Who Are All of These People Viewing My Snapchat Story?

Now that Snapchat Map has been released, users are finding their stories are getting many more views. You may be asking, “why is my story getting so many more views than normal?” You are also likely asking, “who are all of these people viewing my story?” The answer is they are random Snapchat users that are looking at the Snapchat Map and viewing stories throughout their area and the world.

If you have had a story that shows up on the Snapchat Map for a very popular area such as Washington, DC or Los Angeles, there is a good chance your story could get thousands and tens of thousands of views from people you don’t know. With Snapchat Map being so popular in its infancy, it should come as no surprise that stories are getting many more views.

It is important to note that your story views will likely return back to normal in the near future as there is no way for Snapchat users to see the person that posted the story they are watching. Hopefully this will change in the future, but for now, we can just watch the stories and will have no clue as to who uploaded the story that is on Snapchat Map.

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