Party in the Sukkah Snapchat Story on September 28th, 2015

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This one caught me by surprise. I was completely ignorant to Sukkot and the “Party in the Sukkah”. I learned plenty today through the Snapchat story that was live for the world to see. We had the opportunity to see how people throughout the world enjoyed this festival that lasts about a week. Some of the locations that were featured included St. Louis, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. Here are a handful of the screenshots I took of the Snapchat story:

sunset-sukkot-snapchat cliff-jump-snapchat-story celebrating-sukkah-snapchat sukkot-snapchat-story happy-sukkot-snapchat st-louis-sukkot-snapchat party-at-the-sukkah-snapchat

I am still very uneducated when it comes to Sukkot. If you know more please comment below and educate us on this event/festival. Did you think the Snapchat story was well done? Could it have been done better?

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