Personal Injury Lawyer Google Search and Adwords Consultant

When it comes to acquiring new personal injury clients online Google search is the most effective marketing strategy. Ranking on the front page of Google for Chicago car accident lawyer will mean phone calls come in on a consistent basis. Ranking #1 will mean your law firm or legal practice get the best cases that can net the most in terms of a settlement. With this being true, why not invest properly in getting to the top of Google search. To do so, you will likely need a personal injury lawyer Google search and Adwords consultant. Contact me today at to get effective consultation.

There are many layers to ranking in Google search, SEO and the value of Google Adwords. Many law firms wonder if spending $10,000 a month on Google Adwords is worth it? This investment will guarantee clicks and traffic to a website but will the traffic convert into more cases? If your firm is paying for Google Adwords is there any point in spending money on SEO or ranking in Google organic search?

There are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered by an experienced consultant. I have helped personal injury law firms in Los Angeles, Portland, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Atlanta and Miami, Florida. All of these law firms have received numerous cases from their website. With the proper guidance your legal website can provide countless cases for your firm.

SEO or search engine optimization is a very popular marketing strategy in the personal injury world. In fact, some personal injury law firms in larger cities are paying as much as $7500 a month to rank on the front page of Google. This is in addition to the money spent on advertising. Can an investment of $5000 or $7500 a month be worth it? Absolutely, if the correct optimization strategies are being used for your website. Would it be worth it to get two or three new leads a day? Would that be the return on investment (ROI) that you are looking for?

If your goal is to get cases for the money you spend on your website reach out to me today at We can discuss how I can help your team of paralegals, SEO copywriters and fellow lawyers rank on the front page of Google search for competitive keywords in your city or area.

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