Does My Orthodontics Practice Website Need a Blog?

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Yes. Absolutely! Over the last several years dozens of orthodontists and dentists have contacted me in hopes on ranking higher in Google search. Most business professionals know the value of links but they forget about the importance of content. Without content, there is no reason another reputable website should or would link to you. That is why you need a blog on your orthodontics practice website today. I would strongly encourage you to consider installing WordPress as this is the easiest blogging and website software on the Internet.

What is a Blog So Important?

When it comes to getting natural links the best way to do so is to have unique articles that have never been published online. I have worked with a number of orthodontists that have the desire to rank for Invisalign in their city. Ranking for Atlanta Invisalign or Washington DC Invisalign is not easy. There are dozens of practices that have had a web presence and Invisalign page for years. How can you compete?

You can compete by writing unique blog posts or resources explaining the steps of Invisalign, what to expect, how much it costs, does insurance cover it, etc. I could go on and on. The more resources you have on Invisalign the more of an expert you become. If your competitor has one page on Invisalign and you have 40 blog posts about the topic which website will Google think is more useful.

This content will help your website get links. Every single orthodontist in America has a page about Invisalign. Why would someone link to your page over another? That said, not every Invisalign specialist has an extensive list of what insurance plans cover parts of Invisalign. You can go even deeper and provide contact information for all of those insurance coverage plans. As you can see, there are a number of ways to go above and beyond to create valuable resources and get natural links.


In my opinion, WordPress is the best website software on the Internet. You can create a WordPress blog post easier than you can type an email. All of my clients currently have WordPress installed on their websites and they rank very well in Google search. In fact, my clients wouldn’t stray from WordPress as it is very easy to create multiple users and update with the latest software. What makes WordPress even better is the fact that almost all modern WordPress themes are mobile friendly. We all know the importance of mobile friendly websites with millions search on their iPhone or Android.

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