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Times have changed quite a bit when it comes to increasing your business and maximizing your earning potential. Gone are the days of relying on word of mouth to get clients in the door. Though still important when choosing a specialized health care provider, the greatest way to increase the number of customers coming through your doors is by changing up your social media presence with the help of an expert in copywriting and search optimization.

As a radiologist, you are not going to generate the same amount of “foot traffic” as a general health practitioner, because of your specialization. In all honesty, people won’t be looking into your services unless they are in desperate need of them. So, how can you let the average person know about the wonderful services you provide? By expanding your online presence in a number of different and effective ways with the help of a social media expert.

A social media professional is usually well-versed in two things: copywriting and search engine optimization, or SEO. The latest trend combines these two tools, so to speak, in order to maximize your visibility on the Google+ platform. So, what exactly does all of this mean?





Copywriting is the practice of creating materials that advertise a business or otherwise convince a person to make a certain purchase. It is subliminally persuasive. It entices your reader. It is never forceful. It can change someone’s mind. Copywriters are responsible for creating content in the form of press releases, advertisements, billboards, commercials and jingles. In social media, we see copywriters assisting businesses with their presence on Twitter and Facebook, visually on sites like Pinterest, and through blogs and web content on the business’s own website. When searching for a copywriter, you want one who will increase your ranking in searches on sites like Google Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, and the like. That is what is known as SEO, or search engine optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of affecting a business’ visibility and popularity online. It requires a pointed strategy and the right wording to make your business appear at the top of Google, Yahoo, or Bing search results, and again, cannot be done effectively by oneself. With over 81% of adults using the Internet to search for health information, according to a 2013 Pew Research study, being at the top of that search result list is absolutely crucial. The more frequently a site appears at the top of the search list, the more visibility, and ultimately visitors, it will have. A social media and SEO expert will research and find out what platform is most widely used by your target audience, what words the person looking for radiology services will actually type into the search bar, and then rework your site or post on other sites to make them fit that algorithm. A search engine result will yield everything from a hashtag on Twitter to a photo of a radiologist to a blog post to a Facebook page, so it is important that you are well-represented on all of these sites before optimization even begins. And the place where all of these accounts will merge into one, easy-to-search area is Google+.


While Facebook and Twitter are nice accessory tools to use in social media, many businesses have switched their focus to their presence on the Google platform over the last several months, and with good reason. Google+ is basically an all-encompassing profile for a person and especially a business. Keeping your information up-to-date on Google+ is crucial to your success (or failure) when trying to increase an online presence, and eventually, your business clients. Presenting yourself and your business on Google allows you to be searched by the 750 million people using the Google Chrome search engine (as of November 2014), found on Google’s extensive Maps application, reviewed by clients already visiting your dermatology practice, visually represented through photos of your office and staff, and finally, accessed across many devices, such as phones, computers, and tablets, as Google Chrome and Google+ are available in a number of different, easy-to-to-read forms.

As you may have guessed by now, an optimal presence on any site or search engines cannot be achieved alone, even if you fancy yourself an expert blogger or social media whiz. In order to best represent yourself and increase the clients coming into your practice, you will need a copywriter to create content for you that will optimize your online presence, and drive people to your social media accounts, your blog, website, and eventually through the doors of your office. Many people, especially in the health field, think that having a person in their office to post about radiology every once in a while is enough, but not if you want results.

That is where the help of an experienced social media expert comes in. To increase traffic to your site and business, and learn how to share your business through blogs, articles, and social media engagement, contact Jesse Wojdylo of Wojdylo Social Media at

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