How Much Do Page Titles Matter for Lawyer and Orthodontic SEO?

Every week a different law firm or orthodontic practice contacts us for tips and strategies to make their website rank higher in Google search. While some want a monthly SEO package others just want a few ideas on how their staff or team can work to improve their presence in Google search. One of the first things we notice when it comes to legal and dental websites are the page titles. Almost always, the page titles are very poor.

Before assuming that everyone knows what a premises liability lawyer is or what maxillofacial surgery is, step back and think about the common American searching on the Internet. If they are looking for a service or product, they are going to use laymen’s terms. They will likely search, “my tooth aches, what do I do?” or “I fell down stairs because they were wet, who is at fault?” They are not going to know the exact term used in the legal or dental industry.

For this reason, most lawyers and orthodontists should not create the titles for their pages or articles. They should use a paralegal or assistant that is much more in tune with the common patient. It might be a wise decision to hire an SEO or copywriting company to help with the titling of blog posts, areas of practice pages and other resources on a website. By properly adjusting titles on a website, you can immediately see traffic double or triple.

If you need assistance with SEO or page titles, feel free to reach out to us at We have worked with many accident lawyers and orthodontists to rank at the top of Google search for local keyword phrases. With some optimization and adjustments in titles, your website could see many more search visitors in as little as 30 days.

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