What Determines the Order of the Friends List on the New Snapchat in 2018?

In February 2018 most United States users were updated to the “New Snapchat” in which they can see their friends stories on the Friends List but not a dedicated Stories List. When looking at your Friends List you may notice that the order is completely random. In fact, it may change right in front of your eyes. After you watch a story or a private Snap from one of your friends, you might see their username go up or down on your list.

It is not the case that those that have shared the latest story show up at the top. In fact, Snapchat has a new algorithm built in to show you what the algorithm thinks you want to see first. This may mean that a friend of yours shared a story 15 minutes ago but they are 10 or 15 people down.

We have noticed that the people you privately chat to the most tend to show up at the top of the Friends List. If you just watch stories and do not privately sent text, chats or pictures you may find that their name is lower on your list.

Keep in mind that if you follow someone or have them as a friend and they do not have you as a friend, their stories are going to show up on the Discover Tab under “Popular Stories”.

We are going to continue to dig to determine why people are showing up the way they do on the new 2018 Snapchat Friends List. If your boyfriend has a girl that shows up at the top of his list and it is not you, it may very well be the case that he is privately Snapping her much more than you. The same is true for a girlfriend that has a ton of boys at the top of her Friends List.

Have you figured out why certain people are showing up at the top of the 2018 Snapchat Friends List?

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15 thoughts on “What Determines the Order of the Friends List on the New Snapchat in 2018?

  1. Paul

    My three bestfriends on snap chat keep changing places on my friends page, without any snaps between us! Why is this? Does this go by who was last online/Snapchat?

  2. Empy

    This is beyond dumb. It used to be in alphabetical order and you could change the order by what uou decide to name your friends on your list. I deleted my SC. Its stupid mow. Less chouce for.the user, more.chouces.for those Discovery people. Useless in my opinion.

  3. Anya

    It’s who you snap most throughout the day. To get on the top of one’s list, spam them and have them spam you back

  4. phoebs

    okay so i have googled this multiple times and found nothing but i have 8 bestfriends listed on snapchat what order are they in? like is the right column 1-4 and the left 5-8 or is like back and forth 1 to 2 as the top of both columns

    1. patricia

      The best friend order begins at the top left then right, left then right…. You can see your best friends displayed when you click new chat on the messages side.

  5. Alissa Ray

    I’m wondering the same thing too.. if I have 8 best friends does it go in order by going down then to the right side OR across to the right then down?? Someone please answer it takes one second to type a reply!

  6. Bfvsgf

    Is it two sided? My bf and I were number #1 bffs and I was snap messaging a girl friend of mine and she took his place. I spam my boyfriend but he only ever sends one or two messages. My girl friend and I were having a convo back and forth. The amount of messages I sent to her weren’t more than what I send to my bf, but she sent more messages to me than he does. Idk why that happened

  7. Sam Calligaris



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