Should Personal Injury Lawyers Do Their Own SEO and Content?

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Every single week we are contacted by a personal injury law firm that has the desire to rank higher in Google search. Some of these firms rank at the bottom of page 1 or at the top of page 2 while others are nowhere to be found in search; not in the top 10 pages. While personal injury lawyers recognize the value of being on the front page of search, they also know that an advertising budget is not unlimited. With radio commercials costing as much as $200 for every 15 seconds, Google ads costing $75 a click and TV commercials running in the tens of thousands of dollars, it is easy to see why some personal injury lawyers may want to do their own SEO.

If you have experience with building and maintaining websites and you love to write content, you can do your own SEO. That said, most successful personal injury lawyers simply do not have the time to write multiple blog posts a day. They also don’t have time to do the back end SEO coding and proper link building. This can be a full time job if your law firm is in a very competitive area such as Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta or New York City. If your law firm is in a smaller town such as Asheville, North Carolina or Bozeman, Montana you may find that doing SEO and content yourself is not all that difficult.

Law firms in very competitive areas will need daily content to outrank competitors. Every single month we see websites that have more content continue to move up in the rankings. It is important to note that quality and unique content is important. If you are buying content that is spun or poorly written, it will not help your personal injury website rank any higher. You will need creative content that has not been published by any of your competitors.

You will need to be the law firm that breaks the news on bus company that has the huge crash. You will need to investigate why FedEx continues to have accidents on a specific interstate. You will need to take pictures of potential premises liability cases at local retailers and grocery stores. If you able to do this while also litigate cases, you can do your own SEO and content. If you want to spend time in the courtroom winning cases while getting more cases from your website contact an SEO company.

We specialize in personal injury lawyer SEO as we have helped clients in Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami rank at the top of Google search for car accident and personal injury keywords. Contact us today at if you would like to outrank your competition. We have a number of personal injury SEO packages that will help you get more cases from your website.

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