What Does the Purple V Next to a User’s Name on Snapchat Mean?

One of the most common questions we get asked about Snapchat usernames is the purple symbol that shows up next to the Snapchat score. This was implemented about a year ago and people are still wondering why some users have it and some do not. These purple symbols are the signs of the zodiac which are determined by the user’s birthday. If you see a Purple V next to a user’s name it means they are an Aries and they were born between March 20 – April 19.

This is what the Purple cursive V will look like if you see it on Snapchat:

Not all Snapchat users have the purple symbols next to their name. If they don’t it means they have not put their birthday on the Snapchat app. Also note that if you cannot see their Snapchat Score it means they are not following you yet you are following them.


One thought on “What Does the Purple V Next to a User’s Name on Snapchat Mean?

  1. Jim

    What does it mean when a friends bitmoji is faded or light colored in your friends list compared to other friends bitmojis? Thanks


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