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It seems like just yesterday that I moved to the Triangle but it has been over a decade. It is hard to believe. In this time I have dined, shopped and pranced around almost every area of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. This page will be devoted to all of my local reviews. It will consist of restaurants, bookstores, clothing boutiques, college stadiums and much more. If you would like to have your business reviewed please reach out to me at and I will gladly venture to your neck of the woods.

This resource will be broken up into regions. As it expands, each region will have categories depending on the number of businesses in the local area. Without further ado:

Saxapahaw, NC

This is one of the best, unknown, small towns in the state of North Carolina. It is along the Haw River and there are some amazing business owners that work together. Here are the reviews:

Flying Beagle Bookstore Reviews: One of the best bookstores I’ve ever shopped at. Don’t let the size fool you; just because it is small does not mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Make sure to stop by and tell the owner, Eric, that Jesse sent you. Grab a few books from his fiction/thriller section. There is some quality on those shelves.

Maple View Mobile Homemade Ice Cream Reviews: Although not technically in Saxapahaw, that is where I met Jerry Richardson. He is down there every Saturday for the Haw River weekly summer concert series. Stop by his ice cream truck and get the natural strawberry ice cream. You cannot go wrong.

Haw River Ballroom Cup 22 Coffee Shop Reviews: If you are looking to get away from Durham or Chapel Hill and you want a quaint place to study or read this is the spot. If you want a break there is a ping pong table downstairs. Bring a study buddy and see who is the king or queen of table tennis.

Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill East 54 Luxury Apartment Reviews: The newest upscale Chapel Hill apartments will be in front of the UNC Finely Golf Course on 54. These apartments will likely be completed by September of 2014 and will feature a unique living opportunity to the common college apartment complexes. If you have considered Meadowmont, Southern Village or other upscale apartments in the Chapel Hill area you may want to check out these brand new options.

Sup Dogs Franklin Street Reviews: A cheap meal with a college feel. When on Franklin Street for lunch or dinner this is a great option if you are looking for a fulfilling meal for under $10. Bring some friends along as it is a great place to hang out.

Campus Calzones Franklin Street Reviews: While Campus Calzones has yet to open on Franklin Street we can use the menu from the ECU/Greenville location to predict what this restaurant will offer. It looks like a late night Franklin Street alternative to BSkis.

Bean and Barrel Governors Club Chapel Hill Reviews: When looking to enjoy a unique coffee shop atmosphere near Chapel Hill head out to the Governors Club and try Bean and Barrel. They offer drinks, food and very fast Internet. It is also less than 20 miles from the UNC campus.

Sophie and Mollie’s Chapel Hill Boutique Reviews: This boutique opened during the summer of 2014 on Franklin Street. If you know where IP3 and Kipos is you know where Sophie and Mollie’s is. It is right across from IP3 and Al’s Burger Shack so make sure to stop by and try on some trendy clothing.

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Durham, NC

Fullsteam Brewery Reviews and Tour: Fullsteam is a great place to bring the kids or dog to enjoy a great tasting beer. I am not a beer drinker but everyone that I know that is loves this place. I had the opportunity to take a tour and I learned a great deal about this amazing local business.

Pittsboro, NC

Pittsboro Roadhouse Reviews: Pittsboro is just a stone’s throw away from Apex and Cary. When looking to get away from Raleigh the downtown Pittsboro scene offers some unique opportunities. Check out the historic location of the Pittsboro Roadhouse; their food is great.

Mebane, NC

Muffins Ice Cream Shoppe Reviews: This small ice cream shoppe in Mebane, North Carolina offers everything from Maple View Ice Cream to Cheerwine floats. If you are ever in the downtown Mebane area stop by the location on 4th Street. It is a great way to cool off during the summer heat.

Smithfield, NC

Heidi’s Two Wheel Cafe Reviews: Heidi’s Two Wheel Cafe offers a unique dining experience in Smithfield, North Carolina. Those near Kenly, Micro or Clayton, North Carolina should definitely take the drive to Heidi’s to enjoy the burgers, seafood and hog wings.

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