, if I was gonna be an Alaskan Bush Woman………hum……..who would I choose Matt (the big cut-up), Bam (the grouch), Bear (the totally awesome one), Noah (the smart one) or Gabe ( the strongest, cutest, funniest, sweetest, the one with the softest heart, the best provider & the coolest) geee let me see…… ant even close…..GABE!!!!! I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV in the last show with him up on the roof cutting that tree down. WOW is he HOT! There should be more scenes with him. He looked so cute in that hard hat with his muscles popping out of that wife beater t-shirt. There should be a web site just for him. I guarantee it would be streaming with girls in love with this man. Does he have any idea how HOT he is? Probable not, that’s why he’s so humble and sweet. Hope he never changes. Down here in Texas we like our men rugged but this guy is the exception……any man who can kill a 150 lb. deer and then throw it on his back and walk 2 miles home without even getting winded… my kinda man. I Love Love Love this guy. If anyone can get word to him that there’s a 21 yr. old Texas girl who’s totally in awe of him please let him know………..

  35. Jo Umberger

    I love all of this family, I admire them a lot, if you had the opportunity to have your life invaded by people and cameras I wager jump at the chance, and get paid for it to boot. I love the sons and daughters and their respect for their parents and for one another. If I had the opportunity to spend a week with them I would jump at the chance. Their are so many awful things going on in this world, should we not be concentrating on the indignities going on. Leave the Browns alone and let them live in peace!

  36. Lori

    This is to Rebecca (Deep in the Heart of Texas)- YOU COULDN’T HAVE SAID IT BETTER. YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH GIRL. I’m from New Orleans and I love Gabe too.

  37. Women in the Lower 48

    WE LOVE THIS SHOW! We are women (Ages 19-25) And here’s what we think…There are 3 types of men now days: #1. Drug users #2. Men who are so into themselves they can’t think of anything to talk about but themselves and #3. Gays. So to see 5 strong roust 100 % men like the Brown Boys, it’s a breath of fresh air. A lot of guys still live at home now days. Only difference is they lay around, don’t work and mooch-off their parents. The Brown boys get up early and put in an honest days work every day. They respect their parents, help them(their parents) when they can and don’t act embarrassed to talk about God. Very rare to see that now days from a guy. So if the show is scripted or not we think it is sending a positive message to the younger generation. Discovery Channel is doing something right!

    1. Jesse Wojdylo Post author

      I hate that you think those are the 3 types of men but to each their own opinion. I guess you just haven’t found the right place to attract successful, smart and caring gentlemen.

      1. Jayne

        Jesse, you ought to delete the comments from Lori, James, and Sarah. A more sorrier trio, I could not imagine!

  38. Sarah

    Jesse, did you honestly think by posting that dorky picture of yourself it would help your comment? You are a typical self-centered, stuck on yourself type guy. Hate your type.

  39. Michael

    To Jesse, are you f___ing kidding me? Those Browns are starting to look better and better. Shut your trap man. You’re making us all look like ass holes.

  40. Emmie

    It would have been a much better comment if you would have left the “look at me….I’m so cool” picture out. What a looser!

  41. Rebecca (Deep in the Heart of Texas)

    Let me see now, who would I choose? Jesse, the skinny little guy who’s stuck on himself or Gabe? Hum, this is hard…NOT.

  42. Kim

    Jesse, it may be true that you’re a successful, smart and caring gentleman but honey you also have to be less of a bragger and look less like a girl yourself. Sadly you loose in these categories.

  43. Patrick

    Lady’s, simmer down ok? Let me just say one thing. You will know this is true because it is coming from a man. All men are players. Always remember…..”A man is only as fateful as his options” Love U all

  44. Women in the lower 48

    We’re all so happy you’re life is complete…… go f*** yourself……..which we’re guessing is what you do every night anyway. HA!

  45. Tina

    Jesse, you call yourself a gentleman? The whole website sees you taking shots at girls and correcting peoples spelling like you’re so high and mighty. You need to find another hobby cause you aren’t very good at this one. People reading this……we should all stop making comments on this website……it sucks anyway and so does it’s owner. Did anyone notice how many times he called it his web site? He has a super big ego, right? That’s usually how it goes……big ego……little dick!

  46. Michael

    Wow Dude, I told you to keep your big mouth closed. You know NOTHING about women, dude. You thought you’d brag on yourself and maybe impress but it backfired on you BIG time dude. You’ll be lucky if you ever get another date. Get use to spending a lot of nights just you and your hand dude. Golden rule: “Don’t piss-off the chicks man.”

  47. Stefanie

    Jesse, maybe the boys will let you bunk in the trapper-shack with them cause the way it looks now you have a better chance of getting a girl in the bush than in the lower 48. I take that back, even bush girls would find you repulsive.

  48. ROE


  49. Mona Lisa Hogg

    The sad part of all of this is that they are human beings just like the rest of us, they bleed if they get cut, so that means they too feel, no one enjoys being talked about like this. So what if it is more fiction than not, it is entertaining. If you do not like it then don’t watch it. These children show respect for their parents and each that is refreshing as well as the right thing to do. Dad stands by and instructs as the others do the work because he is teaching, ever think of it that way? No it is so much easier to put him down for teaching them the way he is. He is not going to be here forever, they best know how to build, hunt, “survive” they know more about life, living, surviving than 90% of the viewers do. You could learn from the show. The times we live in now are not far from forcing most of into survival mode. Be quiet and learn because it could be you next that has to use the skills they present on the show. Ever think that someone out there knows those days are upon us and something bad is about to happen so they are trying to get the message across the best they can before they no longer can. It would benefit all to pay attention, be quiet, grateful and learn while you can. If you can do better, have a better story then by all means film it and present it. Maybe you will be the next person on a channel some where.
    It never fails that so much judgment comes when ever another is successful. Why so many haters is clear, it is not about them. Think again, someone, some where is talking about you behind your back. They are talking about your hair, they way you keep house, dress, do this or that because they can and for some sad reason it makes them feel better about their own shallow lives. Why else spend so much time and energy putting others down.
    As for their teeth, please, maybe they don’t like dentist. As for how they can afford this or that, they barter, don’t you listen. They create and sell, trade work for money. They lived in town for a year and worked hard, pulled all their money together, then moved on. Why does it bother any of you how they made it? Does it have a single thing to do with your well being? God said judge least you be judged. Don’t you realize that what you judge others by you will be judged by? Our world is in terrible shape. At any moment tragedy can strike any of us and we best be prepared to survive. Can you? Can you survive on your own at all? Can you grow anything that will sustain your body. Can you build a shelter of any kind to house yourself? Think about it before you respond with yet another negative comment. God is writing a book about you too. When you stand before Him you will not have anyone to blame or accuse, only yourself . Let the Brown family live, continue to respect each other, talk about God openly without shame, laugh openly, cry openly, care about each other and do a show that we can learn from without all ugliness from others. They are not hurting you are they? So why do want to hurt them? Surely your parents tried to raise you better and surely you want to raise your children to respect others better than you are doing.

  50. Kat

    People watch their show for the same reason they watched Honey Boo Boo. Its a train wreck,,,,you just can’t turn your head away.

  51. Barbara

    I know a lot of people throughout the northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana) that live off the land…..hunting, fishing, gardening, preserving food, etc. as a lifestyle, not a living. I don’t know alot about the Alaskan Bush but this seems like trying to escape from something and “camp” in the woods…….choosing to live in poverty. Seems it’s well documented that the family used to fish. Other than the fact that they landed a TV Series and are now being paid, why aren’t 20/30 somethings earning a living of their own? The fishing industry is the obvious in SE Alaska. If they choose to live off the grid in the wilderness, that’s their choice but where’s an income? Can’t barter for everything, they’ve shown that! Book sales aren’t enough for a family of 9 anywhere unless it’s a best seller. And what about regulations, permits, deer tags, driver’s licenses and taxes? Bigger question…….what happens to the Brown’s when Discovery cancels the show and the land lease? Will they truly be homeless then? They’d be better off buying a fishing boat they can live on….and own….and earn a living.

  52. Eva

    What judgemental pricks! What the hell makes any of you think you’re better than them or ANYONE for that matter!? Put down a close caring family that have always looked out for each other. A close nit religious God loving family. What gives you the right? So what if their ways aren’t yours. How ignorant can the people of this world really be? You want to frown on hard work and honed skills? Sounds like jealousy to me. Quit being so pathetic and grow up….. Go Alaskan Bush People, you guys are awesome!

  53. Jason

    Anyone that believes that any “reality” show is actually real is fooling themselves. I started watching Bush People because being someone who appreciates the outdoors and has always had and affinity for Alaska and the people that inhabit the “bush” I thought it would be an interesting show to watch. What disappoints me now that I’m finding out all of the “facts” about the Browns is that the show wasn’t presented as a reality show but more of a documentary of a close, tight knit family that has decided to live off the grid and rely on each other to survive. The fact that each child had his own distinct personality only added to their charm but now that I’m finding out that most if not all of the show is staged I can’t help but think that the personalities I grew to love are also less than genuine.
    Shame on me for believing something I saw on TV, I guess the Discovery channel fooled me on this one. Looking back now I guess I was always suspicious of the family and their leather jackets, the complex barters, the somewhat staged feeling interactions with town’s folks and how Billy seemed to be living “large” for a guy whose family was always on the brink of starvation. I’ll still watch the show, because it is entertaining, but I’ll be watching in more as if I’m watching an episode of Gilligan’s Island than a real family trying to survive the wilds of the Alaskan Bush.
    I do agree that although the show may be disingenuous in its delivery there is no reason to insult the children for having less than perfect teeth or to insinuate that the family is inbred. That’s just ugly and no one deserves that.

  54. Teresa H

    I watch this show when ever it is on. I think the land they are on and around is beautiful. I first thought this family was the real deal but the more I watched the more I wondered. One thing that bothered me is the dad barking orders to get this and that done because time is running out winter is on its way and he is just standing around and not helping. When the dad got sick and went to the doctor he came back like a new person, people do not get over things that fast and when the doctor told them that Ami teeth could cause her to die and she took meds and went into the bush , wants going to happen when it happens again. One of the sons got sick and the next thing he was building on the cabin. In real life people do not get over illness txt fast and how do they not get sick when it pouring cold rain and a couple of the boy have almost no shirts on and snow on the ground. It is things like this that makes it not look real. Why would you build a cabin and make the boys still sleep outside as cold as it gets in Alaska. I what to know what the state of Alaska does about them not having their children in school. The family does seem to be educated not to have anymore knowledge of the outside world. I do love the thought of living in a cabin away from everyone and living off the land but are they really going to be able to live on meet alone. They need a garden . One last thing when they go to town one of the girls said they get what they are going to need how do they pay for the items. I do like the ideal of bartering on some items. If people who know how to do certain thing would barter with other people who may need something done but can not pay cash money , I think people couldd get along better it’s call help they neighbor and they help you out with out any money. I do hope the show continues it is entertaining.

    1. Jayne

      As much as I love this show, I am concerned about a few things. First, I had to wonder why Billy was not provided for by a trust or something given how wealthy his parents were before the plane crash. Why wouldn’t he have inherited the house? I don’t get that at all. Does anyone know why? Were there no other relatives to take him in at age 16 when the accident occurred? Secondly, and this really bugs me, Ami must have all abscesses drained and healed with antibiotics and then those rotten teeth must come out! It’s imperative they come out. That poison will travel through her body and quite possibly end her life. How tragic and senseless that would be! I actually tweeted her son who was heard to say on the show, “That’s just like our mom.” (To just take the meds and move on) “She’s the ultimate bush woman.” I believe that the kids simply don’t have a clue about the dangers of infected teeth. If they knew what must be in store, they’d beg her to finish the dental work she gave up on. I imagine they check their social network accounts when they’re in town or with the Discovery crew. (I’m sure it’s great for promoting the show.) Also, they do not dress for the elements at all. I’d worry about the kids getting sick from exposure. Not a great way to live if your immune system is compromised on a regular basis. Their diets are concerning as well. Regardless, I hope the show continues and more is learned along the way…

  55. Michelle Edwards

    I like to watch this show,but I also know it is not real, I do worry about the father being abusive to his wife, maybe not physically but verbally, you can just tell something is off about that relationship and on how the children treat her. To Betsy that made the comment about the Kilcher’s not having much income, look up Otto’s net worth, he is worth 4 million dollars and his brother Atz’s daughter is Jewel the singer. It is just entertainment and should be taken with a grain of salt. These television shows are just that do not affect the daily lives of people, and if you like to watch them, do so and if not just do not watch them.

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  58. Dianne Bell

    I’ve watched the Brown’s show and take it with a few grains of salt. I can’t believe that when Ami was having such pain and problems with her teeth, that her husband didn’t insist she be taken care of by the dentist. I also agree with many of you that it’s a shame that their children’s teeth and health are not a priority. Matt breaks his hand and medical attention isn’t gotten for him? The film crew was there, it was an emergency,so why couldn’t They have gotten him to a
    medical facility? I agree, there is a lot that is
    off with the show. As far as their court case, I’d have to say for now they’re innocent until
    Proven guilty in a court of law. I don’t think the boys are ever going to get girlfriends, let alone wives, if they continue living as they are. I think they could learn a great deal if they watched “Alaska, The Last Frontier”.
    I have a lot of respect and admiration for that show. In the meantime, if we don’t like something on tv, all we have to do is switch the channel.

  59. cats42301

    To the author: Why don’t you watch ALL the episodes before you ask ignorant questions and better yet answer them with your own cutesy response. I am of course referring to your question of where did they get windows in the bush?

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  61. Tired of ABP

    I liked this show at first but during the second one last year there were some things that were not right that tipped me off.

    I’ve continued to watch to see if the writers and editing was going to get any better and hoping that somebody connected to the show might be coming out with some truth none of which I’m convinced is going to happen. Shame because it could have had some good story lines. I do not plan on watching again.

    Based on the things that I have learned about the Brown family I do not think much of them especially the parents and the example they are presently setting. They have a child and the examples they are setting are less than ideal.

    A speech therapist said that after listening to the Brown children the so called accents are the result of sinus infections that were left untreated as children.

    Matt talks very loud and reminds me of a hearing impaired individual.

    I wonder if Billy has been true to the show in that he gets medical treatment but his family just suffers.

    I see crosses tattooed on some of the Brown boy’s upper arms and hear the talk from the horses mouth but don’t see the ‘Savior’s’ walk. If we claim to follow Christ then we should be walking in His footsteps. The Savior said by their fruits we should know them. I see too much dishonesty where the Browns are concerned and with that their integrity goes poof!

    If the Browns are convicted I hope justice is served!

  62. Carrie

    I think tht the people tht can sit in there asses an out such negative shit like thy are gods gift to humanity are the ones tht should be charged,smacked,put down like Kennel dogs and what ever other dumb ass immature stupid shit these people can come up with to obviously show there education an brain mentality. Do you not understand shit happens people do some stupid shit like break the law an make mistakes through out our life but tht does not give anyone the right to judge these people who I am pretty sure some of these morons who put some evil shit on here truely don’t know these people on a personal level. It makes them money to make this show are u all jelouse if not don’t put people down an wish them harm if u don’t know them an possibly teach ur children maybe alittle of the respect those kids of the Browns have.

  63. Judy

    It’s just entertainment. I do seriously wondering why tv producers don’t do back ground checks esp. for pending felonies. As far as honest, look how many people watch Alaska-The Last Frontier. How many people know the entire family are millionaires? Atz Kilchers daughter is the country music singer, Jewel. He even goes to the CMA’s. And speaking of Jewel, she lied when she first appeared saying she was living out of a car. If she did, it was the rich girls choice. I realize they made their money from hard work, but clearly the producers didn’t want that info out. Also, the Kilcher’s are always talking bad about the lower 48. How we have an “outhouse” right next to our kitchens (disgusting) , or that we eat meat from a slaughter house (horrifying), etc. Nobody complains about that show. Face it, nothing on TV is really what it claims, or seems to be.

  64. chris

    I really like this show and believe the family love and care about each other! I was really disappointed to hear it is fake! What’s wrong with you discovery channel how about doing a real show about real people without scripts!

    1. Murray

      Ok, you’re hired. Strap a GoPro to your head and start recording. I’m sure everyone would be thrilled to follow your life. Feel free to make comments about what’ s going on and explain things. Put your show up on youtube and see how many views you get. The Browns are getting over 3 mil viewers per episode. Nobody ever said this was a documentary and 100% true.

  65. Sharon

    I find the show entertaining and while at first I found the family somewhat odd after watching two seasons I have found the family to be very happy, educated and polite unlike some people who have posted comments here. I do hope that Billy and Ami will cut the apron strings to the kids who are now adults and let them experience life without living with their parents and other siblings . I’m not saying they shouldn’t be a family just that they should have the opportunity to explore life as an individual. Good luck in the future Brown family!

  66. Fullerton

    Just want to jump in, and out without offending to many people. HELLO! It’s a “show”, regardless that they wear leather clothing (they have lived with the local population, eat at Wendy’s, or a lathe at Starbucks wearing a freshly cut and tailored dear skin might have offended the rest of the populous , got them served faster, but surely turned of others Q’d up in line.

    As a family, there is NOT a lot of ” hey! You look like mom or dad” and WHY? the heavy Commonwealth accent? (Australian/NewZealand, and others). Facial designs are not typical multiple sebling traits, I’m NOT a pediatrition , but I dressed like one last Halloween.

    If they owe money to the state, as long as there are no felony parking tickets
    ( parking enforcement is tough here in Fullerton is tough)
    take the wealth they’ve made from the show, pay a fine, make restitution, check into a Holiday Express and chill out.

    Ok, I’ll leave room for others to rant and fulfill our lives with further words of wisdom, and sometimes accusations containing words such as “#%€£¥+*^= and others, take care, remember support the ratings.

    1. Teresa

      I don’t want to reply directly to any of the NUMEROUS comments. I just want to point out what I see to be pretty obvious. For anyone to be as knowledgeable as most of you are—–you must have watched this show ALOT! Just saying.

  67. Deb W

    Yes, most of the family are in trouble with the law. What happened to innocent until proven guilty BY A JUDGE AND/OR A JURY OF THEIR PEERS, not a bunch of backseat people? Yes, their show is somewhat scripted, aren’t most reality shows to a certain extent? Maybe they stay at the lodge in Hoonah because they’re the “stars” of the show and if something happened to them, not only would it interfere with the filming of the highly watched show, but would the backlash fall upon The Discovery channel, like being held liable? The writer of this story asked a few questions that he didn’t know the answer to because he acknowledged he just started watching it this year. Why would one write a story about a show and it’s family, if you haven’t done your homework? The “bubble” that Gabe pulled out of the deer was it’s innards..the stomach, lungs, intestines, etc. It was done the way most hunters deer dress their kill. The windows were part of a barter deal with the new mayor of Hoonah. Yes, on the show they only showed 2 windows but shows have to be edited. It can’t show every single detail and viewers need to keep this in mind when watching the show. Just like I can’t remark on every single thing people are saying about this show and its family members. It’s a show. a TV show with some real time events and others are scripted. Do not use this family as your handbook on how to survive the Alaskan subsistence lifestyle. Just sit back and enjoy it and stop ripping apart the people that you personally don’t know.

    1. Lee

      I really hope it is fake because this family has some of the most incompetent individuals that walk this earth (as portrayed on the show). I have only watched the show a few times but the only ‘reality’ is that this family would never survive the ‘Alaskan Bush’ without outside help. And from most of the comments they get a lot of that. So yeah, when people outright ‘lie’ on how and where they live, they deserve to be ripped.

  68. Lauren R

    I really don’t understand why most of you people are so mean-spirited haters. The article that started these comments obviously just wanted to start controversy over the Browns’ and asked the question, “Is Billy Brown keeping the money that is paid to the children”? How the money is handled is none of our business. These are not 9 professional actors, and I see true love and affection in this family, both openly and in many small subtle ways throughout every show. I believe it to be real. Some people allude to Billy’s mental abuse of his wife. What? I don’t see that at all and i have been trained in that field. I really think a lot of you are just a bunch of trouble makers. I see real love between Billy and wife, between the parents and their children, and also between the siblings and each other. They are clearly a close family. And for the guy who thinks Snowbird is ugly and makes his daughter vomit-you’re ridiculous. I see a lovely, happy, enthusiastic young lady you is a great influence on her cute little sister. Yes, they need dental work-so do I. They’re getting settled and I’m sure they’ll get what they need. Billy loves his family and will see that they get taken care of. Yes, their accents are “different”, and their ways are “different”=so what? What do you expect when they spend so much time away from other people. They developed their own ways of doing and saying things. they live a different lifestyle than most of us can wrap wrap our head around-so what? Who says they have to live the way most other people do? They seem pretty happy. Meeting girls is definitely more difficult for the boys, but I’m sure they’ll find some. Where there’s a will there’s a way-and guys that age sure have a will!!! Everyone seems to be commenting on Noah’s leather coat,. cross etc. not being typical of Alaskans-again, so what! It’s been mentioned many times that when they get into town to salvage yards and used clothing stores, etc., they all like to pick things up that they like or collect, especially Noah. he’s very handy and sees lots of purposes for everyday objects and has quite a collection of stuff. I’m sure he came across that coat and just really liked it, same with the cross-so he got it! What’s wrong with that? I like the show and i like the Browns. If you don’t, why don’t you just move on without a leaving a trail of mean comments and criticisms in your wake? I’m glad that some of you are are nice, decent people who don’t think they can build themselves up by knocking others down. It gives me some degree of faith that there’s still some good people left in this world!

  69. cindy

    I love the show . Its no more unreal then wrestling, reality shows and those types of shows on tv. They make them for entertainment purposes and this is the same…Its just fun everyone, let them be..

  70. yissahugo

    i am lmao at these comments. i have three degrees — the last was a law degree. what the hell difference does it make if it isn’t real. me === i’m disabled after 32 years practicing law and having 36 major surgeries. as for getting sick then being okay immediately — i had a bilateral mastectomy on friday at 10 am — i was warming food in the microwave at 6 pm and saw clients and worked full time on tuesday. you do what you have to do — vulvectomies, rippouts of underarms — never mind. i feel sad that you guys were bursting all the dreams of these people — like kim k’s pooper isn’t real. just don’t tell them that micky and minnie weren’t married. thanks for the laughs. shut it off if you don’t like it. did you ever see michael strahan’s teeth?

  71. andy

    I have also been aware of the yellow stains on old man Billys stash ,knew it is from smoking figure that Discovery show didn’t want him smoking on show .O.K maybe it’s been edit out but I know that a smoker go’s nuts when they run out of cigs .I don’t feel he has that much control of his addiction that he has that he is that Bush. Cigs must cost a great deal in Alaska .As far as him not doing as much work I see this as fine cause he’s the elder that can advise and dictate to the younger so they learn. I’ll wait and see if they are found guilty before I stop watching. And if he has had a weight gain thats a American condition of obesity in this country come’s with age as well living better doing less and has a large family that can hunt..

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  73. Arty Choke

    I wonder which one of BIRDIES brothers knocks her up first. Also social services should rescue the youngest girl and give her a chance at a normal life. As for the rest of these mutants my money is on matt being the father of birdies first born.

  74. donnie

    If any of you folks could have saw sgt . Brown in the Nam in 1968 you might talk different about him ! One gung-ho Marine ! No wonder he wants to live in the wild away from people ! Thanks sgt . for your service !

  75. Mark crocker

    I just love the show I can’t wait every week to watch it . I can’t believe some of the people on here comments talking about there teeth really give me a break. Awesome show

  76. Gunny

    I think Billy ( Sarge Brown – USMC ) was badly injured on hill 524 in 1968 when he picked up a young injured L /CPL and ran across open ground to get him to the medic . I don’t blame him for wanting to live in the bush away from people . One Gung-ho Marine !

  77. Otis

    Ashley Feb-16-15, you said it all . I believe that weather it’s fake or not they are still human beings. And I too and going to watch every Fucking episode until it ends and even then I’ll probably record most of it to watch again another time. Our father in Heaven will punish those of you for your “Hate Crimes” . That’s exactly what it is. Why don’t you focus your efforts of hate towards Japan, Russia,Iraq, Iran, just a few people who are raping and murdering children every day and beheading our soldiers on YouTube . Your a bunch of sorry ass losers. it’s funny how those of you who talk shit about the show are still watching it LOL, Fucking dumb ass mother fuckers. Do the world a favor go lock your doors and windows and hope and pray that you NEVER have to face the hardships that most of the people in AMERICA have to face. Real Fucking ROLE MODELS !!!!!!!!!

  78. Susan Dull

    Do any of you remember the movie “That’s Entertainment?” My point is with all the negative back stories on the Brown family including the fraud charges, I & apparently several others are entertained enough to follow the continuing saga of the family. After all-
    I grew up watching The Addams Family, Beverly Hillbillies, Lost in Space, Gilligan’s Island etc. The reality shows we are presented with are an evolution of entertainment! You can choose to watch whatever floats your boat! I enjoy watching the love and team spirit that exists between the family! They are more crafty than I am. Noah is clever and he never disappoints when he turns junk into something functional! He is also an old fashioned “romantic!” Gabe is witty and gives good Sean Connery while trying to keep the spirits of the family up! Ami is sweet and I hope she does gets several grand babies! Both the sisters are sweet and supportive of their brothers! Their Dad is teaching skills that seem to be beneficial. When did we become such a hateful tribe -looking down our noses and casting stones while living in glass houses? I don’t care what they wear, what their teeth look like and if the land is leased etc! They are human and if they made mistakes it is their journey to grow & learn from it! What does not appear to be scripted is the love between the family! Can’t wait for to see more breathtaking Alaskan scenery and see what the Browns have in store for us! I can be forgiving while being entertained!

    1. jessie

      I love this show. Perhaps its partly manufactured for filming purposes, but they are a loving family! I cannot stand when people post their opinions and they are so hateful! Hoping the Browns are put to sleep like Kennel Dogs is probably the most hateful thing I’ve read so far! Not only for the Browns but for Kennel Dogs also! If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it. But to watch it week after week and rip it apart with hateful comments is a waste of time i’d say. I hope the family does well.

  79. Terri

    I like the show but don’t believe half of what I see. The Kilcher family is also a spoof show good for entertainment value but little else. Atz’s daughter is Jewel. They are hardly living on the brink of death. Atz’s net worth is over 2 million while Otto is valued at over 4 million. It’s funny to hear him say things like ‘if the cows die, we die’. I often wondered how they got that large machinery out into the wilds but google shows how close they are to the highway – a plowed highway – and how close they are to McDonald’s.. still, shows like this are entertaining – the reason I turn on the TV in the first place. Entertainment.

    1. Tbo

      The sites quoting net worth are very off… also net worth includes land,animals,buildings,equipment & so on… It adds up fast…

  80. Joe

    What a bunch of low life dirt bags Yes we all would respect you Mr Brown and what you say you do living off the land. But you are a fake FAT BS Artist looking to make a fast buck. Writing a book ? Please no more. you could not handle society Get a JOB put you kids to work maybe there is help for them in time But you sir and your side kick wife are nothing but Cheaters … Shame on you Discovery Channel for putting this crap on

  81. Dana

    Okay to the person who used the R word “really” that’s so offensive I have child with learning dissabilities and years ago 50 or more they used retard as a way to describe someone’s lack of progression in their ability to learn. So for anyone to use that word in this millennium is a shame and only shows their lack of education. So enough of that rant.
    I think the show is very entertaining. Everyone knows we are watching a tv show to think it is raw filming of a real bush family would be a stretch of imagination. I do believe they are a real family. They have certainly had their fair share of hard times and that shows in their faces. I think they have beautiful souls and that comes out at different times in the show. What we are watching are reenacted times that they have faced to the best of the producers ability based on the browns story.

  82. kim

    It crazy to me how people are reacting. To JUST T.V….like it is upsetting. Your lives..its a show..again a show..dont watch then;but people getting so upset and hateful. Is a joke or no life i the SHOW fun to watch..make that money.go dana.your a good person.

  83. Carolyn Woolverton

    I enjoy the show but Discovery should have billed it as an embellished show where they put a family in the bush trying to make, aka fictional. I have no respect for Billy as he has not been a real man is setting examples and providing for his family. You can tell his wife is mentally possibly physically abused by the look in her eyes.

  84. Carolyn Woolverton

    It does not take 30 yrs to build a cabin and provide for your family. There is a difference between poor and trashy.

  85. whocares

    Have any of you watched Noahs video?! He’s using am ancient reel to reel video camera…yes I don’t agree with how the kids were brought up or their hygiene..don’t watch the show!! All reality tv is scripted get over it

  86. kathee

    You have a right to watch, right not to watch the show. Seriously so many haters. It’s a show, it’s fun. It’s pretty there. I watch all shows similar to this. Don’t care for show about cheating, getting drunk, bad habits, language. Kardashian garbage, they make millions! A lot of families make mistakes. I hope the best for the browns.

  87. LOL

    “Reality TV”, like the evening news or the situation comedy, uses a formula. Its 30% reality (as in, people using their real names, vaguely real circumstances) but the remaining 70% is otherwise heavily embellished- and even outright scripted- for entertainment value.

    I don’t think people really care so much what others do to entertain themselves, what shows they watch, etc but its really, really repugnant to see the very large group of utterly stupid, completely naive people who sincerely believe this show is documentary in nature, represents a TRUE AMERICAN WONDERFUL FAMILY WORKING HARD TO GET BY, etc, etc… Just like a performance hypnotist who brings 5 people up on stage and makes them cluck like chickens, reality TV works on the same idea; a mutual understanding between the people guiding the show and the people participating in it that they are indeed putting on a show.

    Ahh, but the darker side. The much, much darker side. The ability of the internet to dredge up old skeletons, for those events and anecdotes and peccadilloes of years gone by to suddenly show back up in the form of an injured party telling their story on a message board, or in a comment section of a blog, or a facebook page. Could they be lying? Sure, but it doesn’t seem like a lie when the accusations look like this:
    “He also sold a boat to Buddy Baker for a thousand dollars cash that he still owed the $1500. to Chris Dahl and never paid Chris a dime. The boat was ruined anyways, tied up to Buddy Bakers floathouse with the engine not running and a couple years of garbage in it and in buddy’s floathouse that he had been using also.

    When he left for Haines, he took two vehicles that were not his loaded with stuff like the community generator, Bob Hite’s chainsaw, Buddy Baker’s large wall tent and owing Jack at the store and a friend of mine, Maynard Daum who ran a little church there, money that was lent him because he said he was heading to Texas to get his father’s vast fortunes to invest in Jack’s store and Maynard was just a kind-hearted Christian that Billy took advantage of.”

    … yeah.

    These people are EXACTLY what they seem.

  88. Lynne

    My goodness! Can we all as a civilized society stop the anger and hatred. Snowbird and Rain and the family ARE different. They are NOT plopped in front of a computer playing fake video games….let us talk about FAKE. You buy FAKE games for your kids to play FAKE on TV. You play fake games and win fake points and eat fake food and then talk about others being fake. Let people live their granted lives.
    They do not go to eat ground up meat from about 20 DIFFERENT cows in a paddy at some fast food place UGGH!!!! They respect their parents! Goodness you would think we are still in Salem and some of you definitely ARE!

    I am amazed that there is so much hate and anger spewed out here. Are we really that hateful as a society? I guess the comments speak for themselves. As far as the boys producing even MORE people in the world. Look around, there are ENOUGH people in the world. Good Grief not everyone has to reproduce!! Not everyone has to breed to be accepted!!! Let us care for one another and help one another. So while your kid is doing drugs in his bedroom and playing FAKE video games and wondering if his 13 year old girlfriend is pregnant yet, just hold the anger toward others inside. Not one swear word in a show is refreshing.

    If I were deserted with YOU hate spewing people or the Brown Family, I sincerely hope I could learn kindness and respect from the Browns. It really is a shame you have to put your food into the same mouth you spew such anger and rage at a little girl and her family. I thought Salem was a long time ago but it still exists in this world. Well my family and I love the show. Do NOT forget YOU can actually change channels now from the comfort of your recliner chair!! Just change the channel and grit your teeth that millions love it!!! Do NOT spew hatred for a little child!!!

  89. just sad

    Read this board and you will see the mental state of my country ….sad …and …deplorable…people say anything to laugh …noone cares about these being real people …this planet is sick … I pray god shows you the errors of your ways with godspeed ..!!! this from a innercity kid who grew up around gangs and thugs and views people as humans ..not objects ..I guess we all learn at our own pace ..i fearv some never get IT…!!

    1. Joy

      Get over it! If Discovery channel is wrong, it will come out. If Billy Brown is wrong it will come out. In the mean time I love the show! Looking for the next season to begin. All reality show members get paid! I wouldn’t mind attempt living in the bush! This show is so much better and cleaner than some of the other garbage that is on TV with cursing and nakedness on it. That’s the ones that need taken off the air! As far as Billy Brown being heavy and less active, do u remember the episode that mentioned his medical history?Maybe u don’t know it all! When u r perfect then u criticize. Keep up the good clean show!

  90. joyfishing

    Get over it! I like the show! It is much cleaner and better than some of the other garbage with cursing and nakedness etc on it. If Discovery is wrong, it will come out.There is no show that is perfect. All reality shows get paid.. I like the show and will continue to watch it til it shows me different.

  91. Mike

    I don’t mind reality TV. I do mind fake reality TV. There are too many problems with the family. For any person who has any knowledge of handling guns, chain saws, and hatchets/axes, these people are not versed in their use. Watching an episode when one of the boys was using a hatchet to make one of the out buildings was scary. He chopped towards his hand over and over. A huge no no. They stand incorrectly when using an ax. Any person who has cut any amount of wood could tell you the ax will sometimes strike the log and ricochet. I have almost cut my foot multiple times and I try to be very careful. Watch how they carry their guns. The muzzle is often on the ground or dragging on the ground, which makes all gun owners cringe. I have been in Alaska for 15 years and I have had multiple dealings with ‘Bush’ Alaskans. They are very different and every one I have met likes their privacy. The barter for those boats was also silly. The discovery channel narrator said “In the lower 48, the boats would be worth much more…”. Not true. Ask ANY Alaskan how much more expensive things are up here. Those boats were near 50k at least. Look on any website for boat electronics and you will be shocked at the price. Enjoy the show for entertainment, just dont tell yourself its real. Discovery channel also has lied before. Remember the giant shark during shark week, totally fake and they got caught.

  92. Olivia

    I enjoy watching this show. Who cares if its really or fake. It’s for entrainment. There is no foul language. No beeping every sentence. It’s fun. It shows off the beautiful scenery of Alaska. If you don’t like the show, watch something else!

  93. Mitchell

    News flash. No reality TV is100% real. This show like all others has certain qualities that attract viewers and that is all that matters to the producers. Every effort and decision in the making of this show is pointed to that end. Just the fact that this blog exists makes the show a success. The Browns appear to be a real family with sincere love and unity. They have obviously spent significant time in civilization (which they do not deny) but likely prefer living in the wooded areas whether off the grid or on the edge of the qrid, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever their journey up to this point has been they had an opportunity to do this show and improve their lives. Which of you would not do the same and in so doing are subject to the will of the writers producers who “create” the reality for the show which means taking a fragment of truth and embellishing it to orchestrate the story they feel will be best received. So all of this condemnation towards the Browns because the show is not 100% real is quite misplaced. There are things that bother me about Billy as well but there are more things about the family as a whole that are more compelling so I watch and I enjoy. I hope they get their legal issues worked out and live happily ever after in Brown town. Which is really why most of watch any right…… because whow of us with kids we love would not want our children and their children to be all around us living the type of environment we love most. Whether that be the forest, the beach or the suburbs that is what this show is really about, the dream of family unity and freedom. The is what we see the Browns striving for real or not it’s what we hope achieve because it what most of us want.

  94. Sandy

    Question…Do the 2 girls go to school. If not, can the parents be held responsible. Also, the parents relatives…they never talk about the,m. I’ read that an Alaskan State Trooper got a hold of Ami’s mom and Ami talked to her. Now, how did that happen. If you don’t hear from your mom or anyone,n in such a long time, how do you know where they live and how to get in touch with them. So basically, these kids have never met their grandparents? Just wondering …

  95. Suzy

    I am just plain lost in where this story originated from. In 2008 Rain was 14 (this is confirmed by her on youtube), so today she would be about 7 months away from her 21st birthday. Yet in one episode of Alaskan Bush People she is celebrating her 18th or 19th birthday. If this is the case then the filming for this show would have taken place in 2012 or 2013. All that aside, I think that the Discovery Channel wanted people, it’s viewers, to believe this family was living this way today. If you watch the youtube channels of the children you hear Rain talk about their first trip out of Alaska, She said that they were driving across the “lower 48” to sign contracts and do book signings. I believe that this was in about 2008, you also can see one video from one of the boys talking about using a lap top and uploading videos. So here is what I think is really going on and maybe I am wrong but I think it’s possible. Prior to Billy writing the book “One Wave at a Time” he and his family were living a very simple life away from the city (or the city as the “lower 48” know it). We call it “living off the grid” today. Back a few years ago it was something of an oddity. So hence my reluctance to say this family is weird or strange. I am not saying they live in the bush, because maybe some people think of the “bush” different from others. What I am saying is this, during the contract signings they mention that a movie deal was struck and I think there is something about a 4 part mini series. So is it possible that they moved on from living a simple life, to living more up to date in 2014 and are trying to recreate the life they once had in the “Alaskan Bush”? Should we be hateful towards this family because the Discovery Channel made us believe they were living like this today and not years ago? I for one feel that Billy and his family should be left alone and if there are issues with what the Discovery Channel is pedaling, don’t watch it. Are they in trouble with the law? Based on what I have seen I would say yes. I look the liberty of looking up the information on the Ketchikan Court records website. If they did do what is being said then they need to be held accountable but that doesn’t give any one of us the right to call them names. I guess I just feel the need to stop blaming people for what the Discovery Channel managed to get us to believe. I tried to find out real time information from one of the Browns but I guess with pending litigation they are laying very low, which I can understand. Just my two cents.

    1. Tessa

      Thank you Suzy – you actually have a reasonable perspective. It’s so encouraging to read something about the Browns that is not full of hate.

  96. Adrienne

    Bravo to the Brown family and thank you for an entertaining show. Love the scenery and love the wilderness shown each week.

  97. Beth

    Yah….call me crazy, I like the show & I think Matt is a cutey!! I’ve seen the stories about the fund fraud & I’m just curious why Matt has no charges against him? I wonder if he refused to participate in whatever else the others got caught up in? Anywho, I hope they get straightened up & get right with State and all as I find the show entertaining. I’m sure it’s “staged” to a point but I think a lot of it is probably legit as well. Just my opinion 🙂

  98. jeb bush

    Alaska Dispatch News


    Digging for the reality behind ‘Alaskan Bush People’ claims of gunfire

    Zaz Hollander

    May 31, 2014

    Discovery Channel

    Life in Copper River country appears to have proven too real for the stars of the “Alaskan Bush People” reality television show, who last week announced to viewers the need to flee their new homestead.

    The “Fight or Flight” episode, which repeats this week, starts with this message: “The Discovery Channel was given permission to document the life of a secluded Bush family. During production, an incident occurred and filming was stopped.”

    What follows explains the flight of the Browns — Billy and Ami and seven children including Bear, Bam Bam, Snowbird and Rainy — from their “secluded” cabin site in a subdivision off the Richardson Highway.

    The crucial scene shows the family roused at night by what sounds like two gunshots fired outside. The men rush out, heavily armed, as viewed through the greenish tint of a night-vision camera. “Then the unthinkable happens,” a voice-over intones. A third shot is apparently fired as the men wait in the dark with the camera rolling.

    Spooked, the menfolk pull back to the safety of the cabin.

    “This land is not worth dying for,” Billy Brown, a former commercial fisherman and author, tells the camera in a scene shot later. The family leaves and eventually ends up living on a boat in Ketchikan, back where they started.

    A year and half after the episode filmed and the family disappeared from the homestead, it’s still not clear just what happened to chase them off.

    A reporter’s efforts to get to the bottom of the potential shootout uncovered another, stranger reality. The Alaska State Troopers say no one affiliated with “Alaskan Bush People” seems to have reported any shots fired. But a helicopter filming part of the show ran into another situation that was reported to the troopers.

    The crew told troopers that a neighbor of the Browns shot fireworks at the helicopter, forcing them away from the cabin.

    That’s right — a neighbor.

    The 5 acres of so-called Alaskan wilderness where, as the show claims, the “recently discovered” family shunned modern society to eke out a simple existence deep in the Bush turned out to be right next door to someone who liked his slice of Alaska without the whir of chopper blades.

    Pizza and bear guard

    The property, abandoned after filming ended in late 2012, sits in a subdivision less than 10 miles south of Copper Center, easily accessible from a dirt road just off the highway. There’s a pizza place about a half-mile away. The surroundings are wild enough — the production crew even hired someone to carry a shotgun for bear protection, numerous locals say — but the area is by no means wilderness.

    And yes, the Browns had company living right next door: Jason Hoke, a 46-year-old regional economic development director originally from Albany, N.Y., but an Alaskan since 1996.

    Hoke said he grew increasingly frustrated during the show’s production by vehicles speeding up the dirt road, the shouting from next door and the constant buzz of chainsaws.

    He said he never fired any shots toward the cabin. What he did, Hoke said, was shoot two or three mortar-type fireworks into the air when a helicopter capturing aerial footage roared over his house while his family was eating dinner.

    “The entire house is shaking; my youngest boy Ethan, who was about 4 at the time, is crying,” he said. As he saw it, the helicopter was pounding away just above the treetops over his property.

    After trying unsuccessfully to wave it away, Hoke said he “decided to shoot a couple in the air, not in the vicinity, and let them know ‘Hey, get away from my house!’”

    According to Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Megan Peters, a trooper did respond to an Oct. 10, 2012 report of fireworks near a helicopter from a neighbor of the Browns. The trooper reviewed footage of the incident, but no charges were filed, she said.

    The Federal Aviation Administration, however, hit Hoke with a $500 civil penalty for deliberately shooting three “artillery-type fireworks” near the Robinson R44, according to an order signed by a senior FAA attorney in February 2013. The fireworks “posed an imminent threat to the safety of the flight and the three individuals on the aircraft.”

    Up in the helicopter, Daniel Zatz was filming when his pilot spotted a green flash an estimated 40 or 50 feet from the R44, he said. Zatz, an Emmy winner who owns a Homer-based aerial cinematography company contracted by the “Bush People” producers, got the second mortar on film. Then they climbed out of the area and called the troopers.

    “I think he didn’t understand it takes the tiniest thing to hit our tail rotor and we’re just dead,” Zatz said.

    He called Hoke’s description of the helicopter’s altitude at tree-top height “a pretty severe exaggeration” since it’s not safe to fly that low. He said the lightweight R44 doesn’t cause enough vibration to make a house shake.

    Still, Zatz said the producers on the ground should have communicated better with Hoke before the overflight happened, and now, he said, he tries to make sure production crews reach out to neighbors before he starts filming from the air.

    “What I can appreciate is he moved out to where he did because he wanted to have a quiet life, and when a helicopter came into his neighborhood, he didn’t have much patience for it,” he said

    Some local residents didn’t take kindly to t up the camera in here, did what they did. That was about it.”

    The show brought “a sense of economic stimulus” in the fall, when tourists usually disappear from the area, said Matt Lorenz, editor and publisher of the Copper River Record, the local newspaper out of Glennallen.

    Still, Lorenz continued, the overall feeling was negative. He published an editorial in October 2012 that referenced “skeptical residents” wondering about a film crew with more than 20 members from the Lower 48 asking around for airplanes, horses and single women.

    “Wary of supporting publicity driven attempts to settle in the Copper Basin after witnessing first-hand the Papa Pilgrim debacle and also wary of seeing the Copper Basin misrepresented by Reality TV, numerous community members have contacted the Copper River Record (CRR) seeking reliable information concerning the family’s back-story and the film crew’s legitimacy,” Lorenz wrote. But a group of people filming in the middle of the subdivision road refused to answer any of his questions.

    “Ninety-five percent of the people pretty much saw the farce there,” Lorenz said by phone last week. “I compare it to wrestling, professional wrestling, as far as reality TV goes. There’s always some people in the audience that really think it’s real.”

    Shots fired

    So did somebody open fire on the Browns’ cabin or not?

    The episode’s sudden twist baffled reviewer Ryan Berenz, who writes for Channel Guide Magazine.

    “We’re told that someone, angry about the Browns bringing TV cameras with them, opened fire on them. We’re given few details about what happened next. Did the authorities get involved? Was there an investigation?” Berenz wrote in an online post published Wednesday. “Look, I know law enforcement is probably pretty stretched in these parts, but I think death threats and someone shooting at you is probably enough to get a visit from Alaska State Troopers (a whole different show!) in the very least.”

    Troopers spokesperson Peters said no one ever contacted troopers about gunfire in the area.

    Discovery Channel’s communications director, Sean Martin, said that along with the incident involving the helicopter, there “were also additional shots fired over several days.”

    Martin said Discovery Channel “won’t be commenting further” when asked why the show didn’t use video footage from the helicopter and why nobody apparently filed a report with law enforcement.

    The production company identified on the show, Park Slope Productions, didn’t respond to a request for information.

    Hoke says he never heard any shots fired around his property, which backs up to the Brown cabin.

    He says the production crew dropped the ball on community relations, then generated a show that insults the Copper River Valley.

    “We live a different lifestyle here. We’re not in the city. That doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of wackos,” Hoke said. “Stop portraying Alaskans like we’re idiots.”

  99. Seer

    “I SEE THE LIGHT”. All “reality shows” are staged, at least to some extent. Even Les Stroud (Survivorman), who, in my opinion, is the “most real” reality show presenter, doesn’t rely solely on chance, nor does he always live in the wilderness. Regardless of what a reality show’s focus is about, the very fact that the participants’ activities are being recorded will modify the behavior of those same individuals, so there will always be some level of phoniness present. Additionally, the production company will need to be allowed “production compromises”, no production company would be excited about going 100 miles from the nearest road, for extended periods of time. The logistics of such a venture would be enormous. The production company needs a modern day support structure nearby – electric, roads, housing, food, etc. – considering that all their equipment has to be brought in and every worker needs a place to stay and food to eat.

    While any “reality” program is being recorded, there will absolutely a need for recreations of some events, things happen and the record of the event may not meet the established production standards, so they just do it again. The biggest issue that “Alaska Bush People” naysayers have is that the Browns don’t spend 100% of their time living the lifestyle that they are portraying. While this may be true, it does little to decrease the public interest concerning “living off the land”, “living wild”, “living off the grid”, “roughing it”, or whatever you wish to call it. “Alaska Bush People” does provide a distorted glimpse into a lifestyle that is desirous to some, and fascinating to most. I enjoy the show for its entertainment and educational values, but then again, I also enjoy “Doctor Who”, so what does that say?

    As I see it, placing a disclaimer at the beginning, of any reality program, would solve the problem of its authenticity. The statement should read something like: “The following program is an unscripted documentary. It is intended to provide illustrations, demonstrations and recreations, and is loosely based on a true story. This program is intended for entertainment purposes only, and should not be viewed as representing the entire reality and experiences of those individuals involved.”

  100. Prettyflyer

    All you haters, REST YOUR Neck, is this what you do with your down time, BAG On People? Let me ask, when is the last time you ran your fingers down the crack of your VA-JJ AND THAT ASS and took a good wiff. Stop targeting the special needs and the gypsy community and stop referring to these folks in derogatory terms. This is just wrong! This is not how to interact with one another, am not going to call you names. I keep hearing leather jacket, leather jacket, from what I understand the native Americans, Fur Trappers and COWBOYS all wore/wear leather jackets and pants…. What’s the big deal… By the way, my wife and daughters like Noah. All said, get a life or a Bonner or both……..


    OK…., first things first, there are way too many keyboard warriors on here and everywhere else
    second of all, who really cares if the show is scripted or not, IT IS TV man…
    It has caused allot of trolls to surface out there who have nothing better to do than bash the existence of everything on the face of this earth, haters, you must watch it if you know so much about it, and have so many mean, hateful, outright childish things to say….. Nick… I’d love to see your teeth cuz they must be amazing. haha. your daughter is truly blessed to walk amongst you and revel in your beauty.

    I watch the show and enjoy it, but I take it for what it is TV, i’m not freaking out about the KARDASHIANS and all their botox, DUI’s, and baby mama drama, although I have personally never watched it I’ve heard WAY TOO MUCH about it from haters/ trolls, but it’s TV,TV,TV…. I’m not sure how else to put it, oh not real life, possibly not true, maybe its fictional. I mean think about those poor people on Gilligan’s Island, did they ever get off that damn thing!!!???? so point being haters please keep watching the show and hate on, keep those ratings up and rants rolling cuz you’re makin em even more famous. and your tears fuel my soul. lol. ..not really… but you definitely keep me laughing. Thank you. k bye. that is all…. for now. : P

    1. Brad Hammer

      How much more tripe will the BBC and Discovery try to feed us. These Browns are comparable to Ren and Stimpy. The last show that I could stomach showed the doofus funny talking idjit kid scoping a brown bear with the lens caps still on the scope of his rifle. I should sue Discovery for cluttering my TV line up with this garbage. This is not even comedy relief.

    1. Brad Hammer

      You are so right. This is just a TV show, nothing more. I do find it comical. However I have to say if Billy were truly a Marine he wouldn’t have scooted at the sounds of firecrackers at night. Alaska has a strong Castle Law. If someone is really shooting at you, light them up. Billy doesn’t do much, and he tells us he guides the boys, not pitch in and help work. But please someone tell Gabe that if he wants to present a true reality, take the lens caps off the scope before scoping game. And his Sean Connery impersonation is major league lame. Noah is a prima donna fatboy. And the only way Bear will ever get laid is to find a blind Mamma Brown Bear. I wonder if jail time will qualify for PRF.

  102. Art Hacks

    Thought we would poke a little fun of the REAL or FAKE Alaskan Bush People – they are now REALLY FAKE – here is the PARODY! enjoy. Find the parody link on our website. THANKS!

  103. Jen

    I just want to say that after reading all these comments and the ones on FaceBook, the articles and Youtube. Seems to me there is a lot of bashing going on. Which one of you who threw the stone has not sinned? ha ha. Really people it’s entertainment real or not real, I mean you are obviously watching it right? No it does not give true Alaskans a bad name because it is all so obvious it is made for TV, which is what? Let me hear you say it, FANTASY? Did ya’ll see the mermaid show on Discovery Channel? Did you believe there were mermaids after you saw it? I say relax, enjoy life, be cool, and enjoy the show. So what about everything else, it will all work out in the end. If you don’t like it or think the people are frauds then don’t watch it. There is this amazing invention that someone created long ago and it’s called a BOOK, try reading one if reality TV bites.

  104. Carolyn

    To answer the question regarding the windows. Gabe and Bam bardered their work for the windows. The Mayor of Hoonah approached the family and needed some wood cut for some family’s in Hoonah for the winter and he had some extra windows that they could have for the work the boy’s did.

    1. clone

      Hahaha! Get some Gabe.Maybe you can start a family of flipper children that have the torpedo-like agility of leopard seals and can catch salmon with their teeth.

  105. mamacat

    I don’t care if it is fake I enjoy watching it. Almost all of the really shows are fake too and they don’t get this kind of bashing. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. It is just entertainment like every think else on tv. I hope they come out with another season.

  106. Leon

    I’ve actually known The Brown Family since I was a Kid(im now in my 20’s) My Father used to Trades with them for Fish,crab etc for whatever they needed & by considence we lived “near” various places they lived in & used to go see them by boat,trekking,bush plane, horse & occassionly by 4wd(if they were able to reach that way) They’ve alwaysLived pretty secluded & on rare occasions would live near or in a town/village (if things weren’t going well & other reasons… but most of the time they were in The Bush. There’s no big deal he’s wearing a leather jacket (he got as a gift from a 2nd hand store from s tiny town for His Birthday & has always said it fits like a glove & He Loves it!…& like a second skin. Discovery channel was looking for a unique Show to shoot & They had Guys going to Alaska & spending time there talking to people and asking about different families,villages etc(There like field researchers or whatever) and They happened to hear About a Family that lived in The Bush (The Brown Family) & they found out how to find them & went to meet them to see what they were like & liked what they saw…… and heard!!! & They agreed to come to Meet Directors,producers & Heads of Discovery & The rest is History So don’t try & talk about stuff you nothing about… Because I personally know them

    1. Joan White

      I agree with you. Dont talk about something you know no nothing about. They seem like they are pretty content and a lot happier than most Americans with millions.

    2. Tessa

      Thank you Leon. I don’t know why people feel the need to bash a family that is just living their lives. We love the show. We live in Los Angeles and know all about bogus reality shows with ‘stars’ – it’s sickening and we just don’t watch. But the Browns seem like a happy family living a simple life. God bless them.

    3. Marian Wright

      Do u REALLY know them? Cud u write me an let me know how to get in touch with Gabe? I have written him 2 letters and he didnt get them I am thinking that Mr. Brown is NOT giving them to him I dont think he wants to lose his boys. BUT I dont want to take Gabe away from him. I JUST WANT to hear from him. I am in Love with him NO KIDDING I need to hear from him. I dont have much time left. Sincerely—————

  107. Tbo

    For the truth& A LOT of facts including info from family of the Browns,towns people,people that were on the show join up to this facebook group ‎Alaskan Bush People/Alaskan Bush Family – Group

  108. Ramona O'Malley

    I know why they have no message boards because of me I’ve been banned and blocked by every discovery site lol They wanted to bring my daughter on the show to date gabe and have him tell her when the show ended that he wasn’t interested . Discovery wanted to play this scenario out just so she could look stupid on tv . My daughter would not agree to it and gabe said he wasn’t interested but discovery kept pushing him to pick daughter did not look for this she was on an alaskan men dating site and susie submitted her file. They even filmed gabe and my daughter talking on the phone her name is Christina omalley and we live in Washington State near Bellingham discovery channel and susie are liars and pigs it’s all fake gabe told christina my daughter they live in a house outside of hoonah and that’s there family camp. I even called icy straight lodge in hoonah at the bar where matt bar tending . I called and acted natural and said hey Matt how’s it going ? He said good just busy . And I said wut you all up to tonight ? Lol he said who’s this I said you know who it is and then he hung up. manipulative liars and couch potatoes sitting at home on there computers and watching themselves on tv . They won’t last long they will be exposed for the liars they are discovery channel and brown family shame on you and susie the match maker too

  109. Mandy

    I love Alaskan bush people.. y’all leave them alone if the world had more good hearted people like them it would be a great place.. especially the way they live,they build what they need and barter for things they need like most the countries used to do in the old days..too bad people wasnt like that here in the usa..everyone here wants cash or no deal.. so yall a**holes stop picking on seemingly good folks.also to be in the bush their whole life they got some smart kids.. shoot they built their own home for sakes most people have others to do it here because they think it too much work.

    1. bill of evans

      The Bush People did not build that house….the discovery channel people hired professional builders to come in and build it….there is no way that they could have install all those 400-500 lb beams and got them right….They are hauled out to their site for filming…but still I like watching the show….I lived in Alaska for 2 years and know the hardships….If you really want to raise hell about a show it should be “NAKED AND AFRAID…that is pure filth and should not be on channels that children have access to….The show has absolutely no rhyme or reason, and is pure filth….

  110. Kayla

    First of all alaskan bush people is like the best show ive seen on tv there very courageous excited fun loving people i think all of there shows are real the people that judge are a bunch of jerks those people are really smart and if the world goes down hill there probably gonna be the only ones that know how to survive personaly i like bear because hes always hiper and noah hes the smartest because he knows hiw to build things out of junk thats so cool not calling the rest stupid but they do have there stupid moments and matt hes only in his 30s and he has gray hair is it because of his brothers just joking ; ) I LOVE YOU GUYS ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE people that hate you they can kiss my white a**

  111. Mandy

    Stop being haters everyone who puts their family down or makes fun of them are more than likely jelous stupid and probably don’t have the best teeth either…. so before u talk shit about people maybe u should take a long look in a mirror and see what makes u better than anyone or to judge them.. for those who judge remember those with less care more than those with everything… and god made us all equal.. poor or rich …. id rather be poor and happy than rich and sad cause rich pple buy friend. poor pple are rich on the inside… best wishes, great adventures,good health to all the brown family… looking. Forward to more shows.. keep them coming

  112. Katie

    For anyone who is disappointed with this show, I recommend Sons of Winter! The show features a family in Canada that actually lives in near-total isolation deep in the wild.

  113. Kim

    All I can say is WOW! It’s so mean to criticize these people! It’s heartbreaking to hear all of the negativity! If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all and don’t watch the show!!!

  114. Herman


    Here is the group that is neutral.
    Lots of posts about the dock fight where Bear suckerpunched a local man and for that all 4 boys were thrown off the dock into the saltchuck by the mans sons.
    Ami pulled her gun but the DC crew got it back into holster berore she could do damage. Lots of cuss words from the Bush Boys.

    Good video there also.

  115. Herman Gropu shows the dock fight where bear suckerpunched a local man and promptly the 4 boys were thrown off the dock by the local boys.

  116. Leonie

    It is refreshing to watch a show that demonstrates young men who are not misogynistic, who are respectful, are fit, who don’t drink or swear or make crude sexual innuendos every time they open their mouths. I love this show. I don’t care if it is partially scripted. I’m Australian, and we love real men & hardworking families and we also live in a country with a harsh climate & dangerous wildlife, so therefore I enjoy the content. Why should Alaska be embarrassed? I’ve loved seeing the scenery and learning about your part of the world through this show. My only concern is the mother, she appears under nourished & unwell. The daughters are delightful.

  117. Marcia

    Wow…what a bunch of crap! If you dont like it, dont watch. The only people making Alaska look bad is alaskins..who gives a s#$^ if you think its real? Did someone ask you? They spend time together as a family, thats what real families do. I don’t care if they have trouble with the law, a lot of people have trouble with the law. If the Discovery Channel is behaving improperly, then it will come out. I personally don’t need some nitwit pounding off a bunch of crap to me it may or may not be true. I simply don’t care. I enjoy the show, I think Matt needs help, but they’re likeable people. Ami is not a bad person because she never called her mother. You have no idea why she doesn’t talk to her mother, and it’s nobody’s business but hers. I love it…nothing anyone can say will change that. I think the bigger issue is all the haters getting so steamed over a television show! They’re the ones who need help. So turn it off or shut the hell up, your choice. Me? I’m going to watch

    1. beytop

      I couldn’t agree more, I watch and take a lot of it with a grain of salt. There is a lot to be learnt from the way they do things. Obviously, by now any reality show has a fair amount of Hollywood in it. They do have to have or create some calamities to keep you interested.
      But they could happen or may have and been recreated. Like the guy said, don’t be jealous, if you don’t like hit the remote and on to the next Hollywood creation.

  118. ian

    People these days, it’s reality tv. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. There is no reason to talk down on someone you don’t know anything about. I think it’s a great show, everyone has problems and it’s only when someone gets famous and/or are on television that people want to talk down on. Turn the channel and get a life….

  119. bizkit101

    I spent a few minutes here reading over the comments / posts. Though I did not read them all I can and will leave the readers with this; I myself at the age of 16 lived an “off the grid life” for a few years. I can tell you that it is completely possible for a family of 5 to live off a single, or no income at all (for a short period of time). Though we lived in the desert environment of Nevada, we did indeed survive and thrive on little to no money. I will admit that our lives were nowhere near luxurious, however we did too survive. We were purchasing 80 acres and began in living our “off the grid life” in a 26′ camp trailer and through no deception nor illegal activity we acquired many animals and building materials to become self sufficient within 2 years. Lack of education? Home schooled (with state testing yearly). It is entirely possible for a large family to live in the wilderness, weather having livestock and / or farming / gardening resources available is necessary or not; I do not know. Then again I’ve never lived in AK, much less off the grid in AK.
    Do I believe that there is more going on behind the scenes than this show portrays, of course! This is TV! In conclusion this show is just that, a show. If you think these people should be locked up for exposing their “kids” to the harsh climate of Alaskan winter, or for their “depriving their family of medical care and education”, then maybe you should reconsider weather you even have a right to day anything at all. Call me crazy but they all seem happy and ( with the exception of common illnesses) healthy with their choices.
    As far as the deception of the discovery channel and the accusations of this family living a life of luxury, I agree please provide any proof you can. If they do indeed stay in a hotel or resort, if they do live only 30 miles from a town, if they do have hired actors or crew members build their houses or work in places of business, by all means IF you can provide any proof of accusations against this “bush family” please do.
    I am not siding with anyone here, if I’m being fooled or lied to by anyone I would just like to have proof. I do believe there is more to what we see on TV, however I am not convinced that this family has survived via illegal means.

  120. lol

    Thanks for all the comments, I’ve been laughing so much my stomach hurts! If nothing else shows like this can be a reminder to not always believe what you see or hear,, especially on TV. I don’t like to see people who have harmed others get rewarded financially, so if this family did commit crimes, maybe there will be justice, or just a slap on the wrist, time & a good defense liar, oops I mean lawyer will tell. Laughter & lots of great sex, life is beautiful & better than the alternative!!

  121. Sonia hancock

    I LOVE the show so much the I don’t what to mix one show please I love to send some thing for the girl so do more craft please if you need my help I love to help my name it Sonia hancock I’m from Puerto Rico and I live in Las Vegas nv please don’t stop I love to see more love Sonia

  122. REAL LIFE

    “UNBELIEVEABLE!” I didn’t know Alaska had “TRAILER TRASH” just like the lower 48!!! Absolutely enjoy watching these fabricated train wrecks and can’t wait for the next episode.

  123. Mitchell

    I know exactly how some people feel! When your watching a train wreck you just can’t stop watching! Just can’t wait to see what other “FABRICATIONS” Discovery comes up with. Keep them coming, I enjoy “LMAO” every week.

  124. Roc

    Rainy Bird or whatever her name is…. That little mountain broad cud get it regardless of her month long unwashed rank box and her duty tooth. She cud get it good. I would make her call me “Daddy” in fact I would make her call me “Billy.” How do you like that Pops? You should watch your mouth and know your role so you don’t get a fresh smack… I’ll wash your mouth out with a brick if you got something to say when I come to pick up little Rainy Tree Bird for a night out with me in the “Bush”!!!

  125. Jim

    The nick.guy that is talking shit about the girls teeth Fuck u man u are a bad person who the Fuck are u to put some one down all people are the same no one is better then no one wake up u Fuck head

  126. kk

    Just because they get paid for tv or they use cell phones, internet etc, doesnt make them not bush. Living in the bush is off the road(literally) we dont see what happens off camera. They probably have better winter clothes but where would they put it, while their building their house. The clothes are probably packed. Also they probably only get paid after the show ends so no we dont see what the do with the money im sure each gets their own check except rain just cause shes still a minor but its still legally her money. I do believe its scripted but u can see they r legit but the fraud charges dont specify what happened it could be something very little and until court ppl should not bitch and call names until the questions are being answered.

  127. Thea Daniels

    These people appear to be exactly what they seem – squatters, panhandlers, gypsies, uneducated drifters. I am highly skeptical about the “30 years fishing at sea” claim after seeing how Billy handled his boats. Discovery makes it quite clear what a farce their attempt at “living off the land” really is. I don’t fault these people – much. It’s their choice to live poor and in need of handouts. They may have a court case for fraud, I know nothing about that. But SHAME on you Discovery Channel for portraying these people as the “last bush people”!!! Bah. I have no problem with a pair of adult hippies who wanted to live “off the grid” (and yes, you can do it 10 miles from a town). But I have seen ZERO survival skills – or heck, ANY skill – demonstrated on this show. They do things the STUPID way. How many Browns does it take to build a fire? Answer: All of them. One to set the forest on fire with a wasteful bonfire while the rest stand around and argue whether they ought to tie Bear up, douse it with water or run for their lives. Billy Brown has apparently taught his sons no skills whatsoever from teamwork to problem solving to independent thinking. They stand around arguing about the best way to do things, then when they get down to it, their work is shoddy. And shooting a firearm into the air to wake his family each morning? Really? He must have plenty of expensive ammunition to waste. The elder Brown appears to have some skill with a chainsaw but that’s about it. His family would be better off if his 5 healthy, strong sons WORKED for other people, LEARNED some skills and BOUGHT THEIR OWN TOOLS, land, learned how to grow, can, and preserve their own food, purchased some PRACTICAL clothing, etc. Or if they truly want to live in the bush, go spend some time with the Inuit, Inupiat or other Native Americans in Alaska and learn how to do it without nearly starving to death.

  128. Michael Benson

    I understand some are upset, but to use the word retarded in reference to anyone or anything is just plain ignorant. Obviously you have no clue what the true meaning of word means or how dirogitory it really is. If you are going to comment and degrade people, use a different term. Its people like that keep this world going backwards….. Its time to be a big person now!!!! Seriously, find another word!!!!!!

  129. Jimmy P

    This should tell you all you need to know:

    This is a credible newssight. The Brown family is also facing multiple charges of fraud in the state of Alaska for collecting Alaskan Fund Dividends while they in “reality” were not even living in Alaska. The show just like ALL reality television is completely fabricated. No different than actors filming a movie somewhere in a remote location. They do not live in the house they have built on the show. While filming they stay off-site in a lodge along with the production crew. Also Josh Brown (BamBam) has charges in Tennessee for destruction of govt property. With all that said, I still watch the show. It’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from and entertaining imo. Also Ami’s family feels as if Billy almost kidnapped and brainwashed her due to the fact that she pretty much ran away with him at the age of 15 and he was divorced and much older. Hope that clears some things up.

  130. patsy perkins

    Sounds like all of you are looking for the least the bush family don’t have to deal with the chaotic mess this country is in.

  131. Dom

    I’ve watched this show for a while now and one thing stood out to me. If you live in the bush the daily lifestyle in and of itself is going to keep everyone pretty fit. After a year’s time the Father has maintained his sizeable belly. This just didn’t seem right to me and based on what I’ve read here my suspicions were correct. You just couldn’t consume enough daily calories to maintain that size if you actually lived that lifestyle. My guess is when he’s not filming he’s sitting at some restaurant bellying up. Pun intended.

  132. Butch

    Yes, it’s TV. But the problem I have is the deception and the lies. Rewarding bad behavior doesn’t ring right with me. So everyone saying ‘just change the channel’ that’s not stopping Billy from benefiting still via deception. I don’t know if the kids are just along for the ride or not. They seem to have the family’s best interest at heart which is noble. But the methods to gain their notoriety are questionable. Again, it’s not just changing the channel. How many people are gonna be duped by Billy’s scams before something is done? For those who keep asking for proof, there’s so much in this comments section if you still think it’s ‘just tv’ there’s no getting through. Some folks just won’t understand no matter what. Btw, of course I watch the show.

  133. Roll Tide

    Grow up people! It’s a TV show! Either watch it or don’t! If these people are frauds, they’ll half to answer for it. Either way…$$$ makes people do some crazy things & with that many children, maybe they’re desperate!?*
    In all honesty though, those children act as if they love both, of the parents and strive on making them proud & happy. Everyone just remember… You can never tell any more- look at TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting!!?? Talk about a sick feeling!? I guess it’s true: If something seems to good to be true…It usually is!!

  134. sunshine

    I think the reason people are hating on this show so bad is because there is no nudity,fowl language or violence. You are not made to watch it and if all this stuff is true they will be taken care of by the law.

  135. marie

    Obamacare right..You have to get through the 3000 deductible for the year before anythings free.If they are under 19 they could do it on Medicaid .I live in Texas where it won’t be implemented Thankfully.We have Medicaid and Gold Card here.
    Right now the family goes back and forth living in town and then back to the island to film that Discovery rented for them.

    1. TruthBeKnown

      Funny you live in Texas but you know that one has a child that has not been mentioned by ANYONE ELSE and you know where they reside and when. And you bash them but you clearly know all about being on welfare. So how are you any better? I can almost guarantee you live in government housing, get food stamps, recieve medicaid, and more than likely get cash assistance. I love how judgemental people are and clearly their no better.

  136. M.C.

    Well, all I can say is if people don’t like the program, don’t watch it!

    And in “my opinion”, Noah has a very overrated opinion of himself! I believe it was Noah, who told the matchmaker, “I don’t want a girl who had any weird accent from New York, or from the south because it will irritate me”. Well, surprise! Most of the children’s generation in that family a a VERY odd accent! It’s a combination of several locations. It makes me very curious how they picked that up!? (Besides the fact that it’s irritating & odd!)

    I don’t know what kind of young women Will want to “run through forest, climb trees, play in the mud, and howl”!? I think the one called, “Bear”, is in for a rude awakening when he meets up with different young ladies and they all are turned off, very quickly, by the very juvenile behavior that seeps out of that 27for 28 yr old man!

    “Bam” seems to be the one out of the sons, with the most reserved and mature demeanor. I suspect that he has more experience outside of the family than some of the other children.

    As far as their dental care/dental hygiene is concerned, there are more people that have these types of issues than some of you realize. But, it is very true, if you do not take care of dental problems you can end up with some very serious health issues that are directly related to the dental/gun disease.

    I believe that if the children “want” to maintain that lifestyle with their parent’s, that’s their prerogative to do so. But, I think Billy and Aim, owe it to their children to make them “leave the nest” first, before they jump headfirst into that lifestyle for their entire lives. They need to know in their heart, that it’s their decision. And to make a decision completely, you must be fully armed with information as Well as experience. That being said, until they’ve “been their own men”, they’ll never know if they’re doing that lifestyle because they’ve been told to live that way, they don’t know any better or different, or because they’re afraid to strike out on their own.

    It’s a bit sad, to see men that are in their late 20’s to early 30’s that don’t have jobs/careers, girlfriends or wives of their own and some of them, seem content to be living that way.

    The Brown’s may have wanted to give their family a tight-knit feel, for their children…Instead, they’ve stunted the emotional development of their grown children. It’s really quite sad…

    Just my opinion…

    Thank you

  137. Angie

    I would rather watch this than watch the Kardashians or Real Housewives junk. At lest there’s no cursing and fake fighting on the show.

  138. Michael Moore

    The combined stupidity of the post here is astonishing…… but then…some people only live for their hate…

    There are some people that are simply lacking either mental and/or moral abilities to grasp reality. Some people lack the ability to know or understand the difference between facts and fantasy. And there are some people that are so disillusional that facts and reason escape their grasp of reality totally. Others are simply morons……

  139. Chris

    I find that any comment section of anything ever posted to the internet to be interesting. Most of them come from ignorant child like people. The internet was the worst thing to happen to mankind. In a sense that it ended the face to face encounters that made America what it was up to the 90’s. The generations of people that have been born into the world of such technology have been tested and failed. They grow up rude and disgusting at heart. Had they been born before the web they would think differently on comments made due to repercussions learned from saying things witnessed in comments sections to a persons face. (Internet warriors I have come to call them would have you think if your not going out for the sole purpose of getting laid or making an ass out of yourself in various ways you have no life. I would like to say ignorance breeding even more ignorant people with no plans on taking care or having the means to support their decisions are the people with no Life. Lets all have a life and breed like rabbits so we can live off others hard work. Broken and Doomed we have become. That is all!

  140. Maine_Chic

    Everyone says it’s did they stage the hunting episodes? How do they go too town without being ridiculed on a constant basis?? I see Matt, Bam, all the boys working all the time..they are all strong and in shape, they all need dental work, if they were scamming the state..why didn’t they have dental insurance? !? Everyone says they camp 1/2 the year and live in town the rest if the year, if all the Alaska residents are saying this, how can they be charged with scamming for money that is meant for alaskans???!!! It’s all so co fusing, or are they just a weird down and out family that finally caught a break and everyone is jelous? Including long lost family, of course family is going to call , they hit the lottery

  141. Big buns

    This show was so good. Until I began to question the trooper episode. Billy is creepy. Plain and simple. He doesn’t ever lift a finger except to bark orders. I have never seen him show true affection either and I can’t help but to feel he wants to start some freakish cult where he reigns. As a mother of 7 educated kids I liked the original Swiss family Robinson idea and simple is best take. But then I just found myself thinking with the men working even part time they could still live better in the bush and like one viewer said “true bush people would not come and go when the going gets tough”. You’re either all in or you’re not. It’s also depressing and really abnormal how the men don’t want more for themselves. There is something abnormal to 25-32 year old men being cool with climbing trees and living in tire homes for a good day in the bush. And does no one in Alaska care how junky and unsanitary this compound has become? Isn’t Alaska known For the beauty of nature? To each his own for sure but please Discovery if it’s fake just text “based on nonfiction of what the bush may have been like mixed with modern times” at the beginning of each fake episode. I would still watch this. The characters are just interesting enough for me to watch here and there. We just don’t appreciate being lied to especially by such a reputable network. After all…I’m pretty sure Vikings did pretty darn well for you Discovery and everyone knew it was fake…Alaskan Bush people would be fine as well…especially if you can shoot a scene where they donate or pay back to the state all the alleged con money they have accepted over the years. Since we know what they are making per episode now. Just saying…and at the least…fix the children’s teeth for Pete’s sake!!!

  142. PATTICIA U.


  143. John

    If you like the show, watch it. That don’t mean you have to beleive its real, its not. Its phoney as a $3 bill. I view it as an off the wall, goofy unbeleivable comedy. Very little is true. Most is so far fetched that if you beleived it your dumber tgan a box of rocks yourself. Its very easy to find the truth about this bunch of phonies. Look ut up, do a little research. Or, just watch it because, its off the wall stupid funny, but not real. Get out of your cave.

  144. Tom

    I am beginning to have huge doubts about the Brown family. How do they get the money for gas for the boat and the power tools? Gasoline in Alaska is over $5 a gallon! A dentist performs over $5,000 worth of dental work on Ami for a bucket of Salmon? Someone gives them 10 chickens for cleaning out their chicken coop? Chickens in Alaska are worth their weight in gold! I have noticed that all of the individual filming of family members appears to be done in a nice setting. I would think it would be done somewhere on “their” property in the bush. This past episode totally opened my eyes about this show. If Ami wanted to “get away from it all and her family” why would she do a TV show? How did they get the money to buy the land? If they are getting $15-$20,ooo an episode ad they are doing 10 episodes a season I guess I’ve gotten my answer to these questions. The show, Discovery and the Browns are frauds and we are the idiots who have supported this fraud! Bye bye Alaskan Bush People!

    1. Callie

      Maybe I’m blind,but I can only see four sons. So who is the fifth son? I’m drawn to this because is so rediculous it’s funny!

  145. Sarah

    I have some tea for you on the date episode and this weekends
    It wont let me post a link but go to realitytvscandals

  146. cindy

    I love the browns ,so true or not, it beat’s some of the other TV shows on tvabout murder, sex,drugs and other sins of man, don’t see any on bush people

  147. jen

    I would rather watch the Alaskan bush people then be subject to Jersey Shore or the Kardashians.these are the Americans that give us a bad name. And unfortunately Americans glorify the Kardashians they glorify the Jersey Shore they glorify jay Z and useless people like Jennifer Aniston. Who cares? And who cares if they get paid every season. He may owe the state of Alaska. But regardless it’s a great story. And whoever said that they have poor grammar? All of these kids are very intelligent and they have a very good command of the English language. I do not know their educational background but they are very articulate and could kick anybody’s ass on this blog if it comes down to it. I would not last 2 hours in Alaska even if I had a producer supplying me with what I needed. I love the boys. They’re all heart and are unique in their own ways. It’s a good show. Some fake some is real but really folks, don’t we all live that way everyday we let people know only certain things about ourselves and the rest we make up as we go along. I like the Brown family. maybe some dentist out there will volunteer some services for the kids they deserve a good amount of time in that dental chair.

  148. jen

    and did anybody else catch the mistake in the survey at the beginning of this blog? They left out Matt. Who happens to be my favorite

  149. Benjamin

    Look, I don’t agree with everything they do, But ai don’t sit here all high and mighty on my throne of gold yelling at them for there faults when I have My own. Healthcare, hygiene, proper diet and shelter are a necessity, but I feel as though they try their best to provide for their Children. Don’t hate on a wholesome show just because of things you here on the Internet! This is one of the few shows without much cussing, and again, I don’t agree on most everything they do, but you are no better, don’t point out the stick in the other person’s eye when you have a log in your own.

  150. Rich neldon

    So what I don’t understand is how they got all that lumber to where they built the house and if they are so poor how did they pay for that lumber. It wasn’t from cut down trees it was good processed wood which would cost at least 15-25k. It just doesn’t make sense

  151. sylvia

    so. here’s my two-cents. true the show is probably not “real” “Reality” tv. but its the idea of it being real, thats why i like the show. yes noah is a brilliant snob. matt is a goofball, gabe is a total hunk, (and the best catch out of the lot of the boys) bam is very serious.and bear… well theres someone out there for everyone. snowbird is a tom boy. with bad teeth (oh well) . and rainy is an adorable 12 year old. i dont know ami and billys story, i dont think its any of my business. there are alot of actors that im sure people totally idolize. but they have their faults. we do too. and so do the browns. its not a requirement for me for the tv shows to be real life experience as it happened’s reality. what is required- its entertaining, it appears to be real from an uneducated guess, has a moral standing, (openly says they believe in the good Lord). the show makes my mind work, think about “if i were to do that”, and “could i do that?” thats what is in my requirements of a good reality tv show. damn simple. as for the people on the feed of comments thing. You are not God. quit ur fussin! and be nice. have respect for ur own species its called human. in case you forgot. having the best grammar really doesnt matter. i could be a brilliant math person. who just so happens to suck at english and spelling and grammar. i could be any kind of brilliant and still suck at the meaning less english grammar. again. be nice to people. and calling someone retarded for being different from you or having bad teeth is truly a degenerate trait. and you should be fixed. but that is just my personal opinion. take what u will from it. well thats it.

    1. Magpie

      I have always wanted to visit Alaska but it has never happened and at this late stage of my life it never will…that being said, I love to watch how the people of Alaska live & survive in the cold long winters….the first time I saw the Brown family, I said there is something wrong here…. Billy does NOTHING…all he does is stand around and bark orders……he is a little creepy to me…what Billy want, Billy gets….on tonites show he got that huge boat….the boat cost $5000???? He has all kinds of plans for this boat but I bet he won’t be doing the work…it will be the boys and he will sit back and do what he does best…..NOTHING…..Ami doesn’t have a life…she seems sad all the time….she never smiles…….all the kids are socially backwards…they have no idea how to interact or talk to outsiders. There is something wrong when the parents want their children in their back pocket at all times…..I love my kids but they have their own lives and I don’t want them living with me when they are in their 30’s…that is just not right. When Ami got word that the State Troopers wanted to speak to her she got all defensive & was not surprised at all …….she acted like she had something to hide…..(and I think she does and that explains why she wasn’t surprised)….she really went off the deep end after talking to the trooper…….I think all those kids need a chance in life and the only way they are going to get it is to leave their parents and learn to live in the real world….THEN, if they want to live in the bush…go for it…but for God’s sake NOT in your parent’s backyard….make a life for yourself!!!!!

  152. lynn gregory

    My goodness I hope I never am on an airplane and go down with any of these people who have commented. I have never heard such anger and hatred of people they have never even met. I can see why the Human Race will not last. It is a TV show, and my goodness people are in total rage with name calling and insinuations. Each person places himself above another. Why? Why the name calling? Really, I would like to know how that makes another human being better.

    So they have bad teeth, so what. Think about all the secrets that lie in your own closet people. Are you totally sure you should throw stones at people. Goodness I am amazed at how our world is so angry at a show on TV.

    I thought lynching was back in the day but my goodness it would seem that anger and rage and hatred are alive and well and flourishing in the words you spew. Oh Perfect Ones, is’t that a mole, or wart I see on you? Calm yourselves and just switch the channel.

  153. My name

    You are so wrong about the Brown family. We also live off the grid and know the family. Nicest loving honest hard working family in the bush. We use solar for everything in our household of nine. Kerosene for heating soon Thermal energy and as the oldest teach my sibling at home..I graduated with honors. Jealousy is a sin….and yes we have a cellphone for emergency services. Computer at the Library ten miles away from home….

    1. Tessa

      To My name – I think that too many people that do not know about a lifestyle different from their own are very quick to judge and critique that lifestyle. It represents why there is such a lack of tolerance in the world. The Browns seem to be a happy family living a simple life. Whatever their path was in the past and any resulting consequences they have to deal with, will be part of their life story. People don’t realize that we only see about 20 minutes of their life in one show. There are about 10 minutes of commercials that are $$$$. TV is all about $$$$. People make huge assumptions on those 20 minutes and don’t recognize that the 20 minutes was tailored for TV viewing and getting the most controvery/interest out of it. It’s a shame, but that’s the result of our heavily saturated electronic information world. We enjoy the 20 minutes of The Browns story each week. Regardless of what is real and what is embellished, it is very different than our life in urban Los Angeles, CA. We try to escape more natural settings on vacation and know well how wonderful it is when the air is cleaner and the view is greener and the electronic gadgets are left behind. Sadly the world is full of haters and I hope that The Browns are far enough away from technology to know about the haters and go on about their lives.

  154. Jan

    I have been watching this show for along time. I enjoy the show. Sometimes I don’t understand why they do certain things but then again it there choice. They seem to be happy in their lifestyle so leave them be they are the only one that need to make the choices for their life’s.

  155. Brett

    I’ve read about the legal problems the Brown’s are having. I’ve read that they do not live in Alaska full-time. I’ve read that they are filming what happened with them in the past, not what is presently happening. The first few seasons of Duck Dynasty were the same, filming what had happened to them in the past.
    This would not be the first time Discovery has shown things as real without them actually being real. They have their fake documentaries about giant sharks eating people during shark week but portray them as real. Discovery pulls the wool over our eyes all the time but they sure do know how to entertain us.
    I am sure that someday an investigative news story will be done to expose the truth about the Browns for all the world to see but not while the show is being aired. It would hurt Discovery’s credibility to do it prematurely and it’s likely that the show will be cancelled if the Browns are convicted.
    Despite all of this, I like watching the show. The scenery is breathtaking and for all of the potential fakery, the Browns seem to be very close and devoted to each other. I also love the absence of cursing on the show. It’s one of the reasons I can’t watch every episode of Deadliest Catch, especially with my son, but we can watch ABP together.

  156. Aleeta Stockton

    This is my bogg for Alaskan Bush Family, I love their shows, I hate the way the Discover Channel delete parts n change things around, it’s too confusing. I am trying to figure out what came first, middle n last. Funny? yeah maybe. But I do like to follow along, they make me to dang curious of following along with their plot of that show in one hour. I love the Brown family for sure. I have read all the negativity from male to female-n fore the Brown Families, let just say that the Discovery Channel is getting their wish n I am happy to say I love their channels. I watch other show beside the Bush Families, I love it because I can relate to the -no cussing n wholesome family life styles- I was raised that way, I am not shocked that other people are not raised the way I was or the Brown families, it’s really a shame to see no Christianity. Oh well, who to say who is better or worse. The Brown families do not like to shoot BEARS, sorry to say I would shoot one in a second because they are not teddy bears- I went to Oregon with a friend n I had no clue on how the law works in different states, I walked in a gun shop n requested to buy a rifle so I could shoot a bear when I went camping. Whats’ wrong with that idea? Plenty, the man refused me, stating I did not live in Oregon but California, I said so what I plan to go camping n I don’t care for bears attacking me n I want to protect my self. Apparently I gave these men something to laugh about when I was so serious. So with this story I can see where the Browns had alot to learn of Alaska, go to a different territory “New Laws”, doesn’t matter where you go different laws for different territories. I believe the Brown’s are trying to tell us all “fore or against” what they want out of life n maybe we all do too. They just got lucky that the Discover Channel choose them instead of YOU.

    1. piperl4

      What really gets me is you all bash a family for good or bad are doing more than providing entertainment and you can turn the TV off at any time. So who is the real boob here. You insist on bashing them but at the same time our government and the people that run it are so crooked and thieves of the greatest magnitude. Just look at the National debt that can never be paid. Look at every thing that you pay taxes on and you will see there are hundreds of taxes that we are forced to pay. The Browns make us pay nothing except a little fun. We will re-elect them again and again but instead of being angry over them taking our last dime you would rather beat down on a group of people that cannot change our own freedom. I recently got a list of all the different taxes we pay and I could not believe it. But again you give them a free pass on everything they do no matter the cost to you. We are fighting wars all over the world killing our young men and woman who will never have the American dream. The Brown’s have apparently found their dream so not let them have it. I have two tours in Vietnam and am a 100% disabled veteran with Lou Gehrig’s and a lot of other injuries that I suffered because I was told that I was serving to save America. Now a distant memory and the ALS will take me shortly so if a TV show takes my mind off of it for even 5 minutes then let me have it. So if you don’t like the show turn it off. But if you really care about both people and your own family I suggest you spend your time going after the Congress for creating such a mess that your children and grand children will never have the dream we should have gave them. Sorry if I offend you as that is not the intent. I just want to put into perspective what is really going on and what we should all be concerned with.

  157. Kay

    All the negative comments on here really sadden me. I am a fan of the show. So what if ‘some’ aspects of the show aren’t real? They are no doubt reenacting many of the daily situations that they ‘used’ to be in (living off the grid and in various locations in the bush).
    It doesn’t take much to tell that they were brought up in a close knit family, not surrounded by many neighbours or townspeople and they don’t have all the unnecessary gadgets and possessions that most of us all have.
    I admire the children for doing what they love, living the way they want to, and showing love and respect, for not only their parents but their siblings. As for going on the internet..I know they do go on it from time to time. The oldest son and youngest daughter both have Pinterest boards and we follow each other. They are not totally ‘ignorant’ of society.
    I hope they keep doing the show…it’s interesting, whole-some and a breath of ‘cold fresh-air’. I wish I were brought up like they were, and I know that many people, like myself, would love to experience their way of life in rugged Alaska!

  158. Michelle Leahy


  159. Gene

    All of you people trying to convince fans of this show that it’s fake are wasting your time. You’ll never convince any of these morons of the truth. These are the same people who still believe in the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy and that voted for the charlatan Obama TWICE. Suffice it to say that some people are just too stupid to see what’s right there in front of them. They’re called ‘future victims’.

  160. Chasity

    Ok, fake or not we LOVE the show! I love the personalities of the kids and find it endearing. It’s all entertainment & I thought that’s what reality TV was?!
    If Discovery is paying them and they get something out of it to better their lives, good for them! We should all be so lucky as to catch a break. I don’t wish bad on anyone. If they have wronged people in the past hopefully they’ll use their new resources to do what’s right. Regardless I enjoy the show & the characters! Go Brown Family!

  161. David Streling

    You know everyone has their own views in life and no matter their faults or accomplishments in life is as Americans can only see the negative now you all have focused your negativity on the brown family because they are on tv or famous or whatever the reason but if you look at our constitution it states that all men and we on are created equal and thus forth what our founding fathers wanted us to build our nation on so you say they are bad people ok cool but to my knowledge your not the law nor the law enforcer so instead of looking negatively against them why don’t you think of ways you can help them kill them with kindness so to speak cause I’m pretty sure if it was my family or yours on that show everyone in America would still be trying to find the bad in our families which we all have and use it against us just as we do to our politicians. You know if America would start acting like a giant family we probaly would run a whole lot better cause no matter what happens war or national disaster we are all still in it together and we still need to pull together as a nation to help fix what has been wronged it takes the whole nation to run this great nation and to keep it where it needs to be not just the president or congress or the senators it takes us all and we need to put aside our individuality and become the nation our fore fathers entended us to be

  162. tom lopez

    whats wrong with you people,billy is a bad father why look at poor birdies front broken tooth,its been that way since 2008 why ? billy is a bad husband,how?can his wife have 12 bad teeth infected that been going on for years WHY? THATS ALL

  163. Lily Lavender

    I actually enjoyed watching this show and was very interested in their lifestyle and how happy and close-knit (though quite odd) this family is. However, I became suspicious of the “reality” of the while watching the episode when Ami had to have dental surgery. I couldn’t believe that anyone would let their teeth get so bad when brushing and flossing are so easy to do especially when you know you have an aversion to doctors; you would think that if you want to avoid medical emergencies you would do all you could to maintain your health. At the end of the episode though, Ami seemed to still have her teeth and showed absolutely no signs of of any dental work, i.e. swelling, bruising or blood. I was also totally appalled at the behavior of the girls browsing in the drugstore, spraying body spray all over, eating a package of breath strips without bothering to pay for them and generally running amok. After a Google search and seeing the reality I’m afraid I just won’t be able to enjoy the show at all. So sad.

  164. MandiPoo

    Apparently none of y’all have ever been to the Ozarks. Ridiculing the Brown family’s drawl & grammar is hilarious! They talk better than half the residents of the southern states!!
    Many people in this area live somewhat like the Browns, although it’s not Alaska, we do have extreme summer heat & humidity and cold, snowy winters. I know people who don’t have running water & use a camp stove to cook on. They also have vehicles, attend church, and use Internet at the library.
    Their life is not that far-fetched!!!
    If you don’t like it, or if it gets on your nerves & you get all huffy & indignant watching it… Change the channel!!!
    Who cares? Not the 3-4,000,000 loyal viewers, not Discovery, and not the Browns.

  165. piperl4

    What really gets me is you all bash a family for good or bad are doing more than providing entertainment and you can turn the TV off at any time. So who is the real boob here. You insist on bashing them but at the same time our government and the people that run it are so crooked and thieves of the greatest magnitude. Just look at the National debt that can never be paid. Look at every thing that you pay taxes on and you will see there are hundreds of taxes that we are forced to pay. The Browns make us pay nothing except a little fun. We will re-elect them again and again but instead of being angry over them taking our last dime you would rather beat down on a group of people that cannot change our own freedom. I recently got a list of all the different taxes we pay and I could not believe it. But again you give them a free pass on everything they do no matter the cost to you. We are fighting wars all over the world killing our young men and woman who will never have the American dream. The Brown’s have apparently found their dream so not let them have it. I have two tours in Vietnam and am a 100% disabled veteran with Lou Gehrig’s and a lot of other injuries that I suffered because I was told that I was serving to save America. Now a distant memory and the ALS will take me shortly so if a TV show takes my mind off of it for even 5 minutes then let me have it. So if you don’t like the show turn it off. But if you really care about both people and your own family I suggest you spend your time going after the Congress for creating such a mess that your children and grand children will never have the dream we should have gave them. Sorry if I offend you as that is not the intent. I just want to put into perspective what is really going on and what we should all be concerned with.

  166. jason

    I heard the family makee 50000 per episode. Ten shows for half a million? Say what you want about thier retardedness, but i think this makes them smarter than most including this guy. Time to start climbing trees, sleeping with my sister, and toss the toothbrush.

  167. Casey

    It’s so funny how everyone is quick to point the ahow is fake. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but EVERY TV SHOW is fake to some point. Every tv IS SCRIPTED WHETHER IT’S REALITY TV OR NOT. It’s absolutely absurd how judgemental individuals posting these comments are. And you think you are any better than the Brown family? It seems to me there must be alot of jealously & for so many people to take the time to point out someone’s flaws or past misdeeds. Yes, I’m sure the Brown’s are not perfect and may have been down and out at certain points in their lives may have been unable to repay certain debts. Im sure it is not something they are proud of but it happens. Unfortunately, until you have been in that situation it may be hard for some to comprehend. Just like their current charges which stem from them being out of state and collecting their checks from the Alaskan dividend fund. I have read numerous times how they live in hotels, tents, and rental properties in ALASKA and that when they were in the lower 48 to promote Billy Brown’s book. That does not mean they wasn’t Alaskan residents. It meant they was trying to make a living. I guess they was wrong for that as well. I don’t know how they can be conning and scamming people in Alaska as everyone claims if they weren’t there? Kinda makes no sense. As far the lady saying “her friends” nearly lost there home from the Browns not paying their rent, if that’s the case no one is to blame but themselves for allowing someone who you claim don’t pay rent to stay long enough to jeopardize them losing their property. Its America we do have this process called EVICTION. If they did not utilize this process that is their own fault. As a property owner I know I wouldn’t take the chance of losing my property if someone NEVER paid me my rent. I couldgo on and on desputing every comment made but their is no point. No matter where you are wwhether in Alaska, Hawaii, the lower 48, or another country you will always have people judging and scrutinizing every move by others claiming to be so much better but in all reality those who judge are much worse and I could almost bet my life on it they have many skeltons in their closets aswell as other family members or tthemselves who have faced some of the same uncertainities as the Brown’s. The only difference is there dirty laundry is not are publicly. Like many other’s have stated over and over for those who have such a problem with this family why do you follow the show so closely and you must to know every detail shown? It seems the only people who is so quick to judge is other’s from Alaska. I guess if the Brown’s was more like you than would they would be” bush” enough for you? Everyone has there own way of doing and handling things just because its not the way you do it doesnt make your way right. It seems to me part of living in any remote area trial and error is the only way to survive. Like someone stated they never claimed to live this way their whole life they have stated over and over it is a dream of theirs. Let them live it. Our hopes and dreams is truely the only thing individuals truely possess. If you think your life is so much more amazing why ain’t we watching your tv show? No one has the right tp judge other’s. You are not our creator nor does anyone have to answer to you. We all have our judgment day, and I can guarantee not one single person will have NOTHING to answer for. One last comment because I’m sure many of you will try to justify your hateful judgemental comments, to those of you ridiculing the teeth of the family members, I would love to see you in person. Im almost positive god did not make you the perfect specimen.There is such things as genes, hereditary, teeth and gum diseases that make it almost impossible to have the picture perfect smile.Even those with insurance doesn’t have the luxury of fixing every imperfection they have. Just because you need something medically does not mean the insurance company will cover it. And as for the doctor taking the fish for payment and that supposedly being a lie. Well then what’s that say about the integrity of the doctor? Although, their are some doctors that will help someone based on their ability to pay or not. It’s called compassion for others to bad there is so many people that doesn’t know what that means. To those being so judgemental I truely feel sorry for you.

  168. Paul

    I didn’t realize that so many people questioned the Brown families credibility. At first it seemed like a good concept for a TV show, but not a very good show. In my opinion, TRUE BUSH people don’t have the time or the interest in being on TV. First because they don’t watch TV, and second because they left society for a reason, they didn’t want to be part of it. TRUE BUSH people are busy doing all the things it takes to survive in the wild. They have to stay one step ahead of nature to survive. I’ve met mountain people that live on the edge of the wilderness. To me, it seemed like all they did was work. I know they enjoyed picking wild berries, hunting, trapping, splitting wood and all kinds of other things, that made living off the beaten track, a more attractive alternative to them and others like them.
    The Browns talk too much to be TRUE BUSH people. Sure when a visitor arrives they will stop working and chat for a few minutes, but the Browns babble endlessly. TRUE BUSH people are used to being alone in the wilderness or having no one new to talk to. If the Browns were TRUE BUSH people, with no one other than each other to talk to, they would have ran out of things to say to each other years ago.
    Now I’d like a true explanation of their family “language and accent.” It’s almost like they share a speech impediment and don’t realize how odd the kids all speak. If they weren’t physically isolated in the bush, they must have been socially isolated where ever they lived. To me, that points to only one explanation, the Browns never fit in any where. So even in town they were isolated and had only each other. I’m not one to judge people, but if your on TV, you better be entertaining. The Browns give me the willies.

    My last area of confusion is the “match maker” story line. When I was a teen and a young man, I was extremely interested in girls. If my family lived in the bush, they would have had to nail me to a tree, to keep me from leaving home to find girls. I could see the sons finding women and returning to clan and living as an extended family. But none of the sons has a woman, and listening to them talk, makes me think they never will.
    I read what others suggested about the Browns. Things like their frauds and have had run ins with law enforcement. Are they gypsies misfits, pretending to be Bush people ? Are they so odd a family that others avoid them ? If they were total trailer trash, that everyone avoided, that would explain why none of the sons have wives.
    My guess is, no one liked them, in their town. If the boys ran wild and the parents didn’t have jobs, In a small community the whole family is untouchable welfare trash. In a small town working hard and being a good provider is the goal of most people. When you don’t, everyone knows and pretending to be bush people only fools TV viewers.
    I bet the Browns have a run down house some where that was condemned. The do it yourself projects they do are a mess. The one son stacked tires, and thought that was a good way to build a structure. Someone needs to tell him, ” That’s what an 8 year old would build, if his parents let him. To use old tires to build walls, first you have to pack old tires solid with dirt to make them heavy. Then you over lap them and drive reinforcement bars vertical through the tires into the ground, so the tires don’t shift. It’s kind of like a log cabin, you have to fill in all the gaps around the tires to keep the weather out.” Now tell me where he got old tires ?

  169. TruthBeKnown

    Some of these comments are so contridicting. The very first comment states..”It is ridiculous to think that these people are competent bush people. I lived in the wilderness for many years, 100 miles from my nearest neighbor. I did not wear leather and did not run around the forest. I hunted, fished and trapped and was always prepared for the seasons. If I hadn’t been, I would not have survived.”
    So because they wear leather and have a neighbor within a 100 miles and run around the forest they are not “competent bush people “? I thought as Americans we was allowed to wear whatever we choose and allowed the freedom the enjoy whatever hobbies are enjoyable to us.
    “I hunted,fished, and,trapped and was always prepared for the seasons. ” I guess you did that without running in the forest? I guess if they was more like you that would make them competent as a bush person right?
    “The neighbor lit fireworks because he was annoyed with the Discovery helicopter constantly hovering overhead .” Well if you watched the episode then you clearly know that ot did not sound like “fireworks ” and regardless of what it was fired off. It is not only dangerous but highly immature. He couldn’t handle it like an adult and go discuss his issues with the crew or family? I guess that’s the way of competent bush people.
    And as far as the comment about the state troopers contacting Ami about her mother, your ignorance clearly shows. The show not only shows Ami calling her mother and no one answered but it also shows the production crew members making contact with the family only to find out that the family misused the local law enforcement by stating her mother had a stroke. Which turns out her stroke was 3 years earlier, why did they wait 3 years to contact her? Especially, when it was stated they haven’t been in contact for over 10+ years. This all coming from a mother that allowed her 15 year old daughter marry a man 11 years older.

    Now let’s take a lookat the next comment from the next upstanding perfect Alaskan resident..” I have seen them here in Ketchikan a lot working on their facebook page at the library (real bush)” Perfect example of ignorance. Do you not think before you write? You seen them at the library working on their facebook page? Hmm.. so if you don’t own a computer or have a phone with Internet capabilities then you are not “bush”. This must be coming from yet another perfect Alaskan bush resident whom also spends time on the internet but instead of being on Facebook goes around looking for blogs regarding the Brown’s so they can comment on the fakeness of these people. You are so much more REAL.
    Okay let’s look at the next individuals comments. . “Reality: he was never able to support his family, they lived in the outskirts of towns … camping and living off the land in the summer months, then live in town during the winters, like they are doing now. Gypsies/Tramps/Thieves. These people have insulted the people of Alaska, by claiming they are true Alaskans. They’re not even close. I do hope they either go to jail …. or are run out of 
    Alaska.” So yet again another perfect Alaskan. Im pretty sure all of Alaska is Remote compared to the lower 48. The way of life their requires every resident to live off the land in one form or another. As far as him supporting his family, living on the out skirts of town, living in the wilderness in summer and bringing his family to warmth away from the cold harsh Alaskan cold in the winter,” Okay now Im really confused. First do you folllow this man 24/7 how do you know how he takes care of his family? How do you know where they are constantly living and there every move? And how does him moving his family to warmth away from the elements of the weather make him incapable of taking care of the family? Im pretty sure that shows his is doing what’s in the best interest of his wife and children. I know plenty of families who spend their whole summer camping and return to a home,hotel, or whatever during the winter. Does that make them horrible people too? As faras your ccomments about being Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. . Alls I can say is smh.. That’s just the most ridiculous comment yet. What part of their life resembles a Gypsy lifestyle? & Tramps.. Wow.. I have NEVER seen one single member of that family portray any trampish behavior. Actually, they seem to be the complete opposite family oriented individuals. And as far as them being thieves, I have yet to see one comment from any individual to whom they have conned scammed or taken advantage of. I have seen comments from others who claim they know someone or know someone who knows someone who knows someone but we all know how that goes. Rumor mills make this world go around and around. It’s quite amusing how so many people know so much about this family and what goes on in thwir lives and claims that this family is so horrible but its evident from the show and comments from others there has been people who have been friends with this family for sometime and others who have helped them. I don’t know to many people willing to step forward and help individuals whom are known scam artists. I also could go on but I’m sure everyone gets my drift. It seems to me some people are so miserable in their lives they have nothing better to do they bash a family who has beat the numerous odds they faced and managed to stay together. Maybe if more people were caring and compassionate it wouldn’t have took Mr. BROWN 30 years to achieve his dreams for his family. But then again it does take many REAL AMERICANS 30 yrs to fulfill their dream of becoming a true homeowner. PEOPLE TRUELY AMAZE ME.

  170. Louise

    Has anyone heard that one of the boys has a child on the mainland? I don’t know if it is true and I can’t find anything on the matter.

  171. David

    I don’t care what anyone says its a show I enjoy it so let it be . You don’t like it don’t watch it

  172. Moon

    WOW, I am amazed. Never knew there were so many people is this world that has never made a mistake, has never screwed up so dang bad that the law has been involved in one form or another. NOBODY IS PERFECT. I will not judge them for their mistakes, I have made so many in my life, some that almost cost me everything. I feel for them, I think they realize they are in deep, and are trying to not let it show. BUT it is so common for people to judge and throw stones at people, like they have the right to, but you don’t. Remember what it says in the bible “”Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone”. Well I never even picked up a stone, I know better. I watched the show just to see what it was about. BUT I am smart enough to know that what is portrayed in this “reality show” is not the true reality. Its for show and entertainment. Saying that…..I just love the cohesiveness of this family. Love the character of the family. The seem to genuinely like being around each other, and they seem very devoted to the family. How can you go wrong there? Hate if you want. Talk all the smack you want. But they are out there, so you can either deal with them, or just move on. Life is just to short to hate.

  173. Moon

    OH…BTW….you know who made Alaska look worst then the Brown Family (at least in my eyes) Sarah Palin, and some of you guys actually elected her as Governor of Alaska. LOL, really, OMG. What the hell were you guys thinking? This lady is a train wreck, and the reason why John McCain lost.

  174. BEE

    I don’t care if it’s totally fake….”I LIKE IT & I’M GOING TO WATCH IT”…. Not sure why this is even a topic of discussion. I’m sure some of the other reality shows aren’t as they seem too!!!! Get a life people, it’s not all about you and trying to prove you know something!!!!

  175. A P Cooper

    All I know is I love the show and wish I could buy episodes on DVD’s. I would like to know one thing. When Billy bought the Intrepid and talked to the old man handling the deal, the old man’s voice and what little I could see of him reminded me of the crazy old coot trading the Browns a Generator where they last lived. They had to make about 3 trade deals to get the generator. Was it the same old man? Sure made me think so.
    Please, Discover, put episodes on DVD’s. Wish that would be done for Alaska: The Last Frontier also.

  176. anonymous

    These “children” are in their 20s and 30s (except Rain). I wish people would stop calling them children. What the sons do is their own business, they are adults now. If they don’t want to see a dentist, it’s on them. These people live in Hoonah in the town at a lodge, not in the forest or bush. It’s just a show, and like many other “reality” shows, it’s not real, it’s scripted. There are plenty of discussion groups about the show on Facebook, so maybe you want to look again.

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  179. Guy Merritt

    An obvious clue that this show is a scam, to some extent, is the fact that Billy is constantly talking about the family’s financial problems – any sort of medical treatment, boat repair, etc. could mean financial disaster! My wife loves this show – I think it’s a farce..and a scam. Reports vary, but these idiots are making somewhere between 15 and 50 grand per episode. Nonetheless, Billy is sweating bullets over how they’ll pay for a five-thousand dollar boat. Hmm. I might have trouble paying for a five-thousand dollar boat, but, there’s no way that the Brown’s have to worry about this kind of “chump change”. They may be a loving family, but the kids are weird (howling at each other) and appear marginally literate. Noah’s convinced he’s a “genius” – so you can add “delusional” to weird, in his case. Take Psychology 101 – the minute someone is aware that they’re being filmed you’re not capturing reality. And, in the case of reality TV shows, you can know that 90 percent of what you’re seeing is completely scripted. Read through the comments on this page. Billy, at best, is a shady entrepreneur – at worst, he’s a complete con man. You can bet these people only got “discovered” after Billy pitched the concept to TV executives. He wrote a book, a few years back, and had most of his kids pitching the thing in YouTube videos (although his kids claim to be so far removed from modern technology that they can’t operate a microwave oven!). Okay – if you believe this sort of horse manure, forget Alaska – I’ve got some swampland in Florida I’d like you to see.

  180. martin

    What a crock of crap. I can’t believe this is what passes for entertaiment. You idiots defending this awful program need to raise your standards. But please, don’t mind me. If you to buy into this fake crap it’s your perogitive. But you are being ignorant and should just kill your tv. PT Barnum was right: There really is a suckered born every minute.

  181. Jonathan Smith

    You know it’s really sad how negative people can be when they are jealous of someone else. Plain and simple if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it and don’t watch the show it’s pretty easy. Its pathetic to see what our country is coming to and to think people have fought and died for it.

  182. bigbrownfan

    Why do some people here sound so BITTER and are obviously jealous of these people? It’s a show! If you don’t like it SHUT IT OFF or switch channels. Yes it exaggerates their lifestyles but that’s why its entertaining. No family is perfect. They all love and respect each other. You haters just GO AWAY and find your own lives! I could never live like that but I respect their attempts at living a bare boned lifestyle. So those that hate, GO AWAY, those that enjoy it as a diversion, CLAP CLAP!

  183. Justsayin2015

    Look, folks, just because something is a reality show doesn’t mean it’s all reality. Like others have said, tv is about entertainment. The producers set up all of these “reality” shows for maximum entertainment. There are some things, though, that we can be certain about. 1) The Brown’s teeth issues are real!; 2) the awkward behavior is real; and 3) the fact that the kids have been isolated a little has got to be real (looking at behavior and the way they speak). So basically there is a degree of authenticity in the people themselves. Authenticity in the actual situations they get in? Not always so much. But the show is good entertainment for many people, and it’s wonderful seeing pictures of Alaska. You have to give the family credit for having the ability to make a show work. Seriously–how many of us could sustain something like this? And, yes, now they have more money coming in and can live in some comfort. So they are not going to die out in the cold, they’re not going to starve, but they are able to portray what it might be like to deal with problems in the Bush. I mean, I certainly would not get out there in a skiff in freezing waters, or sleep in one tent, or scrape the fur off of a skin. Nope! Not my cup of tea. But I love seeing Alaska. For those who are so upset, just call it entertainment. It’s NOT 100% REAL. But personalities themselves ARE real. Just don’t watch the show if you don’t like it.

  184. Georgia

    There are a lot of channels with a lot of programs on each of them on my TV and I’m sure yours is the same. If you don’t like what you find on one channel, then by all means, change it. There is nobody forcing anybody to watch Alaskan Bush People and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Personally, I like it. I don’t watch it as documentary on the way people live in Alaska. I watch it because I like it plain and simple. It is entertaining and it’s something I look forward to watching on Friday evening. If you don’t want to watch it, then don’t, but please do the rest of us a favor and quit trash-talking it.

  185. Arttie

    I love the show!! It’s nice to see some good family values instead of all the crap you see on tv. I liked the little people big world for the same
    reason….. family values. If it’s true that they only get 25 to 30 thousand and episode they are being ripped off. There is an awe full lot of
    comercials on there so you know discovery is making out like a bandit. wish they would pay them more so they could really buy some
    good equipment like a new boat not used. Little people big world got 7000.$ every day they filmed. plus mules, pools. tractors. built big
    new house all pro bono. When we lived in Maui Hawaii we had a peacock that was way better then the dogs for when someone or something
    came close to home…. they should get for bears. would love to see them build Brown town and have it like the Alaskans last frontier.
    Also why not a satellite tv and internet. Just because your bush does not mean you do not have to go with out….. also little people big
    world got paid more so they could afford medical insurance…… only complaint is the season is too short…. I wish them all the
    luck in the universe and love the show

    1. Love the show

      Well real or not I love the show. I think gabe needs to go on the bachelor,ami on the real housewife of Alaska the girls on a makeover show,billy on naked and afraid, and the other guys on deadliest catch

  186. lakerman1

    Last week’s episode was interesting. The boy was going on his second date with Christie, and the wolf pack were delivering a few barrels of fuel. They came back from the delivery, and the boy was writing poetry because, AFTER SEVERAL WEEKS of dating, Christie was leaving for college in Anchorage. Billy wanted to know how the second date went! This is time travel!

  187. LindaLou

    All I can say is I like the entertainment. If nothing else can be said that is positive, the one thing I see is that these children “Honor their Father and Mother”. Too bad that’s not happening everywhere else n the US. There are people shooting each other at a movie theater or in the street instead of shooting food for their family like the Bush family does. They are trying to live a dream. I’m sure that a lot of the things are not completely true, but that’s entertainment. I live in the country, have a garden, and my husband and son hunt. We eat what we grow or kill. That’s the law of the land. Do I consider myself a back-woods person? No, in fact it would probably surprise you that I have a doctorate. I was always taught, if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. And never judge anyone until you have walked 10 miles in their shoes.


    With the ‘state of the nation” since 9/11, I can certainly see why the Browns wanted to move to Alaska. The “lower 48” has spawned terrible children that are spoiled, willful, and don’t honor their parents or anybody else. It’s wonderful that the Browns love each other and support each other. They work together better than ANY family I have ever seen, I don’t believe THAT can be “faked”. Noah is one of those intellects that puts things together in his head and “sees” them like voluminous early inventors did in America when education wasn’t so accessible. I know the washing machine was invented because the inventor saw how hard his Mom worked to wash the clothes…where is that attitude now? Now, if you don’t have a “degree’ you have no “credentials”, I think if you can invent this stuff in your head like that you already HAVE credentials. It would appear that because of “public schools”, education in America has gone in the wrong direction, let the child develop and discover the WONDER of learning. I do believe Ami, their Mom, home schooled them and with 7 children this is NO small chore. They are a wonderfully “tight” family, the show is entertaining, and they live in Alaska. Why Alaskan journalists (if you can really call them that) are tearing down this show and family is brainless. The show shows how wonderful Alaska is, all the small areas, the bears, the deer, the land, the boating, the fishing. I LOVE THIS SHOW AND I LOVE THIS FAMILY….

  189. fred derf

    The producers of this show are either geniuses or just lucky. Somehow they’ve managed to polish a turd.

  190. Nanny Goat

    For crying out loud people! It’s a freakin’ TV show!!! Watch it if you find it entertaining or learn how to use them remote an CHANGE THE CHANNEL! SpongeBob squarepants Is probably on.

  191. Big Daddy

    This show is great. I can care less what he’s done or who he’s robbed cause everyone has a past. But these kids for some reason just get under my skin. Bam thinks he’s a stud, bear well all I have to say is ” do u like climbing trees” wow, Elvis I mean gabe is as boring as they come, Matt is the youngest virgin right? And this Noah character slays me. All this genius talk when my 3 year old has better penmanship then he does, lose the trench coat and cane and this marriage talk like wtf. U took her for some ice cream and u shoulda snuck out the back door. I’ve seen wild animals on this show that looked better then her. Something is definitely up with billy but w.e he did, this shows a life changer for him. The mom looks like she died last week. And last but the only two people I feel bad for. Get bird a tooth and I’d like to see her done up she could be good lookin. And I’m not gonna talk about the kid but God bless her!!! But my ? Is if they have all this money why are they sweating this little $5k???

  192. Lao

    I love this show regardless. I would rather watch this than kardashians, housewives, bachelorette or any of that other crap for television!! Keep going Browns!!!!!

  193. Brenda

    I have been reading some really bad and good stuff about this family. I think they are great! Are they perfect? NO but neither is any of us. They may have neighbors, court dates, children, jobs, etc but they still live in the bush. I do agree that the older boys need to get their own lives. Noah needs to get with the dating times for 2015 and Matt needs to grow up. Bear needs to be told that his hair is awful. The other older son (can’t remember his name) needs to come off his high horse. Now, although I say all these things I do respect and love that the family is close. They have many family traits that are now missing in todays times. Love, bonding, values, etc. and they are very smart. Mom has done a GREAT job home schooling.

  194. Kathy stark

    I love the show while all the while knowing it’s mostly fake and the Brown’s are admitted Nomads. Reality TV is entertaining as long as you understand that it’s fake. Like wrestling is entertaining but fake.

  195. Betty Lou

    I have read these comments and wonder if this kind of effort to fight the Brown family is also put into ending hunger and fighting abuse and neglect of children which are the things this show is trying to convey to the public that is not ok, in any way, so much so the family is removing themselves from it and showing you can raise a generation that will not be a part of it. I also wonder why, if you see so many people enjoying something, what makes you want to end it or prove it wrong. If you feel that people are being mislead, remember it is only showing the people that you can have a family that cares, what harm does that do? My hope is that the people that abuse and neglect kids will see this show and think to do things better.

  196. Afghiweed

    I am actually surprised to find out this family is truly related to eachother. When i first saw this show i thought they had to all be hired actors as the accent’s are so strange. I don’t understand how a close knit family that grew up together on fishing boats around Alaska can produce a few british children. Noah’s accent sounds as if he taught himself to speak by listening to some shakespear audiobooks or something. I still don’t get it. How can 2 parent’s who speak with a bit of a texan accent produce kids who speak in a strange british kind of accent? Now the show even mentions the accents, saying that growing up in seclusion somehow made the kids adopt these accents. If they hrew up tight knit, always together, wouldn’t the kids speak the way the people who are aroind them the most speak, their parents? They have some strange genes going on as well, half the kids don’t even have two front teeth, they have the one wide, off centered front chopper, with some awkward fangs around the front ‘tooth’. The oldest daughter would actually be fairly attractive if she cleaned up a bit and had eental work done. Maybe billy brown will get his shit together and take the kids to the dentist.

  197. CarlTheTruth

    This is all one big misunderstanding. I see this growing mob of very upset viewers.

    Let me clarify. The show is called Alaskan Bush People, really has nothing to do with the outdoors.

    They grew up wild, adopted accents, howl at the moon etc. well they don’t have any outside knowledge of styles look at the mullets? They don’t have any clue that bald is beautiful. Even if they were informed by discovery channel, where would they find the money for disposable razors.

    The Truth is all 3 woman have wonder bush!

    Poor Bird has to do all the heavy lifting. The trapper shack is rocking because Gabe came a knocking. Gabe loves to impersonate Sean Connery, he has no clue who SC is , often time he yells “Bird, watch the snaggle tooth on my side burns!!” The boys and Birdy can not wait till Rain turns 16. Ami was married to a 26 yr old Billy at that tender age so.

    In there best family accent the yell, “One down one to go!”

    The season next year is of an adult nature since Rainy will be workin the trapper shack with Bird. Hence the new MA rating.

    Anyway this show has done well to not just ease but solve American racial tensions regardless what Sharptons tells us. Af Americans polled absolutly feel terrible for all European Americans. The Brown family has done wonders for us all a whole. Be grateful

  198. Meggie

    I was sorely disappointed to learn of all of the negative things about the Brown family – and even more so about the Discovery Channel – which, when it first started out was really an amazing source of really wonderful non-reality science shows. That said, I am sorry to hear about all of the self-imposed legal problems the Brown family has and will face come January 2016 – because I really enjoy watching them as a family. It is obvious they all really genuinely love each other and have a very strong familial bond. I have absolutely no problem with their children still living with them – I have 6 children ages 16-32 with our middle 3 (15, 20 & 22) still home and my husband and I have always encouraged all of them to live home as long as possible, save every dime they have while they are working/and or going to school so they have a fine nest egg available to them when they finally do move out. Having kids on the Dean’s list who got there with scholarships and not a single student loan tells me we are doing the right thing. Our family is extremely close – our children are all best friends to each other and make sure to have a “Super Sibling Sleep Over” at one of their homes as often as they can so they can get caught up on what has been happening in their lives that month, etc. Anyway, I digress – I just so appreciate watching the Brown siblings and their relationships with each other and with their parents – it reminds me of the loving values we’ve taught our children. And, those kids all work hard and seem to be genuinely enthusiastic about doing what is necessary to help their family. That said, there are some quirks that I find disturbing – specifically Noah’s arrogance. I think Ami would do well to sit him down and give him some very important lessons in humility. We live in Southern California and I can’t tell you how many young adults I see who are hundreds of times worse than these kids and families that are terrible too. If the worst thing about Bear is that he likes to run and climb trees, that certainly beats the nasty drug addicts and gang members at our local high schools and universities here. The Browns may be far from perfect and but I believe the folks really at fault here are the Discovery Channel for trying to sell a story as “reality” that really isn’t all that real. It’s a great story and maybe placing a disclaimer at the beginning of the show stating just that would have nipped all this negative chatter in the bud. JMHO. 🙂 Take care everyone – be well!

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  200. Michelle

    I just don’t understand how all the sons can still be single. If they truly don’t live the way the show depicts then I see no logical reason why they would still be single. From what I’ve seen on here one or more really are married and already has children. I see no reason why the producers don’t start telling us all the truth. Obviously we’re all not idiots and we know how to use the internet. Just come clean Discovery Channel.

  201. Dawn Tolliver

    Great show , better than watching a child molester getting a mil per season.. Time for the hanters to change the station to that show and get off the web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. jane gillespie

    I watch your show, at work. and, really enjoy seeing you. I am a nursing assistant in a group home for the elderly. I care for six ladies, on third shift. You really have a lot of courage to live the way you do. Sometimes I think it’s a better way to live, than the way I do. It seems to appear you have faith in Jesus, that is good. For, He is the only reason for living .May the Lord bless and keep each one of you.


  203. Fan

    OMG! Of all the pros and cons I’ve read, what I find hilarious is those who talk so much smack and they do it season after season after season! In one breath they speak of an episode from the 1st or 2nd season then much later. Hahahaha. If you dislike it so frigging much, STOP WATCHING!

  204. Rebecca and David

    Have a word or a plateful…
    This is crazy how people find it ok to tear down others!
    Stop saying things unless you are given the facts, straight from the person in which you are talking about!!!
    My mother, bless her heart taught me a lot in life…
    One very important fact, there are two sides to every story!!!
    Let it go already.
    My thoughts matter only to me and I’m realizing that this world is encased with people who are mere haters. I love all people of all valleys and it has given me the freedom to tell others.. If u don’t wanna listen .. Then, there’s the the door. Please shut it, not slams it. Stop slamming others least u be slammed.

  205. glenda

    ok so some of you think that the Browns are the only ones frauding the Alaska fund. get over yourselves, i happen to know some people who have frauded that system by only living there a few months a year while maintaining their address there to get that money. I am sure they were charged from people who want to find cause to create torture for the Browns because they have found a way to make their living and their cabin come to fruition.

    SO WHAT if the sons and daughters of the Browns don’t appear to be college educated. I have seen times when I wondered if one of the sons wasn’t alittle ripped by some type of high. I am sure that if the parents are getting high types that of course the kids will be, and frankly having been a child of the hippie age myself i can recognize that Billy and Ami were prob pot smokers and i happen to know some pot smokers today whose children have fully followed in their footsteps. so its not uncommon, if one of the sons wants to call himself da Vinci, what is it hurting you? not at all.

    give it up you snidely sniplashers, its a “show” for entertainment. I like it, I pray that all of them find happiness no matter what they have been thru, I am sure someone will find something good that will come of this show. and I am not holding my breath while the rest of you post more hate on here either. it is what is it, if you don’t like it, its cause you are jealous that they found a way to “make it” by doing this show. I know a lot of lazy people who sit at desks at gov jobs who I would not cross the street to help. at least they are baring their souls on TV to get a little cash to further what they want out of life. I am sure the haters will come out if you find a way to get on TV and have a crime in your background too. lets all just watch the season unfold. I am in hopes they all get dental care, some place to live, and I get to figure out why Noah does not have to do the physical labor his brothers do. thats the question I am working on. and if they are on facebook, then so what. give up on the hate. will ya?

  206. Rita Wozniak

    THE ALASKA BUSH PEOPLE. I have enjoyed this show since it came on.. Some of the LARRY, MOE , and CURLEY moments have actually made me laugh.. The things this family have put themselves into. THE ADVENTURE. and the HARD WORK THEY HAVE BEEN DOING.. I dont think the BOYS GOT ALL THOSE MUSCLES FROM PUMPING IRON.. They are all BULKY if you take a good look at them.. BAM is the want ta be WARDEN.. Telling every one to be careful.. and he is the one that danger seems to ferritt out.. HOW MANY TIMES HAS HE ALMOST GOTTEN seriously hurt.. and things have giving him a glancing blow or JUST MISSED MOMENT.. HE ALWAYS COMES BACK WITH THE ANGRY COMMENTS.. that if he was with in arms length.. someone would be missing THEIR HEAD.. NOAH POOR NOAH.. THE BOY WONDER. inventive YES.. but genius no dont think so.. GOD BLESS THE GIRL THAT GOT AWAY.. She went off to College.. she ddn’t need to stay in the back woods and become a brood mare.. YOU ALL GO TO TOWN.. its not LIKE SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS… SNOW AND RAIN are not BACK WOODSY.. and dumb.. they know fashion and are MAGAZINE savoy too.. MATT AND BEAR are just broun and little brain.. they ned guidance.. MAYBE ITS A PROTEIN DEFFICENCY.. I LOVE THE SHOW.. LEAVE T HEM BE.. IN A TIME WHERE KIDS ARE PLAYING VIOLENT GAMES.. THese are living life… HARD WORK NEVER REALLY HURT ANY ONE.. THAT WASNT WATCHING WHAT THEY WAS DOING.. IF THESE PEOPLE WERE OR ARE GOVERMENT SUBSIDIZED.. ALASKA IS A HARD PLACE TO LIVE IN.. WORK OR PLAY IN TOO.. IF YOU ARE A CITIZEN THERE>> YOU GET PAID FOR IT.. AND LIVING ON AND ISLAND WITH BEARS.. they have to face DEATH.. more than once.. YOU DO IT.. See if YOU SURVIVE..

  207. Dlo

    Haters gonna hate they may be crooks and the whole show may be a sham but don’t hate cause u weren’t smart enough to think of a hustle like that

  208. Bob Fultz

    These people are all retarded. They say they were “home schooled”, but when the parents are touched themselves, how could they learn? They can’t even speak clearly. Their teeth are all nasty and they are unprepared for winter conditions, yet they claim to be “Bush” people. Such a joke. The bozo Noah is smug and arrogant because he’s the least retarded. There’s something to be proud of….

  209. Barnby Jones

    This show is like a Lays Potato chip….you know they are terrible for you but you just can’t eat just one. Same with the show….we love it or hate it BUT we keep coming back to watch it. My concern/comment? The kids! It was stated earlier that they are “immature” and I cannot agree more! For example, what 30-plus year old “man” lives/builds a tire structure as his home? What?,…the rest of the family couldn’t help build a cabin? And Noah….just exactly how “genius” is he? What science experiments is he doing on dead cat-chewed Bats. And what is he going to discover from animal hearts? Don’t plan on him curing Cancer or AIDS anytime soon! What scientific findings could he possibly publish that a true scientific lab with millions of $$$ can’t find? I mean REALLY! Basically this ass of a kid never got spanked like he needed as a young boy and now he knows everything. His “experiments” are just rotting animals and animal parts in jars! Ugh!!! And now the dating…these “boys” are so retarded in opposite sex relationships that I hope they know that “NO MEANS NO” when it comes to a woman. Talk about poster children for “date rape” suspects! The one boy Bear? Ok….lets get him to a child psychologist and someone please prescribe him Rittalin! The youngest girl should be having slumber parties and crushing on boys…she’s being ruined. The other daughter? They tout her as being such a great shot with a rifle right? You know she had to get good to protect herself from the “boys”. Anyway…I’m full of my potato chips for now and will come back for more when I get that craving. Kind of like the show…I will most likely be back for any final or premier.

  210. marilyn

    lol anyone that has that much time on their hands to actually type all garbage about the show really are the people who have no lives…feel sorry for yourselves..get a life

  211. Joe Zee

    I’m with Barnby Jones! Stupid show but I am drawn into it. I think Discovery could do a better job, way better, as in the Kilchers on Sunday night, The Last Frontier. A lot better. Every time I try to get into Billy Brown, I here a snake oil salesman. Its like watching Gilligans island. I wonder if Discovery has someone working with then to come up with the ‘inventions’ and things we see on there. I can go to Pinterest and see everything on this site as in brown Town! I don’t like the way it’s edited, too much moving around! So saying all this, I watched it from the first week in January of 2016, are they in Arizona?? Why not follow them there and lets see how their living there! Who is paying the medical?? Is Billy dying???

  212. JJF

    These people are complete psychopaths. Billy and Bam are exactly alike. Lazy, ignorant, worthless bums and they are exactly where they belong, in jail. Unable Ami is the family hypochondriac. Gabe is a walking awful sean connery impression. Bear is just plain crazy Bird belongs in a traveling freak side show. My favorite is stovetop hat Noah and his cane for his fake injury. This dude is an absolute idiot. He thinks he is creative and a genius but hes really just a dillusional, uneducated moron. Playing with trash doesnt make someone intelligent. These people are dirty, dishonest, uneducated bums who like so many others, think the world owes them a living. Pathetic!

  213. cajunblue2

    you know what i think you people some kind fake dumasses. yall leave your place you had and say you were forced out of it. bullshit. why didnt just kill the bears and eat them. here in la. we get threated we kill the damn thing and eat it. have you ever been chased by an alligator? yall some fake ass people. yall also talk funny. where the hell are yall from. i here yor old man is worth a lot more than what yall put on. how can yall be so fake. you wouldt last very long in la. we dont put with fake ass people like yall. why dont yall get a real job instead of being fake ass people. must be nice to get payed being fakey. brown town my ass. yall are pussys.

    1. Feather

      You are making fun of the bush people? Look at YOURSELF first. Since when is yall a real word that you used 9 times in the paragraph above? Your grammar is horrible too and your punctuation(there’s none) and spelling…yikes! You should always proof read, but then it probably wouldn’t have made a difference in your case. Did you finish school? LA must be proud to call you one of it’s residents.

    2. Lee

      It’s obvious from your post that you don’t have an education. You’re remarkably ignorant. Even worse is your grammar. At least the Brown’s speak properly even with their unorthodox vocabulary. If by chance you don’t understand the words I’ve used might I suggest you go to the nearest public library and prevail yourself of the Webster dictionary. You know that big book which gives you the definitions of words you neither can spell or understand. Even the poorest of people can obtain an education through the use of the library. One of our greatest presidents obtained his education in this way. President Abraham Lincoln was a self taught successful attorney.
      I commend the Brown family for sticking together and trying to live the life they desire. I also agree with other posts that the children are a lot better off in the woods than on the streets of LA with all the drugs and violence. They choose to embrace the great outdoors instead of frying their brains by spending hours playing idiotic video games. They are in better physical shape than 90% of the children and adults their age in the lower 48 states. Sure they’ve made mistakes but as far as stealing from Alaskans I disagree. They did something I’m sure many others have done like cheating on their taxes. The difference they got caught. They’re also paying their debt to society unlike many who get away without any punishment. My only real complaint is the condition of their teeth. I believe Billy and Ami owe it to the girls to see them fixed, especially Bird. The boys could use a little cleaning up haircuts and social development if they ever expect to obtain wives.
      It’s an informative show highlighting the beauty and nature of Alaska. I do believe the producers could do a better job in explaining how they have obtained electricity and other things so the haters would lay off. Reality TV is just that cheap entertainment. It definitely beats watching demon worshippers, murder and mayhem or the endless detective shows based entirely on death and drugs. As for the boys and I say boys because they act extremely immature they could tone it down and be taken more seriously by others. Anyone who has hunted before knows running through the woods like an idiot will scare off the game. Leaving tools out in the weather and not caring for them properly against the elements also shows their immaturity. No one does that realistically.
      In conclusion no one reading this has to agree with me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion just like I’m entitled to mine. It’s called exercising your right to the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech.
      Just fix the girls teeth. It’s extremely detrimental to ones health. Discovery keep up the good work and I wish the Brown Family well.

  214. Shirley Benson

    I think that there are so many begrudgers on this site: you are all complaining about this family, only because they thought of the idea to make a programme and get on tv. If someone had approached any of you complaining morons, you would have jumped at the chance. This family is a group of individuals who clearly love each other, have personal flaws as well as personal accomplishments, have loving personalities and are real people who get in trouble, make mistakes etc. But the bottom line is that they are not doing drugs, shooting up in an alleyway, getting drunk every day, robbing stores, and causing mayhem. They are living a life they chose and if they can make some money on the way, good for them. I wish I could move there and do it with them, but i’m one of the people who didn’t get the tv offer – but I still think they are great and I don’t trash them. Keep up the good work Browns and to hell with all the jealous people who obviously have nothing better to do with their lives than come on here and try to rip you guys up.. GET a LIFE

  215. Adam Washington state

    I don’t like the way Discovery Channel betrayed the father’s crime as being a victim of circumstance he and his sons that were involved knowingly committed a serious felony and when they said the second oldest son volunteered to be the one to go to jail with his father this wasn’t the case he played a big role in getting online and filling out the paperwork for him to collect the money that’s why he’s going to jail with his father I just wish Discovery Channel would have told the truth I sort of feel cheated because I spoke up for the show in the beginning and defended it but I was wrong

  216. sharon

    I would be shocked if Noah didn’t have a few screws loose. These people got lucky with a reality show. I like seeing the scenery in alaska and the rest is laughable.

  217. Paul

    Good looking boys ? Intelligent ? Who are you idiots that believe this crap ? What bothers me is the way this show is presented it leads IGNORANT PEOPLE, of whom there seem to be many here , to actually believe they live in the “bush” . If I hear the words “bush”, ” the good lord” , or “brown town” one more time I’m going puke on you morons! If anyone thinks this is a close family, you are as sick as their inbred asses. The older boys don’t leave home because they have two young snaggle toothed sisters to “court” . Not one of these “boys” looks very far removed from a caveman with their mono brows , protruding foreheads and monster teeth. News flash, intelligent people don’t run around telling everyone how intelligent they are, idiots do. I don’t know who taught Noah to speak, but they screwed up by telling him to end every sentence with “a”. Does he ever listen to himself ? And poor Matt has succumbed to the evil of ……. “alcohol” !!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!! I’m so sorry Gabe !!!!! Get a haircut dufus. Let’s talk about “Bam”…. Oh Christ , let’s not . That miserable, ugly duckling is never going have his virginity broken by anyone but Rosie Palmer.

  218. jan

    There was a list at the top of this page – to pick your favorite, you had one missing MATT. I like Matt and
    Bam Bam. But I think Matt is my favorite. 7/31/2016

  219. MB

    No matter how you all feel or what you say, it seems to me the Family has worked their way into our hearts and our minds that we love talking about them, (good or bad) I would say, that is what they wanted from us. Great Job to The Bush Family!! Oh and the Discovery Channel.

    1. Stan

      MB, you’re an idiot. I would bet $1,000 that you are a sad and lonely female. The only thing this family has done is defraud the State of Alaska (my home of 55 years) and steal from other REAL Alaskans here. Here’s a riddle for you: How many times will the Brown family leave the island and then return to their home on the island to find their belongings destroyed by black bears? (Answer: None, because they don’t own the cabin or the property.)

  220. Pluffmud

    After watching several episodes on Netflix, I agree that the show is a complete farce, AND it is absolutely hysterical to watch. In listening to the children’s accents, I wonder if they have a congenital speech defect of some kind. After hearing the parents Texas accents, if the children had really been kept isolated, I would assume the children would have similar speech patterns to their parents. Perhaps reality shows ought to have a disclaimer in the opening credits along with a rating to protect more innocent viewers. My thought is that if the following are making money from the show: the Brown’s, the Discovery Channel and its employees, Netflix, its employees, The supporting advertising companies and their employees, as well as advertisers, and all of their employees, then capitalism lives on! How is watching ‘lite’ TV any different from buying a pet rock? Enjoy, or just change the channel. Survivor might be on!

  221. Irritated

    The interesting thing here for me is that so many people have an opinion about these people. They do not affect my life beyond providing entertainment, which they do – to an extent. Certainly, they have succeeded in gaining notariety. To me, they seem to be very uneducated. I don’t like their teeth. They look unclean and unsanitary. They do not appear to actually know much about hunting or fishing, or boating, for that matter. If they are/we’re homeschooled, I don’t think they are likely to be very successful in getting any kind of real job; so, perhaps they have done their best to maximize their income through this show. Personally, they come across as grifters and I actually feel sorry for the kids. Can someone please fix their teeth!? And as for Noah, the dude can barely write a letter. His handwriting is worse than an 8 year old and he doesn’t know how to spell or pronounce words properly – the dude ain’t no genius. I honestly doubt that he did many of the things that the show portrays him doing. Bear is an idiot. Gabe has nothing going for him except sheer brute. Bam – I’m glad he got out. The girls, damn – fix their teeth, give them a bath and teach them how to read and write.

  222. Wanda huff

    I think you all are crazy for watching the show and then spending more than 30 seconds to write about it ! I read 4 comments and that was enough! Go read a good book!

  223. Mabel

    I agree with Paul. Noah ending every sentence with an “a” drives me nuts! Someone ask him why he does that!

  224. Kaydiddle

    I may be way too late writing this post, but…
    1. If Bear naturally does act like that, he has some BIG problems. They make medicine for that.
    2. How many of these people smoke? Ami, Billy, Matt, Bam for sure. I’ll bet they don’t roll their own, nor grow tobacco.
    3. EVERYthing is done half-assed. I’m not sure how they all survived. Or kept all their appendages. Getting that cannon on the boat should have killed three of them.
    4. On the last two shows, a few of them went to Browntown to “clean up” and close down. They left so much junk. Not the stuff Kenny was taking, but a car door in a tree, old wrestling mats, and God knows what else. Pure litter.
    5. What do their feet smell like? Getting your shoes/feet wet all the time and never really drying them out creates a horrible stench.
    6. Do they have to wear EVERY piece of jewelry they have EVER picked up, ALL the time. I’ve never seen so many tacky rings and trashy things wrapped around necks.

    …and I didn’t even address the seemingly phony claims about living a bush life.

  225. Cheri

    Did anyone know the go south for the winter. I’m not sure what part of winter but they aren’t there in winter.

  226. You

    When you pay for the channels you can judge and criticise all you want. They don’t like it they don’t have to be on TV? Fucking bunch of wet blankets…

  227. Stan

    I’ve lived here in Alaska my entire live of 55 years, and I am appalled at what the Discovery Channel producers allow to be shown on “Alaska Bush People” as though it is the correct or “Alaskan” thing to do. One of the things that burns me the most is the way they interact with the black bear population on the island. I see them doing one dangerous and potentially deadly thing after another.
    Example #1: “Bear” sees a good sized black bear about 100 yards away. He looks at the camera and says “This is how to keep a bear away!”, and he gets on all fours in the tall grass, and starts crawling towards the bear while making grunting sounds. When he gets within 100-150 feet away, he jumps up and screams at the bear. Instead of running away, the bear stands up and if you look closely at the footage of that incredibly ignorant act by “Bear”, you can see a little black bear cub climb a nearby spruce tree. That stupid little fool does not know how close he came to having his ass shredded by that sow, because they will defend their cubs at all cost, and she could have covered that distance in about 5 seconds.
    Example #2: Once again, “Bear” shows what a dumbass he is. The little pyromaniac is standing by a raging bonfire with this coat on that has strips of fur down each side. He tells the camera how to make a “torch flashlight” Alaskan style. He picks up this 3 foot long pole that has rags and spruce tree pitch wrapped around the top. He lights it up and then goes into some quasi Hawaiian fire dance with it. As he passes it behind his back, it got stuck and singes his coat before he can get it back in front the exclaims “WOW! I JUST ABOUT SET MYSELF ON FIRE WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN AWWWSSSOOOMMME!” What a total idiot. As of today (Memorial Day 2018), a recent photo shows an up close look at one of his eyes. It appears that right at the pupil, there is four or five little spots that look like burns, but no explanation with the photo.
    Example #3: This time Matt gets the “Idiot Award”. It shows him standing beside a piece of Styrofoam, a piece of visqueen and a tree branch. He tells the camera that he just got done constructing his “sailboat”. He puts the entire thing in the water at high tide and it immediately starts to sink. He jumps off in thigh high water and his “sailboat” needs some fine tuning.
    Example #4: Matt puts a bunch of gunpowder into a jar with a fuse and goes to set it in a refrigerator. Some how ignites, blowing the door of the frige off and almost Matt’s head as well.
    Example #5: The third time everyone is leaving the island, they are all reminded that the previous two times everyone left, the bears had a party inside the cabin, eating and crapping everywhere, leaving the place a total mess. Matt and Gabe grab three 2×4’s, a hammer and a handful of nails and put them across one of the windows and Gabe says “Well that should keep those bears out!” Apparently they don’t understand that a black bear can open the roof of a car like a can opener. Sure enough, they all return to the cabin and are once again greeted by total destruction.
    Example #6: The guys go out on the “Integrity” for a delivery job. Matt and “Bambi” fight over who is going to pilot the boat. Matt finally gets tired of Bambi’s whining and gives in. They make it to Hoonah and “Bambi” panics as they near the dock. He winds up taking a chunk out of the dock pilings AND the “Integrity”. For a group of guys who claim to have grown up on a boat plying the waters of Alaska, they make fools out of themselves making them “idiotic fools”.
    Example #7: The wind generator, chapter one.
    Example #8: The wind generator, chapter two.
    Example #9: NoDuh, a narcissistic egomaniac who, when it came to any type of physical labor, would grab his wrist wrap or his walking stick and whines about being hurt. As far as his ability to make things work, what the hell good does disecting a bat or a bug do? I never saw one single thing that he did that any other guy or gal could not have done regardless of where they live. One of the “Brownies” (the name I gave to the Brown fans who, oddly enough, are 99% female) said that NoDuh “Can quote Shakespeare”. I told her that I have over 300 songs on my phone that I know the lyrics and the music to. I think that shut her up.
    This list could go on and on about how fake the show is. The fact that the family was found guilty of falsifying Permanent Fund Dividend applications proved that they were away from Alaska more than they were up here. Garbage in, garbage out.

  228. Charlie Kline

    I grew up watching The Three Stooges and just loved their slapstick humor and imbecilic behavior. I have to give thanks to The Discovery Channel, because they created a show (Alaska Bush People) that reprises this type of humor and imbecilic behavior. What is even better is that they provide us with 9 stooges, so I get 3 times the enjoyment from watching Alaska Bush People. I love this show.

    Thank you Discovery.


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