Does a Personal Injury Law Firm Need a New Website with a New Partner?

A law firm name can quickly change when a new partner or multiple partners are brought into the mix. What was once Smith & Jones is now Smith, Jones and Barnes. By bringing on this new partner there are a number of branding concerns that must be address. The obvious changes need to be the logo, the listings and how the LLC, S-Corp or business is registered in the state. When it comes to an Internet presence a number of law firms have to decide if they want to build out a new domain with a brand new URL.

Before making any major decision when it comes to building out a new web presence I strongly urge you to contact me at I have seen business owners change and URL and attempt to 301 redirect the content and links only to find out they lost 90% of their search traffic because their Google search rankings plummeted. You do not want this to happen to your current website. That said, if done correctly, there are a number of ways you can build out a new website to get even more personal injury cases.

If you are an experienced personal injury lawyer you likely recognize the names Foster Web Marketing, FineLaw, Justia, Avvo and iLawyerMarketing. All of these companies offer website design and web hosting for their clients; as well as lawyer SEO. There are a number of companies that offer backend support to allow lawyers and paralegals to update content on their websites. When trying to convert one of these websites to WordPress there are a number of errors that can cause major problems for your Google search rankings. For this reason, you must contact an experience WordPress expert that can properly move each and every piece of content on your website.

When thinking about a new website it never hurts to leave the old website up while building the new website. Over time, there is nothing wrong with devoting more time and energy to the new website but just scraping the old website and starting anew is likely not the best decision. If you are getting any search traffic to your old website you cannot allow that traffic to disappear. By deleting your old website or improperly 301 redirecting the traffic or links you could be handing over multi-million dollar cases to your competitors.

All the hard work you put in and the money you paid for SEO could go down the drain if you decide to make a quick decision with consulting an expert. Reach out to me at and I will be more than happy to look at your current situation and discuss what options are available moving forward. If you already have a WordPress site and you are simply looking to change URLs that process is not nearly as difficult as changing the entire back end.

Ultimately, I think all lawyers, law firms and law practices should use a WordPress website. WordPress and Google get along extremely well as many of the technical aspects of SEO are done automatically by WordPress. In fact, I have installed WordPress on a URL on a Monday and find that by Wednesday Google has crawled, indexed and ranked the content that has been published. This efficiency makes WordPress well worth it.

WordPress is also extremely easy to update. As I sit here writing this article WordPress automatically saves the draft and when I hit publish it tells Google to crawl the website and index the page to be ranked in Google search. In as little as 10 minutes Google searchers could find this particular article in search. That is extremely valuable for a law firm that wants to acquire new clients through search.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars advertising on Facebook it would be smart to build out a WordPress website and produce a large amount of great content. This will help you get more car accident, slip and fall accident and medical malpractice cases.

If you are law firm that is bringing on a new partner and you are thinking about building a brand new website contact me today at We will do a full website audit and give you an honest opinion on the best way to proceed to get even more cases. We also offer personal injury lawyer SEO packages that can help you rank in the #1 spot for those highly competitive keywords in your specific city or state.

Do not feel as if you have to wait two (2) years to get a new website up and running. After contacting my team you will be able to get your new legal website up and running in two months or less. In fact, you will start to receive Google search traffic in two months or less. Contact us today to find out more.

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