Pahokee vs Baker HS Florida Championship Game Radio and Social Update

Today, Thursday, December 8th, 2016 the Pahokee Blue Devils will take on the Baker High School Gators for the Florida 1A state championship. This is an event that is sure to be popular on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter as it will kick off at 1:00 pm when all the kids are in school and parents are at work. On top of that, the game will be at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

Unfortunately, Baker High School and Pahokee and not local to Orlando. This means fans will have to driver three to four hours to watch a high school football game. While some fans will do this, many will not. Instead, they will look for live score updates and potential TV and radio links on Twitter and Facebook.

With many options available in the present day and age, it should not be difficult to find a radio broadcast for this game. Most people have heard of the TuneIn radio app. This app is available for free for iPhone and Android users. It should have the game on it because this is the only Florida high school football game being played in the afternoon today.

Look for high school students to use Snapchat to update fans. Snapchat stories are a great way to show highlights. If Snapchat were smart, they would offer state championship game filters and score update filters for high school students and parents to constantly update their story. It will be interesting to see how many fans use Snapchat instead of Twitter and Facebook.

As always, most will use Facebook and will have the discussion there as it pertains to the Pahokee vs Baker state championship football game.

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