How Many Preacher #1 Copies Were Sold in 1995

After doing some calculations, I came up with 18,293 copies of Preacher #1 being sold in 1995. I came up with this number by finding the order index, according to Diamond, being a 28.2 for the first issue. By the late 1990’s the order index had risen to 75 which equates to around 49,000 copies. If you do the math, you can see that just under 20,000 copies were ordered in 1995. We don’t know just how many were sold and can only guess that a large percentage of them were torn up, thrown away or have since disappeared.

In February 2016 we have 406 total CGC 9.8 issues and 403 CGC 9.6 issues. It will be interesting to see what happens to this number as the pilot approaches in the summer of 2016. Exclusive CGC members are able to see there areĀ a total of 1433 CGC Preacher #1 copies. Obviously, there are more than 1433 Preacher copies out there, but I would guess we won’t pass 1000 total 9.8 copies. If you are looking to make an investment this is a great opportunity. You can buy Preacher #1 here.


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