Can You Get a Notification When Someone Views Your Snapchat Story?

As Snapchat has evolved, more and more users want to stay up to the second with everything happening around them. Most Snapchat users post to their stories to show their friends exactly what they are doing. The only way to know if a friend, crush, boyfriend or girlfriend has viewed a story is to actively click on the views. This can be quite cumbersome, especially for those that are extremely busy. So, is there any way to set Snapchat to get a notification when a specific person views a story?

In February 2017 there is no way to do this. This is very unfortunate as it causes users to sit on their phone and continue to refresh to see if that specific person has viewed a story. While this seems immature and trivial, it is something every single Snapchat user has done in the past and will likely do again in the future.

It will be interesting to see if Snapchat updates in March or April of 2017 to allow users to see more in terms of people viewing their story. If Snapchat really wants to grow, they need to offer some type of analytics in which users can see much more about their followers and who is viewing their story and when.

Hopefully we will get some updates in the very near future, but we will have to wait and see.

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