How Are People Finding Me on Snapchat?

In April 2017, many Snapchat users have contacted us asking how other, random Snapchat users are finding them. They haven’t posted their Snapchat QR code on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or anywhere on the Internet, yet random people are finding them. This seems to be occurring much more with young women than men. So, how are guys finding random girls on Snapchat?

There is now a new feature on Snapchat called Snapchat search. If you have posted your Snapchat name on your story or another story that is viewable to everyone, people can find you. By searching “add me on Snapchat” users will see plenty of other, random users that are trying to gain followers. Before you post your Snapchat name on your friend’s stories, think about who could be finding you.

There are a few other ways people can find you include Quick Add and random message boards online in which someone could have mentioned your Snapchat name. The quickest way to figure out how someone found you is to simply add them back and ask them. If they won’t answer, you can always delete them or block them.

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