Off-Topic Instagram Most Worthless User Wall – Does It Really Exist?

The “link” for the Instagram Most Worthless User Wall is for “Off Topic”. Those that really want to see if they are on the wall are trying to figure out if this link is real or fake. Does this link really exist? Interestingly, if you Google “Ever feel like there’s too many worthless people?” there is a website link to a Gamespot page that is a message board post. The post was from 6 years and 9 months ago. You can find that link here. It is safe to click this link.

When you click on the Gamespot link, you will find there is no “Instagram Most Worthless User Wall”. The hack or scam simply pulled a page from the Internet hoping you would think it is a real wall or list and sign into your Instagram account. Do not click the link in the Instagram DM as they are just going to steal your password.

Here is what the first message on the Gamespot message board says

Not because of race…

Not because of gender…

But mainly based on intelligence that there are too many worthless people in the world. 7 billion pf them.

Tell me this, why can’t there only be about 1 billion? Do we honestly need this many people sucking up majority of our resources and polluting the planet further sending us into disarray?

Not only that, withIQ’s slowly decreasing on a yearly basis due to there being so many people and the negative influence they create and thrive is a result of this.

Think about it, telemarketers, certain extremest religious sects,retail workers (internet has made them obsolete),artist, cubicle jockeys, therapist, and certain athletes come to mind of people that I feel that are worthless and bring nothing of actual value to the species of people.

Another way is for there to be a certain test for people to take that would dictate whether or not they allowed to have children, if so, they can, if not then they shall be sterlized.


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people suck…


Nevermind my friend said she was pranking me