Orthodontist SEO and Copywriting Services

If you are an orthodontics practice looking to rank in Google search please feel free to reach out to me at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. I have several SEO and content packages that can help you get more traffic.

Over the last decade the way in which orthodontists market their business has changed drastically. No longer is it the case that Saturday morning commercials during cartoons hits the entire target audience. For those older than 30 years old, the way content was consumed was on the television. Today, adolescents consumer content on their smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. To reach this audience in need of braces or Invisalign it takes a strong web presence.

Most orthodontic practices are well aware that a WordPress website is the best way to rank on the front page of Google search. What some may not realize is it takes much more than a basic professional website to rank for competitive keywords. It takes amazing content, consistent updates, proper optimization and a natural link portfolio. If you are looking to master all of these tasks it could take years to learn.

As an orthodontist you do not have the time to become an SEO expert. Instead, you should focus your efforts on helping those that want their teeth straightened. This is more beneficial to your business. That said, it is very important to have patients calling and signing up on a daily basis. If you have a strong web presence you can get a majority of these leads from your website.

If you are seeking an SEO specialist that has worked with orthodontic practices in competitive cities feel free to reach out to me at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. I will be more than happy to create a customized package that will help your business get more search traffic which, in turn, will lead to more telephone calls. Don’t all your competitor down the road to get all the business because you have a website that does not rank on the front page of Google search.

Before making any final decisions when it comes to building an online presence it is a wise decision to ask your current patients and/or customers how they find things online. Almost every single individual under the age of 18 lives on YouTube and searches on Google. It would make sense for your practice to dominate the two largest search engines in the world. Contact me today to learn more about the keywords to target and how to properly optimized an Orthodontics website to rank at the top of page one of Google search.

Remember that Google Local Search is also extremely important as millions of parents are using Google Maps to find professionals and services. Along with my knowledge of SEO I am also experienced in helping companies increase their ranking in Google Maps.

Whether you are trying to rank for Raleigh, NC Orthodontist or Missoula, Montana Orthodontist, it takes time, effort, strategy and creative minds to make this happen. Contact us today to learn more about ranking your orthodontist website on the front page of Google.

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