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An effective social media strategy will reap irreplaceable benefits for your business. If you are a pediatric dentist or a private dentistry that is interested in improving your SEO or social media presence, please contact for copywriting and management skills or for copywriting and SEO and social media strategic planning.

It has been proven time and time again that improving your social media presence and search ranking will prove to be a very valuable investment. It doesn’t take an SEO expert to realize that it is a worthy goal to rank on the front page of Google search. This is undoubtedly the era of high-speed technology, and most clients would much rather turn to the Internet to find a new dentist than to dig out the Yellow Pages. Because of this, the higher up your website ranks in a Google search, the more likely the chances are of new clients being driven to your practice.

There have been several pediatric dentist offices that have benefitted from improving their ranking in search. However, it is important to realize that this improvement does not come quickly or easily. When a client is looking to find a new dentist, he or she is likely to search for phrases such as, “Atlanta Pediatric Dentist Office”, depending on the location. This phrase contains certain keywords that are extremely competitive to rank for, because as you can imagine, there are countless websites who are aiming to rank for them as well. Because of this, it is important to acknowledge that any SEO company who guarantees a ranking in a short amount of time is raising false hopes and provoking unrealistic expectations.

However, this is definitely not to say that it is impossible to efficiently and organically create results that are tangible and fruitful. Rather than buying false linkbacks (which would now be penalized by Google’s new algorithms) and plugging in misapplied and illogical keywords within content, it is possible to obtain an improved search ranking through the proper use of social media.


Why SEO Agencies Are No Longer Cutting It

Over the past few years, SEO companies have acknowledged that their current business models of buying linkbacks and loading keywords simply aren’t working. As a result, they’ve turned to social media as their method of choice. However, there is no way to merely walk into a brand new environment and expect to immediately see results. The learning curve has been a struggle for most SEO agencies.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to contact someone who has a great deal of experience on social media and understands how interaction can affect your search ranking. When searching for a copywriter, it is important to realize that those with large social media followings have a plethora of opportunities. This is especially true on Google+, which has a large advantage in search ranking when compared to its rival social media networks. Google+ is intricately linked with many other products, including Google search. As a result, any interactions that take place on the platform will yield beneficial results for your business. In order to do so, it is best to find someone who completely understands Google+ as well as how to help small to medium-sized businesses in their quest to improve search ranking. Please contact if you have any questions.

Google+ Can Help With Search Rankings

There are certain ways in which Google+ can help your business improve its search rankings. First of all, Google+ posts are directly indexed within search. This is unique as Facebook posts and tweets are not indexed in search.

There are also Google+ communities, which are also indexed and can be built around your specific business. Communities can be thought of as online groups that users join based on interest. As the administrator of your own community, you can create several “message boards” with different focuses and topics. As more and more users join the community, the larger it will become and the more likely it will be shared and become well-known. There are several benefits to building a strong community. Having a large, well-kept community based on pediatric dentistry will act as a referral network for your business. It will also establish you as a Google+ expert on pediatric dentistry, a niche that is currently not competitive, due to the lack of pediatric dentists on Google+. An experienced Google+ user can help you to get the ball rolling and establish a successful community related to your business.

There are also Google Hangouts on Air, which are video calls between up to eight people. When these hangouts are completed, they are converted to YouTube videos, which are indexed in search as well. Hangouts on Air also contain special features, such as the ability to take questions from the audience and answer them. Again, this can establish authority as a pediatric dentist with just a webcam and a microphone. A Google+ power user can help you to perform professional Hangouts on Air.

The aforementioned Google+ resources are extremely valuable tools that should be taken advantage of. Through Google+, there are several different ways to rank for keywords that will help drive business to your dentist office. As mentioned before, SEO agencies are struggling to adapt to using social media tools such as YouTube videos and Google+ communities and posts. As a result, these are resources that haven’t been taken advantage of by many people. Now is the time to stake your claim in keywords through the usage of Google+, as it will undoubtedly be powerful in directing clients to your dentist office.

Becoming an early adopter of Google+ and its tools will be incredibly beneficial to your business. Establishing authority in your field early in the game will provide a plethora of advantages. First of all, your content will rank high in Google search, leading to an increase of clients who will contact your dentist office. You will also become known as an expert in your field on Google+, a label that will last for years to come. The Google+ community is one that is accepting and willing to help. Now is the perfect time to start building your social media presence.

With the help of an experienced Google+ power user, you will be able to conduct professional Google Hangouts on Air, create Google+ posts that rank well in search, and build a strong Google+ following for years to come. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact

Investing in a Content Writer

It is also a worthy investment to consider hiring a content writer. Content is inarguably the most crucial part to building a strong social media presence. Without content, SEO is purposeless. A content writer will create blog posts that relate to your business. These blog posts will continue to establish your authority as a pediatric dentist and will serve as advertisements of your expertise.

The more content you produce, the better. The game is simple: the company that puts out the most content with the best social media strategy will become the fiercest competition. You do not want to find out that you are putting out a blog post a month while your strongest competitor is putting out a post a day. High quality content and a strong social media presence will prove to be more beneficial than any SEO agency you could pay for.

The best way to put yourself ahead of the competition is to build up your online presence. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars to an SEO company that falsely promises to do so in a short amount of time (which will lead to false linkbacks and a penalization of your website), it is much more effective and worthwhile to hire a content writer and a social media guru. A Google+ expert can help you to take advantage of the tools Google+ has to offer, which will establish your authority in pediatric dentistry and help you to rank for as many search keywords and phrases as possible.

If you have any questions and would like to know more about Google+ and hiring a social media guru, please contact If you are looking to hire a content writer with experience in social media, Google+, SEO and health sciences, e-mail Lauren Sutton at

Dentist’s Offices Learn More About Google Search

As more people use the Internet to find doctors, lawyers, dentists and basic services it comes as no surprise that many private practices are looking to increase their knowledge of Google search and the overall Internet industry. Unfortunately, having a secretary or dental assistant try to figure out how search is changing every single day might be asking too much. Unless someone has a background in technology and they have the skill to think outside the box it is unlikely they will be able to drastically help a dentist increase in the search rankings.

Simply adding content to a website is a wonderful way to gain exposure but adding valuable and unique content is key. Most dentist or dental offices have websites that have updated content. It takes something different to offer value to potential customers and searches. This is why it is sometimes better to hire someone that has worked with many companies in terms of increase exposure through search and social media.

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