Nocturnal Wonderland Snapchat Story on September 4th, 2015

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I am very naive to Nocturnal Wonderland as I truly thought it was going to be a Snapchat Story of people that like to say up late on Friday nights. I quickly learned that it is a disco music festival in San Bernardino, California. I was never a huge fan of disco type music but there is obviously a very large audience for this type of entertainment. Here are a few screenshots I took of the Snapchat Story:

blonde-nocturnal-wonderland-snapchat snapchat-nocturnal-wonderland nocturnal-wonderland-2015-snapchat nocturnal-wonderland-snapchat-story

If you are into this type of music or attended the festival do you think Snapchat did a good job? Did they miss anything? How could they have done it better?

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