How Many Pokemon Animals Come During 30 Minutes of Incense?

There are millions of Pokemon Go players that live in a rural area in which there are very few PokeStops or gyms. They find it difficult to get a lot out of the game because there is very little going on. Fortunately, there is a way to release incense that will bring Pokemon characters and animals to rural areas. Once you have release incense there will be a 30 minute timer on the upper right hand corner of the Pokemon Go screen.

For 30 minutes the incense will bring animals and characters to within distance of a PokeBall throw. Having released incense a number of times we can tell you that between three and five Pokemon characters and animals will show up during the 30 minute time frame. Unfortunately, there is the possibility that you won’t be able to catch all of the animals as they may break out of your PokeBall and run away. You can expect to catch three to four characters to add to your PokeDex.

If you are in a very remote or rural area you may want to take some time to travel to a town or city to get more incense. Then, when you are laying at home in your bed, you can release the incense and catch more Pokemon characters or animals.

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