Can I Get the Old Yahoo! Finance Message Boards?

I am one of those investors that loves to read up on the opinion of others. In years past, I could go on message boards around the Internet and discuss a company’s earnings reports, stock splits or simple rumors. MSN had a website called Moneycentral, Yahoo! had some very useful message boards and Google Finance even had a few options. Now, it seems like there are no financial message boards on the Internet.

So, is there any way you can go back to the old Yahoo! finance message boards? From what I understand, it looks as if they are broken forever. Not only are they broken, they are completely gone. When you look at a particular stock message board on Yahoo! Finance there is nothing. There are no archived posts. The new feature is “Conversations” but this is basically like a Twitter feed of people just blabbing on. It is completely useless.

There is a place on the Internet for Stock Market message boards. Whoever creates it will be able to make a pretty penny because investors have money to spend and advertisers love being in front of these eyeballs. If you were an avid user of Yahoo! Finance what message boards do you now use? Do you break down and look through all the garbage on Twitter?

Are there Facebook Groups that are worth your time and effort? has a handful of people creating stock chart lists of buy, sell and hold stocks but it is not a message board. Is there really no place to go and discuss the earnings of Amazon, Google or Apple before they come out? Can someone tell me what they expect to see out of Ulta or Dollar General before they report earnings?

If you know any message boards or a way to go back to the old Yahoo! Finance message boards please feel free to comment below.

12 thoughts on “Can I Get the Old Yahoo! Finance Message Boards?

  1. Paul

    I used yahoo message boards for advice on currently held stocks, and when i really needed it it was gone. I don’t get it. It was a crucial time for me and 1 particular stock and with no where to go and get proper advice i had to get rid of it and took a bit of a loss on the profit i made, i was blind. I understand others feel the same way, if i can find another site i am gone, unfortunate because i used these services for years with no problems and then???????

  2. Tim

    Now they have denied access to all the years of searchable old messages. It is impossible to understand how they can ruin a great product, their best product like it is nothing.

  3. Bill Hall

    Yahoo was the best m b site, but once you leave to research info. on yahoo finance they were too slow. they took too long building in adds. too bad… Bill

  4. Tom S

    Looking for the Yahoo! Finance message boards, I found this thread. For a discussion forum, look at the Bull Market Board (BMB) and for a live chatroom try Hashtag.Investing (HI) (uses the Slack platform). Neither are the wild west of the defunct Yahoo thingie, but that is a good thing. Be aware the time of day will affect the number of participants online BMB and HI at any given time; don’t be discouraged if you don’t get an immediate reply. Just check at different times of the day and evening. HTH. YMMV.

  5. Don Justice

    Can anyone tell me how to edit my portfolio on the new Yahoo Finance. It is ridiculous and cannot use it because cannot keep it up to date.

  6. KK

    I too was an avid user of Yahoo message board and the geniuses were as accurate as heck. They’re all terribly missed now, and YES Yahoo literally effed all the users and community by cutting us out and away from each other. Sadly, we are all terribly disappointed and miss each other.

  7. William Grady

    What a horrible mistake Yahoo made getting rid of all of those old messages; I’m still mad at them after all of these years. I quit using it and started using Seeking Alpha instead.
    You can read and place comments at the end of the articles there. The only bad thing is they will move new articles to the PRO section after 10 days. But for the first 10 days you will find a lot of good comments there at the end of the article. You can create a free account to post comments there as well. A few tricks I have found is that if you log out of Seeking Alpha you can than see the complete first page of any article there but if you are logged in you will only see about half of the first page of any articles that have been moved to the PRO section. New articles are free to read completely for the first 10 days before they are moved to the PRO section. During that time you can comment and read the comments left by others with a free account. So if there is some article you are interested in copy it and save it when it first comes out if you want to be able to read it later.
    After not using Yahoo Finance for a couple of years, I have finally started to go back now as after a few years the stored messages have finally built up to make it worth reading again.


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