When Will Okja 2 Come Out on Netflix? Sequel Release Date?

Now that millions of people have watched and enjoyed the “first must watch” Netflix movie, Okja, there are many that are excited about the sequel. If you didn’t watch all the way through the credits, there was a scene that showed the ALF getting ready to take down the Morando Corp. With all the super pigs still in captivity, there is plenty of room for a sequel. So, when will Okja 2 come out? Will there be a sequel?

We are going to go out on a limb and say there will be an Okja 2. The reviews are in and this movie is already going viral. If Netflix can take a bite out of Hollywood at the movie theaters they are going to do it. Now that people are posting on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook to watch Okja, it makes sense that Netflix will spend the money to make Okja 2.

When do you think Okja 2 will come out? Will it be early 2018? When it is released, are you going to watch it on the first day it comes out?

21 thoughts on “When Will Okja 2 Come Out on Netflix? Sequel Release Date?

  1. Ronnie

    Absolutely. This film, was very well played out. I am the type of person that can tell you all the possible plot twists of a movie, but this, this had me guessing quite a few times what might happen next.

    1. Brittany

      YES I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!!!! HELL YEAH!! STEVEN YEUN FROM The Walking Dead (my favorite tv show) IS IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!! I’d give anything to meet the TWD cast. BUT YES OKJA 2!!!!!! OKJA 2!!!!!!!

  2. Cristy Shalom Vasilakos

    This movie took me to a place of thought I never imagined.It had a vibe that was full of peace then the unexpected occurs .The real tone of this film is imaginable and empathetic .I liked all the turns and hope the flow stays to be considerate.I was really shooken but some of this movie but I get why.

  3. cathy catowl

    Is this film anti GMO and anti slaughter-House? I guess the super pigs are GMO modified. But it is mainly anti meat. The main idea is that Mija’s small gold pig is much more valuable than Okja’s meat. The message is that in spite of her weight of ‘meat’ , Okja is more valuable alive than dead. Okja 2 must be about Okja’s value as a living animal , a value superior to the money Morando could get from the golden pig. What is there in Okja that would make Morando want to buy her again ? (and for a higher price than just a golden pig).

  4. Chloe

    Omg please make a sequel this movie made me cry and smile and okja and all the super pigs looked so real I would be so happy if there is a sequel

  5. Ray

    Netflix Congratulations. Okja is a masterpiece. I hope you will do us the honor of doing a sequel, very soon.

  6. Antonia Spinazzolo

    I would like to know if Okja if she is going to have her own piglets. She was bred in Okja. So yes a sequel to find out about the these piglets and if Alf can save more superpigs.

  7. Sophie Hsieh in Panama

    I would like to see okja 2, but who knows what will be coming in this next film. If the first okja movie was good, then, maybe the next will be as good or better.

  8. April Esquivelhttp://wojdylosocialmedia.com/okja-2-netflix/

    This movie i cryed over a pig that doeant exist my and i are just lil pigs wussys!!! But a very touching movie gos to show any animal can be ur vestfriend and the limits u take to save them!!! Im not eating meat nomore!!! Wounder if they do it for real thats horrible!!! Should make some Ojka stuffed animals!!! Netflicks did there thing -chopi

  9. Sagar

    Okja 2 please 🙂
    We need more people to be aware of what goes through behind animal products.
    One of the best movies made in favor of animals.
    Love from India and lots of love from the whole world!
    Thank you Netflix!

  10. Kaiden

    I love Okja! I’ve watched it like 100+ times I love it! The movie needs a sequel she got breeded ! She’s gonna have little super piglets of her own! I can’t wait for okja 2 to come out so I can watch it right away. A.L.F will get Miranda this time!!


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