Do More People Google for a Personal Injury Lawyer on Desktop or Mobile?

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While those in the SEO industry have known about mobile search results differing from desktop search results for several months, the mainstream media has finally caught wind of this and there have been a number of articles on major news websites. This means personal injury lawyers and law firms are going to start analyzing their search data to determine where to spend money on SEO. With this in mind, we decided to do some research on our Personal Injury clients.

So, how much search traffic, from Google, is coming from desktop compared to mobile? Here are the results

Site A 

  • Desktop – 58.55%
  • Mobile – 38.28%
  • Tablet – 3.18%

Site B

  • Desktop – 36.42%
  • Mobile – 59.32%
  • Tablet – 4.26%

Site C

  • Desktop – 62.24%
  • Mobile – 34.69%
  • Tablet – 3.06%

All three of these websites have WordPress Responsive themes so their search rankings are relatively the same on both desktop and mobile. As you can clearly see, mobile is becoming one of the largest sources of traffic for personal injury lawyers. Site B actually has more mobile visitors than desktop visitors. This is something to consider when you are deciding on spending Internet marketing dollars for your overall marketing campaign.

It is important to note that most properly optimized WordPress websites are mobile friendly meaning they are a responsive theme that should rank well no matter the device a searcher uses. We have always suggested WordPress websites for this reason.

In 2017 and beyond, look for more personal injury lawyer firms to choose an SEO company that can optimize both mobile and desktop search. This does not mean all personal injury lawyers need to install AMP or the other mobile features. It simply means you need a website that looks great on an iPhone or Android.

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