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CJ asked 2 months ago

So I’ll be brief. I periodically check my 13 year old dsughter’s snapchat and IG. Our agreement when she got them was I always had log ins and can check any time I like. 
Well I got on her snapchat, which I barely know how to use. And stumbled upon her memories  and the my eyes only tab. She used her birthday as a passcode so it was easy to figure out. And long story short is I found some photos that should not be on there.
My question is; on my eyes only memories is it only things she has sent or can she save things other people have sent her? And how do I tell who sent it she saved from somebody else? Right now all it tells me is the date and location it was taken. 
Regardless there will be new restrictions placed and she will probably have to lose SC. But I want all the info I can get so that when I talk to her about it I dont get lied to because she knows I’m clueless.
Thanks for helping! 

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