Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyers See Local Search Disappear in 2015

If you or your personal injury law firm would like to rank better in Google search reach out to me at I have several monthly packages that can help you get more clients through search.

In February and March of 2015 I have monitored the Google Local “3 pack” and “7 pack” for the more popular legal keyword phrases. Something I have noticed is the Google Local Maps “pack” does not show up for “car accident lawyer” and sometimes “personal injury lawyer”. Please note that this is not always the case. It looks as if Google is testing the search results without the Google Maps local pack. It would not surprise me to see this part of search taken out for personal injury and car accident lawyers.


Last July we saw DUI lawyers lose the Google Local pack in search. While some thought it would come back quickly there are still a large number of keyword phrases in which DUI lawyers do not see Google Local search results on the front page. If we start to see more and more legal phrases not trigger the Local Pack it will be interesting to see how most personal injury, wrongful death and car accident lawyers adjust.

The first thing I would suggest is to have a great website that is valuable to search visitors. Having a strong organic search presence will mean you do not have to worry about the Google Local search disappearing. If you are on the front page for a large number of your “money” keywords you do not have to fret about the Local Pack not being there tomorrow. If you need a better organic search presence feel free to reach out to me at I have several monthly packages that can help lawyers and attorneys rank higher in Google search.

The other thing I would like to point out is that Google Local searches are starting to adjust based on the power of a website anyway. If you have looked at the “7 Pack” for your local area there is a good chance several of those showing up in Google Local Maps search are also showing up on the front page of Google organic search. Car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and almost any other major metropolitan area know the importance of ranking in Google search.

While some may get clients from referrals, Yelp or other services, the big money maker is Google search. Getting to the top of the front page of Google search takes a lot of time, effort, content and commitment. If this is something you desire for your law firm or law practice please feel free to reach out to me today.

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Oh, I hope not Jesse. Those local results are crazy lately.