Do Orthodontics Practices Need SEO as Part of Marketing?

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If you own an orthodontics practice you are often bombarded with marketing opportunities. Every single day you likely get emails to build a responsive website, to improve your SEO, to create new print material, to start an email marketing campaign, to send out mailers, to produce TV and radio commercials and everything else under the sun.

It is likely the case that you don’t have money to spend on every single form of marketing. With this being the case, should your practice use SEO as part of an overall marketing campaign?

If you want to get patients from your website SEO is the best way to do so. While Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat offer branding opportunities, they are not platforms in which people are looking for services. If a mother is looking for braces or Invisalign for her daughter, she is going to use Google search to find options in her local area.

Google search has become the trust engine for professionals that offer services. If you rank #1 for Raleigh Orthodontist you are going to be perceived as the best orthodontist in Raleigh. Searchers trust that Google will rank the best orthodontists at the top of search. If your orthodontics practice is nowhere to be found in search, your competitors are going to get those patients that are actively looking for the best orthodontist on their phones or on the Internet.

When trying to decide how much money to spend on SEO you can simply calculate how many patients it will bring to your practice. If you can bring on 10 new patients a month, how much is that worth? Most SEO firms will be willing to discuss different options with you based on your desires. If you want to simply update a website and add some photos you should not have to pay much for a one time refresh. If you want to rank #1 for Houston Invisalign you are going to have to seek out a monthly package that includes content, link building and back end coding.

If you are an orthodontist looking for SEO options for your website reach out to us at We have several monthly packages that can help you rank on the front page of Google and get patients from your website.

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