Pokemon Go App Freezes When I Catch an Animal or Character

The most important part of the Pokemon Go game is throwing a Poke Ball and catching different Pokemon characters or animals to put in your Pokedex. This is makes up most of the first five or six “levels” of the game. Unfortunately, many iPhone and Android users are finding that their app freezes as soon as they capture or catch a Pokemon character.

This is very difficult to swallow as you will lose a Poke Ball and won’t get to keep that character. After a Poke Ball is thrown and collects the character the ball will spin and then the stars will not come out. At this point, most users realize they need to close and restart the app. Sometimes, when re-opening the app that character is still around to capture, but this is not always the case.

A number of Reddit users have petitioned to get more Poke Balls if the app freezes. If a Pokemon Go player is not in a highly populated area, it might be quite difficult to get Poke Balls as they are often collected at PokeStops. You can buy Poke Balls but most people do not want to spend money on a game that is free; for the most part.

Have you had issues with your Pokemon Go game freezing when you catch an animal or character? Have you found a way to remedy this on your smartphone? Please comment below with your smartphone make and model and the operating system you are running. Hopefully, this helps us come up with a way to stop the app from freezing or crashing.

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