How Quickly Do Personal Injury and DWI Keyword Rankings Change on Google?

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There are thousands of personal injury and criminal defense (DWI/DUI) lawyers throughout the country that are consistently checking to see if their website ranks high on the front page of Google search. They want to know they rank on the front page for car accident lawyer or DWI attorney. This can get very frustrating when the search rankings have not changed for weeks or possibly even months. So, how often and/or quickly do the keyword rankings change for legal phrases?

In our experience, we have found that personal injury and criminal defense keywords change at a very slow pace. If you are in a niche in which there are “in the moment” events changing your industry, you may find the front page of Google search changes rather quickly. This is true with politics, gossip, entertainment and sports. This is not true with law/legal or most business categories.

Personal injury and criminal defense keywords can show the same Google search results for well over a month without changing. That said, when they do change, it can be catastrophic for some websites. We have seen car accident lawyers go from the #1 search result all the way to page 10 in a matter of hours. If you notice your search rankings have dropped and continue to drop there is a good chance you have received an algorithmic penalty. If you hope to recover from this and rank in the #1 position again contact us at

In 2016 we have noticed that legal search terms have seen quite a bit of movement. In one particular instance, a DWI lawyer moved from page 5 to page 2 and back to page 3 all within two weeks. This is good and bad. It is good because Google has acknowledged that websites in the industry should move based on their SEO and content. It is bad because a number of law firms have done very little to improve their website in the past few years.

We strongly encourage all law firms to consistently update their website so they stay ahead of the competition. Even if you are #1 right now, you may find that competitors that are publishing a blog post a day are catching up quickly. If you want to increase your content efforts with unique and fresh content reach out to us today at We have monthly SEO and content packages that will help you rank better on the front page of Google search.

Try not to obsessively look at your personal injury and criminal defense keyword rankings. You may rank #8 for Houston DWI attorney today and #18 tomorrow. Instead, look at the amount of total search traffic coming to your website. Ultimately, you want more people to call. If you get one search visitor a day and they pick up the phone and call, your website is doing its job.


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