Oi Rio Pro Snapchat Story on May 17th, 2015

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While many are at the prom or a college graduation there are some enjoying the waves in Brazil. This World Surf League event takes place in May every year and hundreds of thousands are excited to see who is the best. I know very little about surfing so I will allow the commenters to explain more about this particular event. If you live in Rio de Janeiro or you have been to Rio Pro tell us more about the event. Here are some of the screenshots I took:

snapchat-story-surfing-rio rio-surfing-snapchat-story rio-de-janeiro-snapchat-story oi-rio-pro-snapchat-story

If you know more about the popular surfers or who placed and/or won please feel free to comment below. I have little to zero knowledge of this sport so I won’t stick my foot in my mouth.

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