Where do You Get the Purple Lip Brush that Khloe Kardashian is Using?

So what is the purple lip brush that Khloe had in her most recent snapchat video? She was at the Beauty Park Medical Spa in Los Angeles. The spa is known to many A-List celebrities and offers a variety of treatments and products.

They are honoring her in January for the premier of her show Revenge Body on E! She snapped a video of the specials including Restylane, facials and fat sculpting. The lip brush that she showed, which is actually in the shape of lips is from the Nurse Jamie skin care line. The product that comes with the lip brush is the NuLips RX, which comes with the moisturizing lip balm and the anti-microbial silicone brush.

It claims to soften and plump your lips for the perfect pout. The lip balm contains hyaluronic acid which is what plumps the lips. The price point isn’t that bad if you’re wanting to give it a try at $26.00. Maybe this is Khloe’s secret to her pout? Probably not but for the price it’s worth a try!

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