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If you are a professional wedding photographer that is looking to expand online exposure through search and social media reach out to me at as I offer several packages that can help grow your business.

Every day millions of Americans are snapping photos with their iPhones, Android smartphones or pocket cameras. While some of these photos come out amazing there is something to be said about a professional photo that is taken with a DSLR camera. Anyone that has shot with a 24 MP or better DSLR camera knows the quality is far superior to anything on a phone. Professional Wedding Photographers often spend thousands of dollars on equipment and even more on software to make the photos simply beautiful. Nothing brings back memories like a gorgeous photo.


Unfortunately, many professional photographers do not have the time to spend on SEO or social media. They may update once in awhile on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+, but they are definitely not spending the proper amount of time to rank on the front page of Google search. It is understandable that photographers cannot allocate 20 or 30 hours a week towards their website. It can take 80 hours just uploading photos and sending them to customers. Fortunately, there are opportunities to get help from those that do understand how search works. Ranking on the front page of Google search for “Hawaii Wedding Photographer” could be the difference in having several shoots a week or having to get another job.

Ranking for “money” keywords in the photography business can be extremely difficult. Almost everyone wants to become a professional photographer these days. Instagram and iPhone filters make some people feel as if they are a professional. Little do they realize that it is a much bigger investment than pulling out the iPhone and uploading a picture to Instagram. The energy and effort it takes to just render the photos is a full time job. Here is how a photographer can greatly help their search rankings to get more business.

Remain Consistent with Posting of Photos on Social Media

Running a business is a full time job. Heck, it is really two or three full time jobs. Getting a business to the point in which it is making a profit can be a 100 hour a week task. This is especially true when the learning curve is steep. Downloading Nik Software or Adobe Photoshop to a computer, learning the filters and adjusting the colors is not easy. To capture that perfect moment and then make it even better on a computer can take multiple hours. This is just one photo.

As most can imagine, it can be quite difficult to work on these photos and then have any time to spend sharing on Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or any social network. Even though this is true it is something that will greatly help a photographer rank in Google search. By simply sharing one or two photos a day to Google+ a photographer can start to gain traction. I know many amateur photographers that have received over 50,000 +1s on their photos within a year. Can you imagine having 50,000 likes on your Facebook page?

There is no argument to be made that Google Plus is the social network when it comes to ranking in search. All Google Plus posts are indexed in search and, as shocking as this may be, Google owns Google Plus. This means that Google can digest all of the engagement on Google Plus and use it as a factor when ranking websites in search. Do not think that jumping on Google Plus and posting a photo once a day will rank you #1 for “Wedding Photographer in Charleston, SC”. That isn’t going to happen.

What will likely happen is you will start to get +1s, shares, comments and Google will recognize you for your skill and your business. This is something that cannot be done through Facebook and Twitter. The Google spiders struggle greatly when it comes to crawling Twitter and Facebook content therefore they do not assign a value to each Facebook post or Twitter Tweet. When it comes to social media and SEO it should be Google+ number one and Pinterest number two.

Google Plus is Built for Photographers

Google Plus is an amazing resource to store and share photos. Unlike Facebook and Twitter there are no limitations in size when sharing a photo on Google Plus. Countless times I have tried to share a photo on Instagram or Twitter and it adjusted the size of the photo. As a photographer, I do not want a single inch of my photo to be cropped. If I wanted the photo to be cropped I would have done it myself.

Over the course of the last six months I have had numerous HDR images receive over 1000 +1s. No one truly knows if this is helping with search ranking but I can promise it does not hurt when it comes to exposure. If you are a destination wedding photographer and you have a presence on Google Plus there is a very high likelihood you will start to get business because of your activity. The old saying goes, “the cream will rise to the top”. If you are a skilled photographer users will find you on Google Plus. I promise.

While Instagram was an application that was built for photos they have resorted to making it much more social than functional. Any photographer that uses a DSLR and software to render photos can see that Instagram is not putting forth their best product. Do not let this deter you from sharing photos on social media. Google Plus and Pinterest are great social networks to share amazing photographs. I would also strongly suggest having a website that hosted these photos as well.

Ranking in Google Search as a Wedding Photographer

The competition is fierce when it comes to ranking in search for any type of professional photographer keywords. The fact that a single shoot can net $10,000 means photographers are willing to shell out the big bucks to advertise on Google Adwords. Unfortunately, a Google Adwords campaign does not necessarily equate to a long term business model. There is no doubt that a website will get a few clicks but are those customers going to find your website through search when looking for other resources and types of information?

Google Adwords is a pay per click (PPC) campaign that runs out when the funds run out. It is not out of the question for some photographers to pay $30 to $50 per click in hopes of booking that big wedding. If the return is there the investment is well worth it. If you are a photographer looking to grow your web presence and build a website that gets many searches a day content is still king.

Content does not have to be in the form of words. Photographers create tons of content every single day with their cameras. If you are taking photos you are creating some of the best content for the web. Putting just a few of these photos on a website can go a very long way towards getting ranked highly in Google search. If you can write and take photos you are ahead of 99% of the businesses on the Internet. Within six months you will dominate search if you remain consistent creating content and doing it the right way.

What exactly is doing it the right way? It is getting natural links that point to your website for the amazing content you produce. The Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have all reduced the value of unnatural links to a website. If a website has received an abundance of links with the same anchor text Google knows that this is unnatural. There is no way webmasters across the web know to link to a website for “Florida Wedding Photographer”. It stands to reason that some would link to the website for its name or “click here”. In fact, the majority of the links should be random because that is how the web links to resources they find interesting.

Creating amazing content, remaining consistent and getting natural links will push a website high in the Google search rankings. If you need assistance with any of this please feel free to contact me at I would love to discuss how I can help your photography business get to the next level.

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