Should Orthodontists Actively Update a Facebook Page and Social Media?

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Over the past several years I have made the case for many business professionals not needing Facebook and social media. Well, that is simply not the case for orthodontists. Orthodontists are very unique in that they build a relationship with both parents and children. They also offer a service in which both parents and children are proud to announce to their friends and family. We have all seen the Facebook post, “Look at Jamie’s new braces!”

With this being the case, an orthodontics practice should absolutely be active on Facebook and social media. Social media outlets are places for parents and children alike to post update pictures of their teeth. It is also a great way to improve monthly and weekly contests. Every major orthodontics practice in the country has some type of monthly contest to give away an iPad, iWatch, concert tickets or entertainment tickets. After writing content for the orthodontic’s practice website, the staff can then share the information on social media.

Several of our clients are very active on YouTube and Snapchat. These video platforms allow orthodontics practices to showcase what they do in the form of a video. This was not possible 10 years ago. Today, videos can be taken on an iPhone. There are even some orthodontists that are Snapchatting putting on braces or Invisalign. We have all heard about the plastic surgeons doing this, but now orthodontists are doing it as well.

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