When Will Poldark Season 3 be Available on Amazon Prime for Free?

On May 27th, 2017 Poldark Season 2 was made available to Amazon Prime subscribers. The show aired from September 4th through November 6th, 2016. This means, it took Amazon six months after the show was on BBC One to make it available to Amazon Prime Subscribers. Season 3 of Poldark aired from June 11th, 2017 until August 6th, 2017. If history repeats itself, Amazon is going to make the 3rd season available around February or March 2018.

Poldark is one of the most watched TV shows on Amazon Prime in the month of December 2017. With millions of people out of school or not going to work because of weather, they need something to do with their free time. Amazon Prime TV has been proven to be a great way to watch TV shows that are not on Netflix or Hulu. Some would argue that Amazon Prime Originals such as Goliath, Sneaky Pete and Bosch are even better than Netflix and Hulu shows.

Are you going to wait until February or March of 2018 to watch Poldark season 3 on Amazon Prime for free? When it is made available for all Amazon Prime subscribers, are you going to binge watch it over a full weekend?

20 thoughts on “When Will Poldark Season 3 be Available on Amazon Prime for Free?

  1. diane

    I feel if we are a prime member that means we order a lot from Amazon. Why is this not one of the benefits of Amazon it its members.. We should not have to pay to watch a series on Prime or wait 6 months before it is free to watch.

    1. Ann

      I agree! It drives me crazy that so much on prime video you need to pay for to watch. Even old shows! I can understand new movies but old ones?!?

  2. Pamela Howard

    I don’t understand why I have to pay to watch Poldark. I am a prime member and have been for years.. I am very disappointed with Amazon. I am trying to wait until Amazon decides to release season3 to Prime members, however I am loosing my patience with the wait.

  3. Claudia Barry

    It’s almost May and we’re still waiting ! I will not pay I spend enough on Amazon prime!i signed up for PBS but they want money every month SCAM

  4. Kelly

    Have to say, I’m finding much more available through Netflix. And I agree, it shouldn’t take so long to become free to prime members. Wonder how long it will be for Victoria?

  5. Mick

    Ugh, I just finished Season 2 and was so mad to find out Season 3 is not currently included in my Prime membership. We spend ungodly amounts of money on Amazon – this is so ridiculous!

  6. Kay Brown

    Surely with the increase in our yearly Amazon Prime cost, we will no longer have to wait for ANY of these series. ( I too am waiting for Season 3 of Poldark ….. the FREE version.)

  7. DAgif

    March has come and gone and now May is here. They are delaying putting Poldark on Amazon. That’s frustrating.


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