Pinehurst NC Dental Offices Compete for Patients Online

As Internet searches have evolved, so too has Google Search. What was once a screen of 10 search results is now a mobile screen of multiple advertisements, photos, reviews, hours of operation and more. There are even options to click to call or set up an appointment through an iPhone or Android smartphone. With Google changing their algorithms every single day, dental offices have to be ahead of the curve when it comes to creating content, acquiring links and building a user friendly website.

In Pinehurst, North Carolina, there are a number of dental offices competing for patients that may be searching on their smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. To rank for Pinehurst Dentist it is no longer as easy as building a website and putting your address. In the past, dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons could simply put up a landing page website with very little content and rank quickly. That is not true in 2017.

More and more dental offices have realized it takes a lot of effort to rank for highly competitive keyword phrases. What more SEO companies are doing to help dental offices is provide content that goes on the practice website which will help increase the number of search visitors. Unfortunately, there are still some SEO and Internet Marketing agencies that do not provide any type of content. Ideally, a website will have amazing written content through words, audio content through sound files, videos through YouTube and Vimeo and photos as .jpeg or .bmp files.

If a dental website lacks quality content, why would other websites link to it. This is a very difficult part of SEO that most businesses do not understand. If you do not have quality content that appeals to other websites, there is no reason for them to link to you. That said, if you are the only dental office in town, there is no other office to link to which is why small town dentists often do so well in their areas.

If you are struggling to rank for local dental keywords reach out to us at We can help you ranked higher in Google search with quality content, a strong backlink portfolio and the proper backend coding that will allow Google to properly crawl a website.

With more and more Pinehurst dentists trying to rank in search, it is all in due time before the competition starts to push some of the non active websites off the front page. It will be interesting to see how some of the old dental practices throughout the state of North Carolina adjust their marketing strategy to focus on Online Marketing. It will be more and more common for practices to search for Orthodontists or Dental SEO as they see their competition working hard to outrank them. Do not let your website go stale with old content that no longer ranks on the front page of Google search. The worst thing you can do is not update your website.

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