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In a day and age when many people desire improved mental health it comes as no surprise that Psychiatrists and Therapists are very busy. There is great competition in this industry, especially when it comes to online search. When a man or woman needs some type of mental analysis they will likely go to Google and search “bipolar therapist in Los Angeles, California”. The psychiatrist that ranks on the top of Google search will have a strong chance of getting the phone call and setting up an appointment.


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Ranking on the front page of Google search is not easy. Some businesses or doctors are willing to pay $30 to $50 per click for premiere real estate on Google’s front page. Unfortunately, this often does not create a long term business model through a personal website. The sweet spot is to have a business website that ranks in the organic search results so you are not paying money on a pay per click ad campaign every month. Fortunately, the explosion of social media has helped Psychiatrists and Therapists to increase their online presence on an affordable budget.

Client confidentiality is the most important part of any business when dealing with patients. Every doctor, lawyer and nurse knows they will never share any of their clients information on social media. What they can share on social media are some answers to common questions and ways to improve mental and physical health. The new way to rank in Google is to grow a strong presence across social networks. Here is why it works.

SEO and Social Media Have Become One

In the early days of Google it was quite clear that links to a website were a very important ranking factor. Unfortunately, website owners realized this and they started to abuse the system. They would seek links to a Psychiatrist website from a blog that was an ongoing discussion about Android smartphones. These links were not of value and it made Google rethink how they would associate authority from said links. Over the years we have learned that Google is going to penalize websites that have over optimized for a specific keyword phrase.

If over 50% of the links pointing back to your website are anchor text links such as “Miami Mental Health Office” Google is going to recognize that this is not natural. Website owners that link to a specific website are naturally going to use phrases such as “click here” or “go to this website”. There will be a handful that link for words like “Miami” and “mental health office” but not well over 50% of them.

Rather than attempting to figure out how to make a link portfolio look natural it is better to simply let the links be natural. This is the true value of social media. When someone finds a tweet, Google+ post, Pin or Facebook status update they will link to it in a way they feel acceptable. Most of the time it will be related to your line of practice in some way or another. Unfortunately, most Psychiatrists and Therapists do not have the time to market their business on the Internet; especially through social media. They are very busy fulfilling the needs of their practice by seeing patients. Even though they are extremely busy, there are many that would love to take on more patients.

I have opened up my availability to help Psychiatrists and Therapists that are looking to expand their reach online through search and social media. Reach out to me at if you would like to discuss potential ways in which I can help your business. I offer packages that range from content writing to social media engagement. The strong demand over the last six months has been for Google+ Local Page growth. This may be in the form of +1s, reshares or comments. There are many reasons a powerful Google+ Local Page can help your business.

Google+ Local Pages for Private Practice Businesses

Whether you realize it or not, there is a good chance you have a Google+ Local business page. If your practice has a physical address Google has created a Local Page to help customers and clients find you. To find out if you have a local page simply go to Google Maps and type in your address or your business page. If you have a local page you can “claim the page” as the business owner. When going through the steps you will have to verify the address with a PIN that will be mailed from Google. Once this PIN has been verified your Google+ Local Page will get the shield with a check mark showing it has been verified.

Being verified is very important because it proves you are the business owner. There are many ways for Internet users to create fake Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ pages. One way to alleviate this concern, especially within search results, is for Google to verify a business based on the address. There has also been proof that business pages on Google+ tend to do better if they have the shield verification simply because an Internet user can trust that the business is not fake or trying to pull something over their head.

For over two years I have stated that Google+ is the greatest social media tool for those that want to rank in Google search. If you have the desire to rank for “Detroit Family Psychiatrist” there is a good chance your competition is putting forth many resources and a tremendous amount of cash. As mentioned earlier, some of your competitors may be willing to spend up to $50 per click for a specific keyword phrase. One way to combat this is to build a presence on Google+. Building a presence on the Google social network will only help when it comes to other Google products.

Google+ allows users access to YouTube through Google+ Hangouts on Air. These are live video chats that can be in the form of a conference call or a Q&A session. Once the Hangout on Air has been completed by the Google+ user or business page it will be converted to a YouTube video file that is indexed in both Google search and YouTube search. For those that may not know, Google and YouTube are the #1 and #2 search engines in the world. Gaining more exposure through search is a way to significantly increase a client base.

If Google search and YouTube were not enough, Google+ also offers communities. These are online “forums” that allow businesses to create a discussion around their practice. The business can name the community anything they so desire. You could have a community for “Bipolar Disorders and Help” or a community for “Psychiatrists in Texas”. There are many strategic ways in which Psychiatrists and Therapists can use communities.

All of these amazing Google+ tools can be used to help increase brand awareness online but most professionals do not have the time to do it. For that reason, I offer services and packages that will help your brand drastically increase its presence in search through social media. Google+ and Pinterest have proven, time and again, to be the most valuable in terms of search. My area of expertise is Google+ and Pinterest but I am well rounded in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. If you would like to start a business relationship reach out to me at

Waiting around and letting your competition jump on the online opportunities first will make it hard to grow business in the future. I have had the opportunity to help many small to medium sized businesses increase their bottom line due to exposure in search and social media. Now is the time to take advantage of the tools that are available.

Google+ Local Page Views for a Business

On March 31st, 2014 Google changed Google+ drastically by showing total views rather than +1s for a business. Prior to the change, Google+ Local and Google+ Business pages clearly showed the total number of +1s the business page had received. Unfortunately, this was very confusing as no one really knew what that meant. Was it the total people following the page? Was it the amount of posts they had shared? Was it the number of shares? Many that were new or novice to Google+ had no idea what the +1 number actually referenced.

Due to this, Google changed the layout to show total views for a Google+ Local page, a Google+ Business page and Google+ personal profiles. It was very interesting to see how this quickly changed user behavior. It was no longer the case that businesses were looking to own communities and get +1s from sharing in random places on Google+. It now behooves a business page to share to their entire following.

Over the course of the next few weeks and months I fully expect to see user behavior to continue to change. I would never suggest a client or business only share cat memes and fun gifs but it definitely makes sense if their business can relate. By using a little bit of creativity there is a good chance that some memes or gifs will relate to your business. If you are a therapist or psychiatrist there are numerous ways in which you can find educational or humorous photos and gifs to gain some traction with a particular resource or product. If you struggle to come up with creative ways to share on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn please feel free to reach out to me at as I have several options for local businesses. Most of the time I will adjust the package to best suit the needs of the business owner.

As we move forward in 2014 and into 2015 it makes sense that Google will continue to utilize Google+ more to analyze user behavior. The more views, +1s and reshares a page or business gets the larger the views number will grow. This could very well be a very big part of a marketing budget in the near future. Exposure online is important but it will be even more important if it helps with Google search and other Google products. With YouTube and GMail already integrated Google+ it is all in due time before it is part of every Google product.

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