Pictures in the Opening Credits of Netflix’s Mindhunter

Many people are wondering about these pictures as they flash up very fast and disappear during the opening credits of each episode. These are crime scene pictures that are quite gory. From our understanding, the pictures do not change each episode and predict the killer or events much like Ozark’s opening credits did. Thanks to @FilmFreakFFO for making this collage:

As you can see, these are clearly images of different crime scenes in which a serial killer has killed different women. What do you think about Mindhunter? Is it the next popular Netflix show?

One thought on “Pictures in the Opening Credits of Netflix’s Mindhunter

  1. NLK3

    I never cared too much for crime dramas, since they seem to be the same thing to me. Last ones I liked, and got canceled, were Almost Human and Stalker, based on different types of crimes not usually covered. This, however, is a really interesting show about investigating the psychology of serial killers in a very noir-eque style, and, being Netflix, isn’t afraid of showing some skin or pronounces controversial vocabulary.

    In other words, this is my shit!


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