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If you are a plastic surgeon or medical doctor that would like to increase exposure online through search and social media please reach out to me at I offer several SEO and copywriting packages that will help increase business from those searching online.

Advertising on the front page of Google search for keywords such as “rhinoplasty in Los Angeles” or “tummy tuck surgeon in Las Vegas” can cost $30 to $50 per click through Google Adwords. This can get very expensive and it does not necessarily build a long term online presence with a business website. Doctors and medical professionals throughout the United States have come to realize that organic search rankings are quite valuable long term.

Instead of paying that $50 a click for the next five years a doctor can create an amazing website that ranks well for thousands of keyword phrases, not just one. This takes quite a bit of time and, most importantly, a solid strategy. SEO agencies and firms have continued to struggle with their client’s websites due to Google algorithm changes. The Google Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda updates continue to reinforce that websites should not over optimize for a specific keyword phrase. Instead of going out and seeking link backs website owners should create high quality content that is valuable to the visitor.


Doing this can be a challenge as plastic surgeons do not have time to sit on the Internet working on a website and social media profiles. This is why it is well worth it to hire someone that has completed the research and fully understands how social media, SEO and Google search are coming together. As we move forward there is a good chance that the surgeons that created the most useful web portfolio will be the ones that rank highest in the search engines.

How Social Media Profiles Affect Search Rankings

It is very important to recognize that the Google Search algorithm is changing every day. Any SEO company or SEO firm that claims to know everything about the search algorithm is not telling the complete truth. Even the Google search engineers struggle to explain the reason for some of the anomalies. That said, businesses cannot discount the fact that Google search brings in millions of dollars to the medical industry every month. Searchers that want breast implants are not going to publicly announce they need a breast augmentation doctor on Facebook or Twitter.

It is much more likely they will go on Google and search “Breast implant doctor in Phoenix, Arizona”. The doctor that happens to be on #1 for that particular phrase likely receives several phone calls and/or emails a day from women that are willing to spend the money. The intent to buy is very strong for those that are seeking services or resources on Google. The same is not necessarily true when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Even though the intent to buy is not as strong on social media networks it does not mean they should be ignored. Every “social mention” is part of a word of mouth marketing campaign that could land a surgeon on the front page of Google search. One of the top social networks for businesses is Google+. In fact, I would submit Google+ and LinkedIn as the two best social networks for professionals.

Each time a professional mentions your website or business it gives Google a reason to believe you are an expert in your field. Unfortunately, Facebook posts are not crawled and indexed by Google. This means any mention on Facebook is limited to the Facebook network. Rather than fighting the walled in garden it is sometimes better to use the resources that are open for the public to see. If your business does very well on Facebook there is no reason to leave but Google searches are what tends to make the money in the plastic surgery industry.

In the last two years I have accumulated over 525,000 Google+ followers while studying how Google+ and Google search are coming together. This has also allowed me to understand human psychology as it relates to social media. With my experience, I have helped dozens of businesses rank for “money” keywords in their industry. Some of those I work with are getting so much business they have to hire other professionals to help keep up with the demand. This is something that puts a smile on my face.

Explaining how social media affects Google search would take days. Instead of going into the details I will sum it up in laymen’s terms. The sharing of content across social networks will be the natural “SEO” that Google has desired for years. As a surgeon, if you performed a procedure that was flawless there is a good chance the patient will praise you. Each type of praise submitted online, especially through social media, will be a stamp of approval that helps a business rank better in Google and all search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL.

What Should a Surgeon Do Online to Get Business?

This is a very tough question for most surgeons and doctors to answer. There are just not enough hours in the week for a medical professional to spend a lot of time online. Instead of devoting 10 or 15 hours a week to learning how to use Google+, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest it might be in the best interest of the surgeon to seek help. Most private practice doctors have a marketing budget. Online marketing through search and social media is part of the budget for those that want to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are hoping to rank for keywords such as abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction, buttock augmentation, face lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, chin augmentation or cheek augmentation you can be rest assured it will not come easy. These are “money” keywords that can sometimes cost over $50 per click in highly competitive markets. Rather than paying Google Adwords to advertise it is often better to build a strong online presence so you will naturally rank in search over an extended period of time.

The money that will be returned in perpetuity will be tremendous for those that build authority in the correct way. Amazing blog posts, engaging content, beautiful photos and videos are just the beginning when it comes to content creation. Most doctors and surgeons are not going to have the time nor energy to do all of this. In fact, just doing some might be asking too much. With that in mind, consider hiring someone that has spent over 10,000 hours researching and testing what works and what does not work.

If you are a plastic surgeon or work for a medical practice that needs increased exposure online reach out to me at I am willing to create customized packages to help with Google+, Twitter, all of social media as well as content creation. Staying ahead of the competition is imperative in the current search ecosystem. Take the necessary steps to do that today.

Is Anyone Really on Google Plus?

This is a question I get asked several times a day. My response remains the same. Even if there are only 15 people on Google Plus it is still viable because it is owned by Google. Google dominates search as over 67% of searchers are done through If your business has any desire to rank on the front page of Google search it would behoove you to increase your Google Plus presence starting now. If search is not a big deal for your business you may want to consider LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. In my opinion, Google Plus is the best social network for SEO with Pinterest coming in second.

As Google Plus ages many are left to wonder if it will simply be a social network of SEO and Internet geeks or will it really catch on the way Facebook and Twitter did. No matter what happens, Google Plus offers amazing opportunities to connect with others that own websites and are looking to increase exposure online. Even if you bump in to just one other plastic surgeon on Google Plus that will likely be one more than you would have found on other social networks. Building a relationships and providing guest articles or resources for each other could prove to be very beneficial.

Many will likely ask how they can find other plastic surgeons anywhere on the Internet. Aren’t these men and women extremely busy performing surgery? The answer is yes but those that want to get even more business through search will likely be using Google products to see how they can provide more valuable content. Google Plus, YouTube, GMail and other Google resources are full of hard working men and women that truly understand the value of ranking on the first page of Google search. For this reason, I would strongly suggest building some type of business presence on Google Plus. Even if you join the Plastic Surgeons Google Plus community that is better than nothing in terms of building your brand on Google products.

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