Can Pest Control Companies Rank for City Locations?

While pest control isn’t exciting or exactly the most intriguing business to discuss online, it is a business that benefits from leads from a website. For this reason, most successful pest control companies are willing to sink efforts into internet marketing and optimizing their website to rank in Google search. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as putting up a landing page and watching the leads stream in.

So, if a pest control company wants to rank for Chapel Hill, NC pest control or Louisburg, NC pest control yet their office is in Durham or Raleigh, is this possible?

There is no short answer to this question. There are some areas, cities or towns in which a strong website can create a landing page and rank rather quickly. There are other towns in which dozens of local pest control companies are working diligently to rank making it extremely difficult to get to the top of the front page.

The only way to know, with 100% certainty, if a pest control website is powerful enough to rank for small towns, or even cities, is to create an optimized page with great content, attractive photos and well done videos. If the page is 500 words of unique and quality content, the images are properly optimized and there is a great video and you do not rank on the front page, there is work to be done.

Understand that it can take several days, and possibly weeks, for a page to show up in Google search. With the Fetch and Render tool no longer available in the new Google Search Console it now takes longer for a page to be indexed and ranked in Google search. There are some tricks you can use to see if the site is indexed rather than scouring through pages and pages of search results. You can Google site:[full url] to see if Google has the page indexed. Note that even if the page is indexed, it does not mean the rankings have taken affect.

We have seen a number of pages indexed but it takes weeks for them to show up in the search results. This is not uncommon with niches in which the content isn’t new. Such as pest control. There isn’t exactly breaking news coming out about pest control on a daily basis.

If you are hoping to rank a pest control website for cities in which you are service but don’t have a physical location, it can be difficult. That said, it is not impossible.

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